Tango in an Elevator

Yaoi: Tango Pair.

Ding! The doors opened. Atobe stepped in. He pushed the 15th floor, this is the ground floor. Atobe waited, this elevator is the slowest one... lucky him.

Suddenly the doors jolted opened. Atobe stared in surprise; he thought he was the only one there. Sanada walked in. They both silently greeted each other.

After the elevator finally decided to move (which was about a few MINUTES) music started to play. Joy.

Atobe raised an eyebrow, he was expected some strange and annoying elevator music, instead there was tango.

He tapped to the tune. He looked over to Sanada; he was as quiet as always. Except Atobe could see that Sanada was enjoying the music because of his brilliant insight. (or he guessed)

He smirked. "Ore-sama believes you like this music." He commented.

Sanada just gave him a grunt in return.

Atobe was offended. No one ever ignores him! Ever!

"Oi, Sanada, you better listen to what Ore-sama is saying. He doesn't like to be ignored."

The elevator jolted. Atobe, was standing in the middle (because he's Atobe), stumbled a bit.

Sanada, standing at the corner (for he wish NOT to be near Atobe), decided to help out a bit. He grabbed Atobe's hand.

"Ore-sama doesn't need your help, Sanada." Atobe said.

The other boy remained silent.

Suddenly, the music stopped. A female voice was heard. "I'm sorry passengers. This elevator is very old and has been stopping a lot. Don't worry, it does that a lot. Please wait a while and it will start again. Thank you." It hung up and the tango music resumed.

"This is the last time Ore-sama rides these elevators." Atobe muttered.

Sanada coughed for attention.

"Yes, what is it, Sanada?" Atobe asked, annoyed.

Sanada, with his free hand, pointed to the hand Atobe had on his shoulder from the jolt.

Atobe removed his hand from Sanada's shoulder.

"I didn't say you can't leave it there." Sanada finally spoke. He still had his strong grip on Atobe's hand.

"You know, this music reminds me of that time..."

"It always does."

There was a silence. Only the music was playing.

"I'm leading." Atobe said.

"I don't think so..."

Sanada pulled Atobe. The two boys started to dance.

"Well, Ore-sama is quiet impressed by your dancing skills, Sanada."

Sanada didn't answer.

Atobe just closed his eyes. "You know Sanada, you're really warm."

Sanada was wondering what he should do next. His social skills aren't the best. He bents lower to the other boy's face. He inched closer...

The elevator, being random, jolted again making Atobe and Sanada crash into each other.

"Sanada, you are stepping on Ore-sama's foot." Atobe cried.

"Be quiet already." Sanada inched closer...

The elevator made a "ding!" sound. The door opened. All the people standing outside waiting for the elevator only saw two boys standing apart from each other, but the boys knew what happened.

Atobe smirked.

Sanada pulled his cap lower to cover the small blush.

As the two got off at the 15th floor, Atobe whispered, "Maybe next time the elevator wouldn't jolt so much."

Mwahahaha. I didn't write what happened, did I? Well, you should leave it to your little imaginations. You are all smart people!