How it's meant to be

Chapter 1

This summer was worse than any other summer. For the first year he had his magic threat to keep the Dursley's at bay until second year, when Dobby got him caught out. After third year he had his godfather, and that threat had kept till he had gotten himself killed. He blamed Sirius the most because he had been there and seen Sirius acting like he was having a friendly duel before he was thrown into the veil.

Harry himself was now at Gringotts hearing the will read. Dumbledore had told Harry he was not to go but Harry went, ignoring Dumbledore. His trust for the man waned totally, but it would be a few weeks until the shit would hit the fan. After the will was read he left Gringotts and went home, he dared not spend the money.

As he was walking he heard two voices he knew all too well, and what he heard made his heart freeze, "You know, Potter has still not given me any money of his himself, he gave the twins all that money but do I get a Knut from him? No. I really hate him. I can't believe my mum and Dumbledore force us to muck around with him. Mum says it because dad will get a better job in the ministry and all, Dumbledore doesn't want another Voldemort. It's easy to get him to skip homework and all that and stop him from going to the library. Dumbledore told us he had a private prophecy and he gave Harry a fake one. The real one is Harry has to kill Voldemort or they both will die, Dumbledore will make sure of that. You see if Dumbledore kills Harry, the connection will drag Voldemort down with him. I wish he would hurry up and do it, I can't wait to spend the money he will leave me"

"Yes, I'm glad you stop him getting better grades than me. I miss you during the year; I hate having to hide our relationship from the world. I love the engagement ring, its nice. Harry's money I take it? It's beautiful. It's getting harder and harder to keep him in line. I told him that Sirius was fine and was walking into a trap but did he listen? No. Mind you, I already knew the fake prophecy so I knew it was a trap. If it weren't for the money we get from Dumbledore for doing it, I don't know what I would do. He abandoned him well before first year. Nearly getting me expelled, the little brat. Can you believe that his own father is in on it, poor Potter when he realises his dad is not James Potter. Perhaps he would save us the bloody pain of having to kill the shit. Maybe we will be able to tell him. No, we are in the order. We couldn't anyway, he has more money than he realises. Malfoy always brags about his money and Harry never realises he has more money than just his tiny fund vault. I heard Dumbledore was keeping it from him."

"Yes Dumbledore says there is apparently something in there. Anyway he's probably right, though..."

Harry had heard enough. He ran not hearing the last of Ron Weasley's statement, and what Ron said was that his dad didn't know about the manipulations and prophecy being a fake. Harry ran right back into Gringotts.

"I want to see all my vaults. I mean all of them, before I take you to court for not telling me about my family vaults" Snarled Harry looking like his potions Professor when he was off.

"Right away sir," squeaked the Goblin. Yes, it squeaked, anyone would if they looked at Harry right now. He was leeching uncontrolled magic and intimidating the poor thing.

Then he came back with a serious and more ugly looking goblin. The goblin looked him over before saying "Can we help you?"

"Yes, I'm Harry Potter and I want to see all my vaults. If I don't see them today I will sue your arses, I was never told about these vaults!"

The Goblin's eyes widened but it spoke and said "Albus Dumbledore should have told you by now, he is the one who is in charge of your vaults."

"Is he now?" said Harry nearly growling,

"I want to see if any money has been taken out of my vaults recently please. And make it quick. I don't have lots of time, and no one had better know I've been here!" threaten Harry. He was surprised himself at how much he had just changed.

The goblin bowed and took him into an office, where he was handed all sorts of papers that he started reading through. It took him half an hour to read it all, when he did he realised the headmaster had been taking his money since the week after his mom and dad died. He thought 'he may not be my dad biologically but he is my dad, apparently the only one that cares'.

"I want control over my finances, money, properties and all, and I want to stop people from getting my money. Cancel any accounts opened since the year Voldemort was destroyed the first time around," said Harry in a commanding tone, it was obvious the charms were wearing off. It was also obvious he was going to be told soon, and he wondered what the old fool's excuse was going to be. All he could think was 'no matter what he says I won't believe him anyway. I know the truth now and he has known all along.

"Albus Dumbledore will know. I can hold it off as long as I can, till the start of the new school year so you can do what you need to. Just sign those lines and everything is yours," said the goblin.

Harry signed them and then sat thinking about things, he would need a place to set up and all that. With a sigh he said, "I want a look at all my property please, I need somewhere to stay. I'm not going back to the Dursley's this year," said Harry with a great amount of contempt entering his voice, even more so than Professor Snape used. He would not go back there, even if he was poor, homeless and had no money. Being homeless was better than being at the Dursley's.

Harry asked for the keys to a cottage that was in Scotland, near his school.

"I want to go into my vaults please and also want the keys, and before we leave I want to make a will," said Harry making sure he had one, in case he died. He didn't want anyone manipulative to get his money, or the little pansies he used to muck about with.

He got up after writing his will and collected the papers to sign. He did that as the goblin shouted for Griphook to take him there. He took every book from all the vaults he had, which were many; his mum was a Ravenclaw and loved to read, although Harry didn't know that. A bit of Goblin magic and his trunks were all tiny.

He went to the potion shop, bought all the poison he could think of and many that he had no idea but would learn about quickly. After paying he then went to the shop across the street and got all sorts of weapons. Daggers, swords, axes also bows and arrows, he paid a lot of money for them, and got sheaths to put them in. He didn't know what else he would need but he knew that he would have to find out quickly, before anyone realized that he was missing. He needed to get back at all of the idiots who thought that he would just lay down and take what they were doing to him. They would find out what it meant to cross The-Boy-Who-Lived. He made his way to a robe shop to find out if they sold any robes that could reflect certain spells and potions. He would need them when his plans when into affect. He walked out of the house under his cloak and walked to the knight bus. He got dropped at Gringotts and got money out of his vault before he went clothes shopping. He went to Madam Malkin's robes for all occasions and got lots of clothes, blacks, greens, blood reds, blues, silver white and grey. He got more than he could ever put in a normal trunk, she shrunk them for him and he left.

Crossing the road he found a shop that had muggle clothes as well as wizard things, and lots of other things. He entered the shop and got the biggest trolley he could. He started getting clothes as well as different kind of boots and shoes. He also got himself lots of muggle and magical sweets, a cooler that worked on magic, sandwiches, baguettes and snack boxes. Paying 200 gallons he got the man to shrink them for him before he left to get himself a new trunk. Buying an eight-locked trunk, he left and made his way back to Privet Drive.

Getting his things out he un-shrunk everything he had and put them all in properly. The books from his vaults in number one and two, clothes in compartment three, shoes in four, parchment ink and other school things in number five. The letters that he wanted to burn, as well as everything else his so-called friends gave him went into compartment six. His most prised possessions, his invisibility cloak, the marauders map and photo album of his parents went in compartment seven. Compartment eight was for his quidditch things and Firebolt.

He would change the way he worked, thought and acted, no matter what. Altogether he paid twelve thousand for it all.

He then went into another shop and found all sorts of things that had a pensive stored in them. He got the ones with the snakes, snake necklaces that could enlarge and become a pensives. They cost a lot.

After leaving the shop, hoping they didn't realise that it was Harry Potter buying all those things, he went back to privet drive. One wrong word from his family and he was leaving. He didn't want to put up with them, not anymore.

As he went home he wondered what his real name was. He didn't want a dad, not now not ever, but was curious about what they would have called him. Shaking his head, he swore to himself that he would never, ever forgive his biological father for leaving him in the hands of the Dursley's or the manipulations of the headmaster.

He went back to Privet Drive and ended up enduring another two weeks of the Dursley's. By that time he had already changed completely his hair was long, silky and midnight colour with blood red highlights. Harry would have had to be totally stupid not to realise whom his dad was, and that he was his potions professor Severus Snape. He was therefore not surprised that Snape knew and was a part of it all.

There was a childish part of him that had been nearly squashed out of him that wanted to have a father, wanted Snape to be his dad. Wanted to be loved, wanted someone to be proud of him, someone to love him, someone to love. The childish part of Harry came out and cried for the loss of any childhood, cried that his own father hated him, cried for the person he was. After all, he must be horrible if his only family hated him, questions he would never have the answers to started popping into his head.

Did James Potter know? Did he know he was dying for his rival's son? Did his mom love him? But he dismissed that question, he knew his mother loved him, loved him more than life itself. Would Sirius still love him if he knew? Did he know? He began suspecting everyone in the order knew. Why was it always him? Why? What did he do to make his own father not want him? Was he that un-likeable, that much a freak that his own flesh of blood didn't want him?

It was there and then he began hating the world, mostly Voldemort as well as the whole order. He swore he would kill Voldemort if it were the last thing he did, letting them win was not an option. He would kill him for taking the only real person who loved him; the only person to not think of him as a pawn and that person was his mother. He could not and would not forget Cedric Diggory, probably the only person who was not told to befriend him.

Harry felt like making his dad regret not taking him in, but he knew it would be impossible, especially if his dad didn't want anything to do with him. Would his dad sit back and watch as Dumbledore killed him? Yes his dad would sit back and watch him be killed. And he didn't know what hurt more, that his own dad didn't care or that Dumbledore would kill him without a second thought.

The tests! 'Of course how stupid could I be?' Thought Harry. There was no way an eleven year old could do all those things without help. It was Ron that got him into the bloody adventure, Hermione that got the clue for the basilisk! Hermione who had the time turner, and Dumbledore who kept him in the tournament. Fifth year was just a total mess, he probably knew about Umbridge; probably known he would rush away on a wild goose chase. Did he expect Sirius to die? Did he think he would have more control over me if he told me he was disappointed in me for nearly getting Sirius killed? Was he going to tell me the prophecy? Would he have if Sirius had not died? He knew I would not learn Occlumency from Snape, he knew I would end up being manipulated. Who would do that to their own son? I guess death eaters are heartless, even Lucius is not that cruel to use his own son to that extent.

The questions all unanswered, Harry fell into a very restless night, full of dreams. Everyone he knew stabbing him in the back, killing him and Voldemort. Snape laughing over his body, telling him how worthless he was and that at least he did one right thing before he died. Harry begging him to help him while Snape just sneered at him like he always did. And then the Weasley's getting his properties and money, living the life of happiness, forgetting they had killed their best friend. That was how Harry woke up gasping for breath, swearing if they did that he would not fucking beg for them to stop, he would beg for them just to kill him quickly as possible.

"I swear I will not fucking beg for their help, I fucking swear, if anything I will ask them to fucking kill me!" said Harry, getting up. He went down the stairs and made a huge breakfast for his relatives, they wished him dead but he didn't think they had the guts to do it.

Getting his things out he un-shrunk everything he had and put them all in properly. The books from his vaults in number one and two, clothes in compartment three, shoes in four, parchment ink and other school things in number five. The letters that he wanted to burn, as well as everything else his so-called friends gave him went into compartment six. His most prised possessions, his invisibility cloak, the marauders map and photo album of his parents went in compartment seven. Compartment eight was for his quidditch things and Firebolt.

Harry had settled down on his bed when he heard screams coming from his family. Before he could even move there was someone coming up the stairs. Shrinking his trunk wandlessly he put it in his pocket and grabbed his wand. He so wanted to bring the dagger out, but in case it was someone from the order he could not.

'Knock knock'

"Who is it?" asked Harry although he didn't sound much like Harry anymore, he sounded more like his potions master.

"It's Remus, Harry," said Lupin,

"Why didn't you let me face the boggart in third year?" asked Harry making sure that it was really him,

"Because I didn't want an adult Voldemort to appear in the class room and scare everyone," said Remus amused.

On opening the door, "Wow what happened to you Harry, you look exactly like Snape?" said Lupin. But Harry could tell that it was fake, he was not really surprised at all. It was then he realised it was not just some people that knew, Remus knew too.

He also knew that Harry was not happy here so he said coldly "What are you doing here Lupin?" Watching Lupin's eyes react to how he was addressed and saw as depression overcame his face. Harry didn't have much sympathy for him; after all he was in with all the plans.

"We are to bring you back to headquarters with us Harry, be quick Dumbledore wants a word with you," said Remus

"Us?" he asked wearily, he didn't want to face them so soon.

"Yes, Severus is downstairs," said Lupin. It took all Harry's self control not to start snivelling like a baby begging Lupin to make Snape go away.

Before he could even move Snape was up the stairs saying "What's talking so long R...Lupin," said Snape. Harry heard the slip 'so he calls him Remus like they are friends, they must be. Lupin was friends with mum and dad and of course if Snape had a kid with mum then they would be friends'.

Snape stopped walking, he could not take another step. He just watched as a mirror image of himself stood there staring at him with distain. He could see much of Lily in Harry now. He had his son back. But by the look of things he was not going to get what he wanted, he just knew that Harry would not forgive him, why should he? All Snape thought was 'Damn listening to Dumbledore. Surely he realises that I did what I did to keep him safe and happy' not realising Harry was neither. 'He looks just like me, he has Lily's eyes, nose, mouth and red highlights in his hair, but his hair and high cheek bones are mine. Oh my son' none of those emotions showed outward.

He pushed the book into Harry's hand with no warning what so ever. He landed with a thump in Grimmauld place and Harry could not believe the fucking arse of a man had just done that. What breakfast he had had was on the floor, Remus was right next to him,

"Are you alright Harry," said Remus throwing Snape a nasty look over his shoulders. Snape came over offering him a potion, but Harry smacked his potion against the wall and kicked and punched Snape on the legs and stomach saying "Do that again and I will fucking kill you, you utter bastard, I hate YOU!" before he fled up the stairs.

Lupin, Dumbledore, Molly and Tonks watched the whole thing. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. He had never wanted Severus to have Harry, now it looked like they would never be anything but enemies. Snape had fallen after getting hit by rather strong fists and feet. When he heard Harry's words he knew there and then he had destroyed any chance he had. All he could think was 'I just scared the life out of my own flesh of blood. How could I have forgotten about the portkey that took Harry out of the Hogwarts grounds, only too see the Dark Lord regain his body. I saw fear in his eyes, I really scared him'

Getting up stiffly while the others were looking at him he acted as if nothing happened. He sat down gracefully though inside he was a hailstorm of emotions. His own son hated him, he had known his son hated him, but for it actually be yelled made it all the worse, even more he knew his son was not lying to him. They all took their seats again before Dumbledore spoke up.

"Remus go and get Harry down for us!" said Dumbledore, his eyes loosing his twinkle. He really didn't want to tell Harry this, because he knew he could loose Harry to Severus. He needed Harry to count on him and only him, that's why he had made sure Sirius never had much contact with Harry. He knew there was nothing he could do the charms were falling away now. It would not be long before he realised or found out himself what was happening. He really did wish James were Harry's real dad because he was dead and there would be no interfering on his part.

'Knock knock'

"WHAT?" yelled Harry. He was off, and had every right to be, forcing him to portkey like that. The man was a sadist.

"Harry, Dumbledore wants to speak with you," said Remus, in a calm collected voice.

"Fine," said Harry, grumbling. Getting up and putting his book down he opened the door and brushed past Remus into the kitchen. He sat on one of the seats and not ten seconds later Remus came in. Harry, having come in the same manner as his dad, robes billowing around him, sat in the seat furthest from everyone. Rapping his fingers on the table when he got bored, annoying everyone in the room, especially Remus his hearing being more sensitive.

"Harry we brought you here for a reason, I guess you are wondering about your new appearance?" asked Dumbledore calmly.

"Nope, not really, should I?" asked Harry, innocently biting his nails and spitting them out. 'Annoy them as much as possible' thought Harry.

They all looked dumbfound at Harry who felt like laughing at their looks, he was just going to act all innocent until he got bored anyway.

"Harry we found news recently that James Potter was not your father as your looks will tell you," said Dumbledore, really wishing he didn't have to do this.

"Really!" asked Harry snidely, making Snape smirk proudly at his son's voice. Even if he doesn't accept it, he was still his son and he could watch him from afar.

"Yes Harry, really." Not noticing Harry was using sarcasm on him.

"Who then?" asked Harry as if he didn't have a problem in the world,

"Severus Snape is your father," said Dumbledore, finally being able to get it out. If he had had it his way Harry would never have found out,

"And?" said Harry,

Everyone was taken aback at his voice and attitude. They were prepared to calm a hysterical or angry Harry.

"Harry is there something you want to tell me?" said Dumbledore looking at Harry. Harry never met his eyes therefore not letting Dumbledore try and read his mind, but he knew he would be able to keep him out. After Sirius died he had began reading Occlumency books and began understanding it.

"Yes," snarled Harry. "Go to fucking Hell! The lot of you, stay out of my life!" said Harry. He stormed out leaving a confused Tonks, a furious Molly, a sad but regretful Snape, and a furious, angry Dumbledore although people couldn't see his anger unless they looked closer.

Snape swept out of the room, looking for his son, he really did want to try and be a father. Trudging up the stairs he walked right into his son's room not knocking or anything, to find his son calmly reading a book on his bed.

"Can I help you 'Professor Snape'?" asked Harry making sure he put extra sarcasm on professor Snape,

"You already knew didn't you?" asked Sev.

"Yes, as far as I am concerned my dad died that night in Godric's hollow," said Harry, as if he were having an everyday conversation,

"So you don't want to try?" asked Snape, making the question come out normally. Inside he was begging and praying that his son would say yes, but deep down he knew the answer before he was told it so it didn't really shock him.

"No, not now nor will I ever" said Harry, his voice going cold and hard, his green eyes flashing with anger.

"I'm not leaving it like this!" said Sev.

"Do what you like, I will never ever like you, or want to talk to you for as long as I live. I've gone my whole life without a parent I don't need one now, you knew all along. I'm sure you can get on fine now, after all you have for the past fifteen years" growled Harry,

"You knew," whispered Sev, realising he would never ever have his child not now nor would he ever.

"Course I knew and you have known all along. Through all the hate and scorn, through all the Occlumency lessons as well as potions classes. I will never forgive you, nor do I want to," said Harry coldly. Getting his point over to the man.

Turning away, he missed the longing look Severus sent his way. He had been waiting for this moment for years, as well as dreading it, but this was not one of the ways he imagined it to turn out. It had been worse than any other he had ever imagined, the words stung more than he had imagined and he just wished he had gotten beaten instead. At least physical pain was better than feeling the pain in his heart. Many people thought him cold and unfeeling, but the potions master did have a heart for his wife and son, one having died, the other had just completely denied him, disowned him and wanted nothing to do with him.