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Summary: Each chapter contains a different sin and a different person speaking of the sinful predicament in their perspective.


Of Vice and Virtue

Chapter One: Pride in Beauty


I was told that I was beautiful ever since I was a little girl.

My mother and father would dote on me and call me their princess; their angel. I was always the favorite of the family. Relatives would spoil me, I had many suitors after me, and I got my way of things every time. Some would say I was perfection personified, but of course, I never said those things.

Our family was very well off. My father was a lawyer and my mother stayed at home to take care of me and of my twin brothers. It was quite peculiar. I got my mother's platinum-blond hair and yet my father's blue eyes; many told me that I was a mixture between the two of them. I had their wits, their beauty, their intelligence; I was everything that they were.

Men wrote poems and sonnets of my beauty. They called me a heaven-sent angel and wept at my very sight. I thought it was a bit silly, but I didn't mind. I secretly enjoyed the attention. I enjoyed the gifts I was showered with and the praise I received. I never got too wrapped up in the admirers and interest however; I was a lady. I was taught to never get into deep when it came to this kind of notice.

I was shy as a child. I blushed any time a boy or a man walked by and looked my way. I only spoke when another addressed me, yet with only short responses. I never felt at ease when it came to people other than my family. I loved running around our yard with my brothers and enjoyed swimming in the nearby lake. I would always play with our family dog and secretly take walks in the forest alone.

I was carefree and had no responsibilities. Even as I grew into my maturity and my body, the only thing that I was told was to remain a virtuous and chaste lady until I found a proper suitor. That wouldn't be too hard. I was, after all, heaven-sent.

Not every thing was so perfect about me though.

I had a flaw; shocking, yes I know. I had an affliction-a burden some would say. I suffered from fits and seizures from time to time. It was a well kept secret-a very well kept one. The only people whom knew of my affliction were my family; my kin. No, this did not include cousins or grandparents. No one could be trusted in such a harsh world.

I was a valuable asset to the family. My beauty and well-breeding could attract the richest of men. That was, after all, the only reason daughters were made; to make suitable marriages and to receive a nice income. I would have to marry and pray to God that no one would find out about my problem until then. Even during my marriage it would have been best to keep the flaw quiet.

Epilepsy wasn't an attractive quality when it came to bearing children.

At any moment I could go into shock and suffer from severe damage. I could bite my tongue or even dent my pretty little head. A scar on a sculpture would only devalue the asset. It wasn't acceptable.

Then it happened. I was taking a stroll through town with my mother to be fitted for a new gown to meet a suitor when the epilepsy had taken hold of me. The demons from hell consumed my body and the last I could remember were the rapid convulsions and the faint scent of blood reaching my nose.

I heard my mother scream in horror as my head collided with the stone floor. My mind was clouded with the commotion; I knew then I was ruined. I could hear but I couldn't see; I was alive and yet I was dead. I felt myself being picked up in the arms of another and the voice of an angel-a real angel-soothed me.

Over the course of three days I was through an immense amount of pain. I writhed and twisted as a deep ache shook my whole body. The situation was indescribable. Even through all the suffering I felt two people there beside me. I kept wondering to myself why I was put through this torment.

I wasn't supposed to feel this way. I was Rosalie; I was the reincarnation of Helen of Troy (I've been told so countless times). I could bring men to their knees and turned other girls away with shame from just looking at me. If I was so perfect and ascending to heaven, why was I being put through all this?

Then finally, everything became clear. My eyes opened for the first time in so long and a chilling sense filled my body. I felt so cold; so hollow. When I turned my head my eyes met that of a beautiful woman. She was gorgeous. She was pale and had the most stunning pair of topaz eyes.

That's when I met Esme and Carlisle. They explained what happened to me. Apparently the fall from my epileptic episode caused internal bleeding. I was dieing. My mother had given me up so easily to Carlisle, whom identified himself as a doctor, and begged him to relieve the pain I was feeling.

The two then proceeded to tell me about the pain I experienced. They told me of what they had done; what I had become. The news was all too much for me. A vampire? I found it all to be impossible. It had to have been. A dream perhaps. I tried to reason with myself but no matter what I did, I wouldn't wake up from my nightmare.

I was non-existent. A nobody. No longer was I the prized daughter of a wealthy family. No longer would I get to play in the yard with my twin brothers. No longer would men write poems of my beauty. If I was a vampire, I had to be hideous. My stomach churned at the thought of me losing my allure and splendor. I wanted to cry but no matter how hard I tried, the tears would never come.

I stayed in the bed for most of my time, denying the outside world. I couldn't do a thing. A desire burned my throat within time. Carlisle explained it was the thirst for blood telling me to eat. I found the whole situation horrifying. Eat? How could I possibly subject myself to a barbaric ordeal of draining a human; something I no longer was.

Carlisle and Esme continued to explain many things to me. They told me how they lived their lifestyle very differently from many of the other vampires. For example, in Carlisle's coven, we didn't drink blood from humans but from animals. The thought of surviving off of blood didn't put me at ease but I was obedient. Though I might've lost my beauty and mortality, I was still a lady; an obedient lady.

When I arose from the bed, my eyes caught my reflection. I gasped in shock at what the reflection revealed to me. My skin became pale like Esme and Carlisle's, very delicate and smooth. My eyes were a deep burgundy color from being freshly born and soon enough they too would become liquid topaz.

I was beautiful, maybe more so than I had been when I was a human. My blond hair was very light and silky, flowing down my back free from the usual tight buns. My body seemed more toned and durable. I felt the joy rush through my very being as I realized I wasn't ugly. I wasn't hideous. I was an ethereal creature. I truly was an angel; an immortal soul.

Time passed and soon enough I was introduced to another of Carlisle and Esme's family. Edward. He was an arrogant and egotistical man; that didn't stop him from being devilishly handsome though. Despite from being attractive, I didn't feel any sort of emotion toward him; vice versa. I found him annoying and haughty while he found me vain and narcissistic.

Much to Esme and Carlisle's dismay, there was no physical attraction. Sure we appreciated each other's good looks, but we didn't hold the same emotion that Carlisle had for Esme. Edward was my new brother and I his new sister. Case closed. I soon found that Edward had the power of mind reading. I found that infuriating and rude; he would never leave me to dwell on my own. He always bugged me just like any brother would and scoffed at how I had too much pride.

He was right. I even admitted it. Over time I came to appreciate myself and held pride at what I was and who I had been. I was stunning; a goddess of the damned. I made hearts and broke them every step of the way. No one struck my fancy; I only struck others. I was cupid's minion, a siren from hell, and I loved it.

I thought myself invincible until I met him. I didn't actually meet him, more like I stumbled upon him during one of my many hunting trips. I was infatuated with him at first sight, which wasn't saying much seeing as he was being mauled by a bear. That didn't matter; I found him irresistible. He was close to death and I felt sheer agony inside my body when I carried him back to Carlisle, hoping wasn't too late to his life.

Emmett joined our family within the next three days and we immediately fell in love. He was more accepting to everything than I was. He and Edward had a rough start at first but soon enough Emmett's bright personality got to everyone. I was incandescently in love and let go of all my prude behavior from before.

Of course he found me beautiful; again, who wouldn't? Emmett as a whole was overwhelming. He was heaven-sent, as I was; a direct descendant from a God. Even when he was a human, he had been very strong and he took that with him to his immortal life. When I asked what I had taken with me, Emmett said I took my ability to lure; Edward said I brought my tenacity.

Alice and Jasper joined our growing family within time. Alice found us in a vision, which was the thing she brought with her from her mortal life. Jasper eased the tension by manipulating the mixed emotions. He was a problem solver in many ways and yet he couldn't control his own problem.

We lived in harmony and learned to love one another as a family; we were close kin. I adored the feeling, but felt saddened at some points when I realized my true family was left behind just like my mortality. Sometimes I wished this were all a dream and then I would wake up to find myself in my room once more or playing with my dog.

Edward pitied me when he heard my thoughts; I hated him for that. He was very nosy but ended up consoling me in a way that no one else could. Perhaps that was why he was the favorite of the family; the baby. Every protected him and yet teased him. He was the youngest out of our whole family as a mortal, but the one easiest to love.

It was sad. I could see the envy burn in Edward's eyes when he watched Emmett embrace me, or when he witnessed a tender moment between Jasper and Alice. He never had that feeling; it was distressing. So many years passed and yet Edward never found someone that held his interest. Many girls swooned over him, just like many men hit on me, but not one struck his fancy.

Then she came along.

Isabella Marie Swan, the bane of my existence. I couldn't stand the girl and the things she did to Edward. He went from perfectly at ease to a nervous wreck. The day she came into town, he left. The worthless human drove one of our family away and at that point I hated her. Esme fell into a depression while the rest of the family moped around.

A few days later he returned and oddly rejuvenated. It was strange but everyone accepted him back with open arms, no questions asked. Of course not; he was Edward. He could do nothing wrong. That was his charm; one in which I envied but then again, I was the beautiful one.

Things changed when Edward returned. He began to pursue the human girl whom he referred to as Bella. It was sickening on how much he pined when the subject came to her. He was obsessed with the insignificant girl; he was besotted. Soon enough Edward revealed his true desire for her, how is heart longed to be near her.

I thought he was weak. He was letting her blood get to his head. There was no way in frigid hell that Edward could become smitten with that girl. It was unfathomable. But it was true. Edward found his soul mate in life and I hated everything about her.

Some would say I was jealous, but why would I be jealous of her? I was more beautiful than she was, had thorough knowledge of what went on in the world-hell-I was perfection personified. Yes, I admitted it. I was vain and damn proud of it. Me, jealous? Absurd.

Perhaps I did find the fact that she was human quite appealing.

Maybe the fact that she could blush irritated me a bit.

So I was jealous; there was nothing wrong with that. I loathed the way how she captured Edward in her little web in a way I couldn't. I abhorred how hung up Edward was when we left her in Forks for her safety. I despised the fact that Edward almost committed suicide by the Volturi when he found out that Bella had flung herself off the cliff.

The thing I hated the most was my pride.

I thought Edward would get over the pathetic girl jumping off the cliff but I was wrong; it broke him into a million pieces. He would never heal until he joined her in death; thank the higher powers that Bella got to him in time. After some time I realized Bella wasn't that bad. I never really hated her; I was being childish.

Yes, I was beautiful. Yes, I was vain. Yes, I was full of pride.

But I wasn't the only one.

Bella was pretty. Maybe she wasn't as dazzling as I was physically, but she was pretty where it truly counted; on the inside. She was passive and yet determined; clumsy and yet graceful. Her very essence was breathtaking; blood not included. As much pain as it caused me to think this, I couldn't help but do so.

Bella Swan was the real beautiful one; though my pride will never let me admit that out loud.


"Pride is the villian in many tales though is rescued by the savior in which is humility..."