Betrayal of the worst kind



' ' – thoughts

" " - speaking

Chapter 1

Severus Snape sat with a cup of tea in the headmaster's office wondering what the man wanted. He was getting sick of tending to two masters all the time.

It was more than two months into summer and he'd hardly had any time to himself. Luckily he did not have to wait to long before the headmaster came in.

"Ah Severus you are here, good." said Albus. "Lemon Drop?"

"No I don't want one of your blasted candies. What do you want Albus?" Severus growled.

"What happened last night Severus?" asked Albus referring to the Death Eaters meeting the night before.

"That man is getting more insane as the days go by. He wants me to befriend Potter and then become his 'boyfriend' before handing him over" said Severus.

"Hmmm…Well that does work out fine" Albus mumbled.

"What works out fine?" questioned Severus; though he had a feeling he was not going to like the answer.

"Well, I think you should just go along with the plan Severus, I'm sure everything will work out " said Albus.

"You do know you are asking me to get together with Potter? The boy I hate fact loath?" said Severus sounding as though he could not believe his ears.

"Well I'm sure everything will work out. He is seventeen now after all. Most people in the wizarding world are bonded at that age," said Albus.

"I'm not bonding to Potter" Severus gritted out.

"Fine then you will get together with him and when the time comes you will take him to Voldemort. He has trained all last year, he should be ready for it," said Albus;

As though he did not have a care in the world.

"What and I get thrown in Azkaban for betraying the Boy-Who-Lived?" asked Severus.

"That's the beauty of it. The boy won't tell, I will make sure he is unable to speak of what happened if you like," said Albus.

"What if Potter can't do it?" asked Severus somewhat smugly.

Albus returned his own smirk and said, "Oh he will do it alright" said Albus.

"I won't be doing this unless I have solid proof that he can kill the Dark Lord. I'm not giving him over so that we lose the war. As much as I hate to admit it, he is probably the best chance we have" said Severus.

"Do you honestly think I would let you take Potter to Voldemort if I did not think he is ready Severus?" asked Albus losing his twinkle.

"I don't know. I just want to make sure," snapped Severus.

"Ah! Because he is your last chance?" asked Albus amused mocking Severus.

"That's right" Severus gritted out.

"To think you owe another Potter a life debt Severus, perhaps you're better off killing Potter and saying he died killing Voldemort. At least then I would not have to put up with him..." said Albus with a smirk 'Another thing is that the Potter money would all go to me. After all James and Lily did give me the money to hold onto until their son is of age'

"Fine but how am I to convince him of friendship and beyond anyway? I mean I cannot change over night can I?" asked Severus with a sigh.

"Well, I will portkey Potter to America for the rest of the summer with you. Then you will have all the time you need to get to know him," said Albus.

"What? I have to spend what's left of my summer holed up with him? Are you mad? Wait no don't answer that." snapped Severus knowing no matter what he did the man would get his way. "Fine. I'll put up with the brat. But do not expect me to like it, or to even have him come back in one solid piece."

"Good, good; go and get packed then" said Albus stuffing a lemon drop into his mouth.

"Interfering old coot" snapped Severus as he left the old man's office.

Twenty minutes later, Severus sat in his quarters with a journal that could only be opened by him sitting on his lap. Severus was writing in it for the first time that year as he had the feeling that he would explode if he didn't

…The old fool wants me to get with Potter now, agreeing with the Dark Lords scheming. That's something I didn't see coming. Potter is definitely going to get what's coming to him, I wonder if he knows the old man is manipulating every move he makes…

So I will be taking Potter to the Dark Lord at the end of the year I certainly look forward to the look on the boys face when he learns I have been playing him for the fool. Though honestly, a part of me hopes that Potter turns down my advances, because if he doesn't, then he is just as thick as I have always believed him to be.

I'm going for a long drink before I go and get packed for this 'vacation'. This is going to be the most disgusting mission I have ever done. Seduce Harry Potter. I'll have to remember to scrub myself raw when I get back. At least I will have the pleasure of killing the brat when this is all said and done. Mind you I won't be throwing the Killing Curse at him, as he seems to be immune. It just would not do to have it back fire on me. The Gods know it's happened before…