Chapter 17

The End - Happy or not?

Harry indeed did read every single page of the diary. Bursting into sobs or laughs during the entire thing. He stayed up all night reading the witty and loving as well as the saddened heart wrenching entries.

Once he was finished he sighed and put the book down, smiling as he began feeling happier than he ever had in a while. He fell asleep knowing that Severus had loved him from nearly the beginning of the entire relationship they had.

Yawning Harry woke up, looking around he noticed it was three o'clock. Getting up he decided he was very hungry. Getting the ice cream out of the freezer he was just about to sit down and watch the Titanic when the doorbell rang. Cursing he got up and walked to the door and opened it, Ginny was standing there looking very nervous indeed.

"Hello" said Ginny softly.

"Ginny! What are you doing here?" asked Harry blinking in surprise.

"I want to talk to you," said Ginny weakly.

"Sure come on in," said Harry shrugging he was surprised any of them were talking to her.

"I don't blame you, you know nor does my family" she said sitting down as Harry went away into the kitchen.

"That's a surprise, I just got your mother and brother arrested!" said Harry almost sarcastically.

"A greedy brother and a mother that would sell me for some money" said Ginny in disgust.

"Here" said Harry handing over raspberry swirl ice cream to her and a spoon.

"Thanks" said Ginny opening her own ice cream tub. She looked at her tub, and then she looked at the tub in Harry's hand. "Why do you have so much Ice cream lying around?"

"'Cause I'm pregnant, and I can't get enough of it right now…" said Harry breezily as he sat down to eat his own.

"You're what?" coughed Ginny swallowing the ice cream awkwardly.

"I'm pregnant" repeated Harry.

"That's what I thought you said. Is it Severus'?" asked Ginny, yeah she knew about their relationship. Most people did of course.

"Yeah" said Harry.

"Are you happy?" asked Ginny looking at Harry's dejected face.

"Of course, If you knew I could get pregnant, why didn't you tell me?" asked Harry looking hurt and lost.

"I thought you already knew Harry," said Ginny looking embarrassed.

"How would I know?" asked Harry.

"You can read you know, plus you have been in the Wizarding world for seven years" said Ginny shaking her head.

"Fair enough," said Harry shrugging his shoulders knowing he had lost that argument if it ever had been one.

"Are you still with Severus?" asked Ginny curiously.

"We have parted ways, I will probably get back with him" said Harry smiling weakly.

"Oh" said Ginny.

"So why did you come anyway?" asked Harry curiously.

"Harry, my family doesn't have much money, and well…my dad can't afford to pay for my school things this year with everything that's happened. I was wondering if you could give me a loan I will give you it back once I have a job" said Ginny pleading.

"Ah" said Harry, right he had taken every penny they had and taken it away.

"Tell you what Ginny, do you know how to de-gnome garden's and plant flowers and cut the grass?" asked Harry.

"Sure" said Ginny frowning wondering why Harry was asking such things. She had been helping her mother for a long time.

"Well then do that for me and I will give you a pay for it" said Harry.

"Why?" Ginny asked shocked, realizing she could actually earn some money during the summer.

"Because I won't be able to do it, and to be honest I don't want to move right now" said Harry sighing softly.

"Why?" asked Ginny.

Harry lifted his top and let Ginny see his bump, he was already showing but what do you expect he was a boy with hardly any stomach. To top it all off he was having twins as well…so it would mean he was showing.

"Wow, how far along are you?" asked Ginny getting off the chair and felt his stomach.

"A Good bit, I'm having twins" said Harry smiling as he put his top down again.

"I'll do it for you" said Ginny nodding.

"I have one question though, why didn't you ask Fred and George they have a joke shop and money" said Harry curiously.

"Because they would want me to be their tester and I don't want that" said Ginny huffing.

"Ah" said Harry smirking; of course the twins were sneaky enough to want to do that. Use their sister as their test subjects; well they would be disappointed that she somehow got money together.

"When do I start?" asked Ginny.

"When ever you like," said Harry shrugging his shoulders.

"Cool, is it ok if I start tomorrow then?" asked Ginny.

"Yes, just come in I'll know if its you, the wards will tell me I might not be in," said Harry.

"Why?" asked Ginny curiously?

"Going to see Sev" said Harry.

"Ah right goodbye then" said Ginny leaving.

"See you Ginny," said Harry.

The last thing Ginny heard was 'Minister Bones Ministry of Magic' as she left.


"Ginny where have you been?" asked Arthur.

"To see Harry why?" asked Ginny.

"I've just been given a better job," said Arthur.

"What?" asked Ginny surprised?

"Yeah I'm Minister Bones' new under secretary," said Arthur joyfully.

"Good" said Ginny. Ginny smiled secretly, knowing that it was Harry's doing that had gotten her father the job. She also knew that Harry would not want her telling her father that. Harry was such a good person with an amazing heart. He didn't deserve what her mother and brother had done. She was surprised that Harry wanted anything to do with them really.

"Now no more worries about not being able to get money for school" said Arthur smiling at his only daughter.

"You don't have to worry about that, I've got myself a job," said Ginny smiling.

"What? Where and why did you do that Ginny?" asked Arthur.

"I got a job, Harry is giving me money to do his garden all summer, and because I needed money" said Ginny.

"Well then it can go into your own vault," said Arthur smiling happy for his daughter, she was finally getting the independence she had been wanting. As much as he wanted her to stay his little girl it would not happen.

"Of course," said Ginny.

"I'm sorry about your mother Ginny, I had no idea" said Arthur apologizing for the fifth time.

"Don't be dad, I'm just glad it's all over, and Harry knows that he can trust me now" said Ginny.

"Yes," said Arthur agreeing wholeheartedly. Although he felt a bad heartache in his chest when he thought of her, even though she had done this he still loved her. Always would, but there was nothing he could do but get on with his life now, and be thankful she had not manipulated all their children into her way of thinking.


"Ah can I help you Mr. Potter?" asked McGonagall stiffly.

"Can I see Severus please" asked Harry.

"Go find him, you know where he stays" said McGonagall sniffing at him before going away.

"I'm sorry you lost your boyfriend," said Harry.

That stopped McGonagall dead in her tracks, Harry continued walking. Yes he knew they were together. He had watched on the map as they occasionally slept together in the same bloody bed. The dots had been touching each other for god sakes! So he did indeed know about their little secret.


"Come in" snapped a familiar roughened voice.

Harry frowned. He was knackered after his trip down to the dungeons. All he could think was that Severus didn't sound very good at all. Was their break-up affecting Severus more than he thought?

Harry opened the door he was not prepared for the sight that met his eyes.

The man's once perfect quarters were now littered with empty beer and whiskey bottles. Clothes lying all over the place dirty, and the place was dirty as well, its obvious the house elves had not been down that's for sure.

"Harry" said Severus sitting up from where he had been slumped.

"God sakes Severus" said Harry, Severus had a beard; he had never seen the man with a beard he had obviously not shaved in a while. He stank as well, god he needed a bath and badly. His hair was greasier if you could believe it than Harry had ever seen it before, he knew it was greasy because of the potion fumes. This was a natural greasy hair that had not been washed in weeks.

"What are you doing here?" he asked drunk, he had a bottle of whiskey in his hand as well.

"I read the diary," said Harry coming over.

"Ah, and you want to chuck it in my face? Well go ahead I won't stop you" slurred Severus.

Harry shook his head and went for Severus' private stock and took out the correct potion Severus needed. Holding the man's nose he forced the potion down the Severus' throat, he eventually drank it needing to breathe.

"Harry I'm sorry" said Severus going red unable to believe he had spoken like that.

"It's fine Severus, just please go shower and get changed into something clean" said Harry.

"I um…I need to clean this" said Severus getting up.

"NO, go have a shower, now" said Harry.

"Ok" said Severus he was not going to argue he stunk.


While Severus was having his shower Harry asked Dobby to get a few house elves in and clean the man's quarters. So Harry could safely say the place was clean and in its normal condition in a couple of minutes.

"Here you go Harry Potter sir," said Dobby.

"Thank you Dobby, make sure it's all cleaned and hung up in Severus' wardrobe please" said Harry.

"Of course sir and I will also be saying its nice to be seeing you again Harry Potter sir, we also hear that Dumbly's a bad man, and you took him down!" said Dobby.

"That I did Dobby, bring a big meal and a tea as well as pumpkin juice for Severus right away" said Harry.

"Yes sir" said Dobby finally popping away.


Dobby was back with a meal ten minutes later, two huge plates of dinner not just one he had requested. As well as a whole pitcher of pumpkin juice. All he said before he apparated out was that.

"Harry Potter needs to eat more".

Severus came out of the shower dressed in a shirt and trousers he had no robes that were clean.

"Much better" said Harry smiling seeing that the beard was gone and the hair was not greasy.

"Eat" said Harry as they both began eating their meals.


"Why are you here Harry?" asked Severus sounding hopeful, it didn't reach his eyes. Severus knew how to hide his emotions too well, but Harry knew that

Severus wanted him back.

"I want to give us another chance," said Harry his hands trembling slightly.

"You do?" asked Severus his eyes wide, this time he could not stop the hope reaching his eyes.

"Yes" said Harry.

Severus came around and hugged Harry for all he was worth before showing how much he wanted Harry as he kissed him. He must have noticed how tired Harry was because he led them though to the room. Severus himself was tired as well.

Harry was asleep before his head even touched the pillow, snuggling into the warm body behind him. Severus pressed his hand flat against Harry's stomach, closed his eyes and whispered into the night.

"I won't ever let either of you down or go, I'll never betray you. You are my world from now on Harry Potter and you too little one…I love you both more than anything else. I just wished I had the guts to say that while you were awake Harry," said Severus. Kissing the side of his lover's neck he soon fell asleep as well. Severus was at peace for the first time in his life. He had no worries about Voldemort, Dumbledore or even his duties. He was free to live his life with Harry by his side; an ending he never imagined but wanted so very much.

Together they made some picture lying on the bed, Severus cuddling into Harry. Harry curled into Severus, smiling and the lines of stress were slowly beginning to fade away. Peace was finally able to embrace those two figures that had been through too much.

They would live, and learn to love each other once again. That my friends is a story for another time.