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"What?" He was staring at me again.

"Nothing," Edward replied, without taking his eyes from my face. He was propped up against the headboard, smoking a cigarette. He was still unclothed, and his copper hair was all out of place from our earlier activities.

Even though he was looking very unkempt, Edward was still absolutely gorgeous. And he was staring at me like he was thinking the same thing.

I was sitting at the end of the bed, dressed only in his t-shirt, staring back at him. He finally looked away to stub out the cigarette in an ashtray on the bedside table.

When he turned back he leaned forward so he was right in my face.

"You really want me to tell you what I was thinking?" he asked.

"That would be nice considering I can't read minds," I smiled at the joke. "That's more your area of expertise."

"I was just thinking how beautiful you are," he said, a smile playing on his lips.

"Flattery will get you everywhere darling." Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me back till I was on top of him again.

I let out a playful growl, and he said, " There's only one place I want to be right now."

I smiled and leaned down to kiss him, but he stopped me by sticking the underside of his wrist right under my nose. I took his arm and opened my mouth to bite down, then—

"HEY YOU TWO CUT IT OUT UP THERE AND GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE!" the unmistakable shrill of Rosalie's voice yelled up to our bedroom.

The yelling really wasn't necessary since we could have heard her just fine otherwise with our sensitive hearing. Rosalie only did it to show how pissed off she was.

When we did finally get downstairs I saw the rest of my siblings waiting for us too.

"Finally! God what took you so long," Rosalie continued her rant on how sluggish we were. "I called Edward like five minutes ago."

I looked up at my mate. He was staring at me sheepishly. "Oh you did, did you?" I said while giving Edward a look that told him he was in trouble. By calling she meant that she's sent out a telepathic message to Edward, which he received by using his powers.

But, I guess he neglected to tell me that. Of course by the way Rose was acting I really couldn't blame him.

Although, I will punish him later. Not that he'll mind.

"We're going out," Alice informed Edward and I.

"Are we going to have fun?" I asked her.

A smile crept across her face then," Tons."

"So hurry up and get dressed," Rosalie commanded from her perch on Emmett's lap, where he was nuzzling her neck. "I'm ravenous."

When we got to the nightclub the regulars and all-nighters had already arrived.

All eyes turned to us when we entered. It wouldn't be long before we could all find a nice catch.

I had just gotten to the bar and ordered a drink when a pair of eyes fell on me.

I looked to my left to face the owner of the eyes.

He was a man, about 25 and he was smiling at me, maliciously.

I smiled back and gave him a quick wink. His heart skipped a beat.

I had already had dinner, and desert, but I could still go for a midnight snack.

I was moving down the bar towards him when something in the corner caught my eye. I looked and saw a group of three teenage boys entering the club, and moving swiftly along the walls.

Of course I had smelled them before I saw them. Disgusting. Their sent burned my nostrils and made me gag.

By now I was right in front of my potential suitor, but I quickly bypassed him throwing an "Excuse me," in his direction.

I found Rosalie chatting up a whole group of college boys in a back corner. I yanked her from the huddle by her arm and led her back to the bar.

"Did you see them?" I spat at her.

"See whom?" she said sounding genuinely confused, and a little ticked that I had pulled her from the buffet.

When we reached the bar I stopped and scanned the room. The three boys were leaning against a wall, drinks already in hand.

"Them," I jabbed my finger in the direction of the intruders.

She actually had the audacity to laugh, " Oh yeah I saw them come in, but to be honest I was planning on staying far away from them."

"They're not supposed to be here. It's against the treaty. Maybe we should help them out," I said smiling; I didn't like dogs in my territory.

"Aw come on, they're just having fun, like everybody else," Rosalie said trying to calm me down.

I growled at her blasé approach to the situation. The werewolves were supposed to stay on their land, and off ours. Usually when there was an intrusion it ended in bloodshed.

"Fine, but I'm keeping my eye on them," I said, turning from her. There was a temporary truce between the vampire covens and werewolf packs, but it could be easily broken. In some parts of Europe it already had. There were a few feuds already started, and they were headed to becoming a full-blown war.

Throughout the world treaties had been made and boundaries drawn to keep the covens and packs in line. These wolves in the club were breaking the boundaries in the area by being here.

If they thought they would be eating tonight they were sadly mistaken. There was nothing I would like more than to break a few dog bones.

The three in the corner looked surprisingly young and lanky. Maybe they hadn't completely changed yet, and they came here not knowing about the laws. Oh well, it didn't really matter; I'd rip through them like paper it they even think about trying something.

I walked off in search of Edward. If I was going to monitor their thoughts I'd need his power to help.

I found him sitting in one of the booths that were hidden behind a curtain. He sat there watching everyone walk by sipping a clear liquid.

"You're not eating?" I asked him as I closed the curtain behind me. With the curtain closed he directed his eyes to me and pulled me down to his lap.

"I thought I'd just feed off you," he said in a husky voice as he attacked my neck and shoulders with his lips.

I inhaled sharply and moaned in his ear. I could feel his anticipation and wanted to let him take me… but first he had to do something.

"Edward," I said trying to stop his assault on my neck, "You really should eat something. You haven't fed all night."

He gave me a mirthful smile and a small grow built in his chest.

"Ok," he said standing up. I followed him outside and watched as he quickly found easy prey in an underage girl trying to gain entrance to the club.

He quickly charmed her and led her down the street and around the corner. I followed them as they walked down an empty street.

He stopped and leaned closer to her, going in for the kill. I could feel her heart speed up and I knew she was nervous.

He was about to bite sown on her neck when I smelt that awful smell that made me scrunch up my nose in disgust.

I turned to see the small group of werewolves also existing the club. It was just the three of them and they didn't have any young victims with them.

Right when they reached the corner of the street across from us the one in the middle turned and looked right at me.

He saw I was staring back at him and a smile crept over his face.

I gave him a look of hatred to show what I thought of him. He just continued to smile.

After smiling at me for a few seconds longer he turned back to his friends and walked off with them.

I couldn't believe the nerve of that dog! I'll rip those lips right off his face, and pull his teeth out, roots and all, one by one.

I turned back to my mate and saw the girl lying crumpled at his feet, already dead. Damn!

I had missed the whole kill. God, how I hate those mangy mutts.

Edward wiped the blood from his lips and turn to me smiling. When he approached me he encircled me in his arms and kissed along my neck and jaw.

"Happy now?" he asked obviously wanting to resume our earlier activities.

No! I wasn't happy.

"Yes," I laughed at him and returned his kisses.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me swiftly back into the club. He led me to the same booth that was still vacant and pulled the curtain shut.

"You're always so eager after you feed," I said as he pulled off his shirt.

"That's why you like it when I eat before," he grabbed my face in his hands and roughly kissed me.

"Well that, and it turns me on," I said between kisses.

He started to undo his belt and I pulled my shirt over my head. Once his pants were off he came over and unhooked my bra. It fell to the floor and he began to suck on my left breast.

I pulled away from him and pushed him into the seat. I pushed up my skirt and pulled off my underwear. I slid of his boxer and I heard take blow out a breath when I accidentally touched his erection.

I smiled at him wickedly as I lowered myself onto him. He gabbed my hips as I started move on him.

We both came quick and then continued to tear up the small booth area.

Even though I missed his kill, I got to reap in the rewards.

When we were at home later, I thought of the werewolves from before.

Hostility between our species and theirs had been around for thousands of years, but never before had we had something anywhere near a universal truce.

I really didn't care about it though. Other than humans, wolves were my favorite animals to hunt and kill.

Fuck the treaty. If I saw them around here anymore they were dead.

The thought of ripping into their skin and pulling out their intestines brought a smile to my face.

I could practically hear their cries of pain and feel the blood on my hands.

Oh yes, these dogs would provide some serious entertainment. I can't wait.