Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight series. That right belongs to Stephenie Meyers. I also don't own any of the Seven Deadly Sins though I might suffer from a few of them. Some situations and quotes are also pulled from the books and I don't own those either. The quotes at the end of the story, however, I do own.




Summary: Each chapter contains a different sin and a different person speaking of the sinful predicament in their perspective.


Of Vice and Virtue

Chapter Eight: Epilogue


An innate feeling, a powerful trait,

None can deny the unrelenting fate,

A vindictive sin, tempting and wrong,

An instinct within, a lulling song.

A seductive whisper into the night,

A power too strong, too alluring to fight,

But with that sin comes something more,

An alternative life, another door.

A prideful girl stares into a mirror,

Vain and tenacious, a sultry leer,

Thoughts revealed, a reflection deceives,

She welcomes humility and watches pride leave.

A greedy boy, an ardent hope,

Too stubborn to let the solution cope,

Another answer to his love's plea,

A persistent response to leave her be.

A lone wolf envies a man,

Cry in the night, hating her plans,

He knows he won't have her to end,

He loves her so strongly, a love to mend.

So strong and powerful, a wrath so great,

An angry man finds it too late,

Soon he sees the error of his ways,

Calm and composed, finally fazed.

A quiet murmur of bloodlust charm,

Wanting, yearning, self-control alarms,

He refuses to give in, a shame no more,

Though the desire burns in his very core.

Material possessions, a gluttonous dame,

Pleasure in spending, a touch of fame,

A restraint on such glamour, her weakest foe,

A yellow Porsche, too hard to let go.

A sloth of a girl, a tender heart,

Her mortal lover, never to part,

Such trials and tribulations, too tired for zeal,

Informing a marriage wasn't much of an appeal.

With seven sins comes seven wills,

An urgency to fight, an emotion to fill,

Of vice and virtue, all rules bent,

With at least one of the seven deadly sins.