How it's meant to be

Chapter 19

"Well I didn't expect to see you here once again Severus" said Dumbledore looking pleased and annoyed with the man.

"Well I am, I want my potions job back," said Severus he didn't even want to talk to Dumbledore nicely.

"Hm…I'm afraid that's just not possible" said Dumbledore his eyes twinkling.

"Very well then, I will take my leave" said Severus, knowing he would be called back. Dumbledore needed him and the old man knew it, he knew he would be called back before he reached the door.

"Fine Severus, but can you tell me why you took Harry and put him in unnecessary danger? Or why his name is Harry Potter now?" asked Dumbledore.

"I don't want the boy that's why, he can go back to the Dursley's" snapped Severus.

"I see, can you tell me how this came to be?" Asked Dumbledore frowning.

"I've not had a decent nights sleep since I took him, and I just want a bit of piece and quiet for a day. I've done my bit in raising him, as I promised Lily but now he has grown up he can go back to the Dursley's" said Severus, he was glad he had already told his son what he was planning on saying.

"I see and is Harry ok with this?" asked Dumbledore his eyes twinkling big time. He had control over his weapon once again, he was glad Snape didn't want his child.

"He doesn't have a choice" said Severus sneering softly.

"Very well, will you give me custody of him?" asked Dumbledore.

"No, but I will open one of the Potter vaults so you can give him money" said Severus.

"Hm….very well" said Dumbledore his eyes again twinkling 'I don't have full control over the vault. I will work on him; perhaps in time he will let me have full control over them. Yes, yes I have my spy and weapon back, everything is going back according to plan' thought Dumbledore relaxing into his chair.

"Good, now can you get the bint teaching my Slytherins out of my rooms? I want everything cleaned and a new bed put in. I wont be sleeping in something that stupid ugly bint has been sleeping in" said Severus sounding very much like his old self.

"Of course Severus, I was expecting nothing less" said Dumbledore.

"Very well, I will tell Potter what's happening" said Severus.

"You are calling your son Potter Severus?" Asked Dumbledore his eyes widening.

"Of course, I was not exaggerating I do want rid of the brat, he has always been too much like James Potter for my tastes. I'm sure he will fit in just perfectly" sneered Severus a disgusted look coming to his face.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that Severus, very well I will have your rooms done for you. You can go and tell Harry what's happening, I will portkey him to the Dursley's to save any hassle" said Dumbledore.

"Good" said Severus his robes billowing as he left Dumbledore's office.

"Interesting very interesting" said Dumbledore his eyes twinkling so he had been right. Severus had brought him back, but even better he disowned his own son. He would go back to the Dursley's and be broken like he was meant to. He would be the one to save him, so he would be the one that Harry comes to. Perfect, after all these years of fear that his weapon was gone. Everything was normal, and Dumbledore was back to his normal twinkling self.

"Harry come here" said Severus after looking around to make sure no one was up.

"Dad what's the matter? Did you get the job?" asked Harry anxiously.

"Yes, I got the job, but Dumbledore has said he was going to actually portkey you to the Dursley's have you still got the portkey I gave you? Once you are at the Dursley's I want you to use your own portkey and get out of there. I doubt Dumbledore will check upon you so he might not have any idea what's going on." said Severus softly.

"I got it don't worry and I will portkey away, but dad they treated me horribly and Dumbledore knew! I will have to act different" said Harry.

"Most probably, but we need to watch for when Dumbledore decides to pick you up" said Severus.

"No I get picked up by Ron and his brothers on my birthday" said Harry.

"That's right, well we will need to make sure you are there, and the room is as how it was in the other world" said Severus nodding his head, the car fiasco; his son was really playing it to the extreme.

"Ok, well let's not worry about it until my birthday; Fred and George are not in the whole money thing. But Ron, Ginny and Hormone are, I'm glad I was given a second chance" said Harry wistfully remembering his own death. Hopefully that would not happen this time around, and his father would save him.

"As am I son, remember anything I say in classes I never mean it, I will most likely say things about how much like your father you are" said Severus smirking softly.

"Ah, well we both know that's true don't we father?" asked Harry smirking out blown just like his father.

"Of course, now go get ready for school, and eat your breakfast; also keep your mind shields up! Dumbledore will more than likely try and get into your mind. Never look him in the eye" said Severus.

"I know father, unless you are forgetting I am now physically a seventeen year old boy. I have his memories and everything! I know more magic than the seventh years do! I know how to perform the Patronus charm and most adults have trouble with that! This is really cool" said Harry smirking.

"Maybe it is but you can never show off in class, otherwise Dumbledore will know something is off" said Severus softly, and regretfully.

"But I can still be the best in my class, nothing will piss that money grubbing know it all more" said Harry smirking proudly.

"I suppose most classes anyway apart from potions" said Severus.

"But dad, Dumbledore will probably expect me to excel in that class. You are my father and if I am not good at potions something is bound to be fishy" said Harry he didn't want to be crap at potions, he wanted to make his father proud.

"True, ok well then, look downhearted when you go down to breakfast. You are supposed to be going to the Dursley's and your father supposedly hates you" said Severus.

"Ok" said Harry.

"See you later dad" said Harry softly, hearing footsteps, putting a sad face on he walked back up to his dorm. Stopping whoever was coming, to give his father time to get out.

"Goodbye son" said Severus softly making his way swiftly from Gryffindor common room.

"Hey Harry are you alright? I was just coming too see where you went" said Ron casually as if they were already friends.

"Oh that was nice, but I'm fine though just exploring the common room, this place is so cool" said Harry not liking the fact he was going to have to befriend this idiot.

"yeah! My brothers have all came here I was jealous that they were getting to come and not me. Now I am here though, it is pretty cool. I'm Ron by the way, nice to meet you. I'll take you down to breakfast if you like" said Ron.

"Yeah cool" said Harry half heartedly. He knew more about the school right now than Ron would ever. He was never going to let that brat get his hands on the marauders map, ever.

"Right come on then" said Ron, he was already dressed, as was Harry, he had been dressed since seven it was now nearly eight o'clock. He had an hour to eat his breakfast and get to his class. He would need to leave quite early to make it convincing he didn't know where he was going.


Entering the great hall, he saw Dumbledore standing out a mile away, making sure he didn't look right in Dumbledore's eyes. He looked around curious; making sure his face fell when he saw his father. He must have made it look pretty convincing because he saw his father wince slightly.

"Come on then" said Ron dragging him to which surprised him the seat he sat on in his other life.

"I'm not really that hungry" said Harry softly.

"What's the matter?" asked Ron.

"My guardian doesn't want me, I'm going to my Aunt's after the school is over" said Harry quietly.

"Oh, I'm sorry mate I didn't know, perhaps you could come to my parents bit, I could always ask" said Ron playing his part. The money he had been offered was more than enough for him to act as he was.

"Yeah! That would be great" said Harry cheering up slightly. He had really liked the knitted jumpers Mrs. Weasley made for him all the time. However, now he had a father and clothes well…he was not sure he needed them.

He knew the fact that he was nicely dressed, in the best clothes was bothering Ron. He was avoiding looking at him, Harry smirked at the thought. He needed to make sure he had the best of everything, no matter what. This would surly annoy Ron more than anything could.

"Is there something on my clothes?" Asked Harry curiously looking down.

He saw Ron turn red out of the corner of his eyes.

"No nothing" said Ron looking like he had swallowed a spider. Awe he was so going to enjoy pranking the idiots all the time, spiders was the first thing he was going to do.

He conjured twenty spiders under the table, and waited on them attacking. Harry looked mischievously; Severus knew his son had done something, but not what without Harry having to even look at him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG SPIDERS!!!" yelled Ron actually peeing himself.

"EEWW" said the other first years, moving away from the smell Ron had just created. Harry as well, holding his breath, and making sure he was well away from Ron as he could get.

Suddenly Severus realized what had scared Ron, he knew himself that the red head was scared of spiders thanks to his memories. Now that Harry had his memories as well…he was sure his son was going to take full advantage of it.

Some of the seventh years banished the spiders, quickly and with no problem as always. Severus himself had to stop himself from laughing; he could see his son was having the same problem. Even though his son was not much of a prankster he knew that Harry was becoming one. He would prank Weasley until he was blue in the face, what better way to subtly get back than humiliation.

He would not have stood for such behaviour from his son, but however, knowing what they had all done to his son. Well he could not help but think this kind of revenge was suitable for what they had done to his son. He nodded approvingly at his son from where he sat, no one saw apart from Harry. This caused Harry's eyes to sparkle more mischievously as ever, he knew that everyone was in trouble.

"Quiet please, I am pleased to announce that our own Potions professor is back!" said Dumbledore "Please welcome Professor Snape, who will be teaching potions of course" he finished.

A polite applause broke out for everyone.

"Oh no" said Ron looking scared.

"What's the matter?" asked Harry curiously.

"Bill and Charlie used to tell us how horrible and evil he was! He will give us detentions for nothing! What are we going to do?" asked Ron looking scared. Percy had used a cleaning spell on Ron, so he had not had to leave the hall and change.


There we go that's the ending of this story! There will be a sequel of course, just give me time there are many sequels for many stories to be done. However, I want my other story's all finished before that happens! So goodbye for now.

The End.