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Epilogue: Five Years Later

Kitty is nervous, and, to an extent, Carlson is nervous for her, but they are both excited and happy. This is Kitty's first time as a student teacher to actually teach a lesson in class.

Carlson still remembers the exact words exchanged when she had discovered the girl's sudden passion for teaching. "I always wanted children," Kitty said, her eyes devoid of feeling, "and, since I can't have any of my own, I'd like to teach them." The psychiatrist also suspected that the girl was afraid to leave the mansion, afraid that, if she left, John would come back and she wouldn't be there. In the five years that had passed since, she had never gone home, even during the summer vacation.

Carlson, however, has spent a great deal of time away from the school, but she always comes back, mostly because Ororo asked her to be the school's psychiatrist and, with a job like that, she can't stay away for long.

With a sigh, she sits in the back of the classroom to watch how Kitty's lesson goes with Ororo, currently as Professor Munroe, still headmistress after the X-Men won the case against the US government about the lack of disclosure about Carlson's presence in the mansion. She sends her an encouraging smile, and Kitty is about to begin when a knock sounds on the door.

One of the students, the one closest to the door, moves to open it, revealing another student carrying a basket full of books. "Delivery for Ms. Katherine Pryde," the man says, reading off his notebook, which sits atop the basket.

Kitty immediately comes to take it out of his arms, thanking him. Even before the man has left the room, clipboard in hand, she's looking through the books, checking for something, her face more alight with excitement than it has been in years. And, after she finds a note tucked in the inside cover of the top book and reads it, her eyes are wide, the first tears Carlson has ever seen in them, and she's running out of the room, not caring that she's leaving a classroom full of students or that she dropped the note on the floor.

When she's left, the boy who answered the door moves over to the little piece of paper and picks it up, about to read it, but Carlson is already up and walking over there, and she snatches it right out of his hands before he has the chance to pry. "Ah, man!"

Ororo, then, stands up and says with authority, "We'll resume this tomorrow, class dismissed."

After all the students have gone, Carlson curiously flips the paper over to read it.


I thought you might enjoy actually getting your books back now that I can actually return them. Do you have any other recommendations for me to read? because those were actually pretty good books.

You can take as long as you like. I'll meet you in your room when you're finished with your class. It took me a while to find, but, amazingly enough, "Professor" Logan helped me. For a moment or two, I thought he was going to kill me, but he was nice. It was weird.

I'll be waiting for you.

There is nothing else, no signature, but both Kitty and Carlson know who it's from. Without the least bit of hesitation, Carlson shows it to Ororo, who has moved to her side. They both smile at the words written there.

With the speed that Kitty is traveling at and the fact she can walk through walls, she's probably made it there already, and who knows what they're doing there, probably making up for the past five years he was goneā€”and for all the years before that, too.