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"Jokin' 'bout your mama

Went a little too far

But you caught me

Out with the others

'Til the early dawn"

Lorelai rolled over in her bed Friday morning and grumbled, "You're not funny."

Mia and Sookie stood over her, both laughing hartily, holding on to each other to stay standing. When they finally regained their bearings, Sookie shut off the stereo and smiled, "Mornin'! How's it feel to be legal?"

Lorelai sighed, eyes still closed, "Depends on what time it is."


"No." There was a knock on the door and Mia opened it, gesturing David in. He moved forward and put a tray next to Lorelai on the bed. The smell alone caused her to moan happily and open her eyes.

"Food?" She looked at the try and popped into a sitting position, "Food!" Mia pulled the now-awake Rory out of her crib and put her in her mother's arms, making her smile even wider, "And baby! Food and baby and birthday and," her eyes began to fill with tears, "Its already the best birthday ever."

"'Ama?" Rory asked curiously.

Lorelai shook her head and kissed the baby's nose, "Mama's happy, babe." She looked up at the three friends and smiled, "Happy, happy, happy."

Mia smiled widely, "Wait until the actual party, my dear."

The teenager ate a bit of waffle, giving some to Rory, and nodded, "Can't wait. Oh, David, this is delicious."

He nodded in reply, "Thank you, Lorelai."

Sookie clapped her hands together, "Okay, I have school, and then I'm putting the finishing touches on that cake. So Mom and I will just see you tonight, okay? Oh, and sorry again that I can't stay over afterward; Mom hasn't been feeling well, and I should stay home with her, just in case she develops the flu or something."

Lorelai put up her hand, "Its fine, Sook."

"Okay, well, I'm off!" A quick flash of red hair and she was gone.

"I have the breakfast rush," David added apologetically, and then he was gone.

Then there was just Mia, and she smiled down at Lorelai, "Are you ready for your first present?"

"What?" Lorelai said, surprised, "Mia, you didn't have to get me anything, let alone more than one thing." Wordlessly, Mia handed her a small box, which Lorelai took and opened slowly. Inside was a key with on a #8 Independence Inn keychain. Knowing full well the answer, but still confused, Lorelai asked, "What is this?"

Mia grinned and sat on the corner of the bed, "That is your room for tonight. After the party, room-8 is yours until tomorrow afternoon." She stood and walked out the door, leaving Lorelai to finish her breakfast.


After spending her entire day with Rory, just lounging around and listening to music, it was finally five-thirty and Lorelai was getting ready for her party... in theory. She was standing at her closet, looking over all of her clothes, and finding none of them worthy. How could she not have thought of this before? Her party was going to be small and modest, but she didn't want to just show up in jeans. She wanted to wear a nice, understated Summer dress. Finally, she found one. It was crammed in the back of the closet, and just touching it gave her chills. It was the dress she'd been wearing the night Christopher got her pregnant. A spaghetti-strapped, low-cut, teal-and-salmon-paisley dress that laced up the back and fell just below her knees. Deciding to push the memory aside, she ironed and donned the dress, adding a pair of white sandals and letting her hair down to fall in perfect curls around her shoulders. She put Rory in a butter-yellow dress that her parents had given her for her first birthday and went to meet Mia and David at the reception desk.

Mia looked impressed when she saw her, "My dear, you do look lovely."

Lorelai smiled and twirled in a circle, "Why, thank you, darling. So do you... Where's David?"

"He's setting up the food."

"Oh, I forgot about that," she frowned. She had intended to ask Luke to cook some of the food, but with the break-up incident, she'd just asked David to make it all. In fact, she hadn't talked to Luke, or even seen him, since that day at his apartment. With a small shrug, Lorelai, Mia, Rory started their walk to the hardware store, which William had closed for the evening.

They were the last to arrive. Sookie and David were at the counter, arguing about the layout of the food, as William and Karen made light conversation about some of the town goings-on. Luke was sitting in the corner, staring at a glass of water in his hands, and it was painfully obvious to Lorelai that he didn't want to be there. Finally, standing stiffly by the door, were Richard and Emily Gilmore.

"Dad," Lorelai said nervously, moving toward them, "Mom."

"Lorelai," they answered in unison. Then Richard said, "Thank you for inviting us. It means a lot to us."

"Of course."

Then Emily chirped, "Its a very modest town, isn't it?" Richard shot her a warning look and she shrugged.

"Yes, Mom, it is," Lorelai said sharply. Deciding to change the subject, she asked, "Would you like to hold Rory?"

"Yes," Emily said quickly, accepting the baby and holding her close, but somewhat akwardly, "Hello, Rory. Do you remember me? I'm your grandmother."

Lorelai grinned slightly and began greeting everyone else until the only person left was Luke. She walked over to him slowly and lowered herself into the chair next to him. "Um, hey."

"Hey," he said, not looking at her, "Happy birthday."

"Thank you." She waited for him to say something more, but he didn't. She sighed in annoyance and stood, going to stand in the small crowd as they talked and laughed and ate the delicious food David had prepared. Even Richard and Emily joined in on conversation, though they kept their sentences short and absent, but still pleasant.

At eight o'clock, Sookie and William turned out all the lights and carried out the cake. It was a two tier chocolate cake with a cookies-and-créme mousse frosting and two single candles, one a 1, and one an 8. Lorelai was overwhelmed to the point of tears as they sang "Happy Birthday" and she blew out her candles. The lights went back on, they ate, and people began drifting. Karen returned home, not feeling well, soon followed by David, who had to get up early for the birthday rush. Soon, too, Mia was gone, reminding Lorelai to stay in the Inn room and taking Rory with her, insisting on babysitting for the night.

"Lorelai," Emily called to her daughter, around nine-thirty. "We have an early day tomorrow, and we've already stayed longer than we intended."

"Oh," Lorelai was shocked at the feeling of disappointment in her stomach, no matter how small it was. "Well, thank you for coming. Really. It meant a lot."

"Thank you for inviting us," Richard said sincerely. "Please don't wait so long before contacting us next time."

"I won't."

Emily puckered her lips, the way she did, and said reluctantly, "These people seem to genuinely care for you, Lorelai. I'll never approve of this life you've chosen, and I won't deny that I hope you'll return to your senses and come home, but if you had to have a different life..." She looked around the room, "I suppose this is better than others."

Lorelai's chin quivered; this was like high-praise from Emily Gilmore. She nodded and whispered, "Thank you, Mom." They said their goodbyes and left, soon followed by Sookie, going to check on her mother. Then it was just Lorelai, William, and Luke, who hadn't moved from his chair all night. As William began transporting trash out to the garbage bin, Lorelai perched next to Luke again and attempted conversation... again.

"Good shindig, huh?"


She bit the inside of her cheek, "The food was great; David sure can cook."

Luke shrugged, "Probably for the best; he is a chef."

Lorelai forced a laugh, "Heh, yeah. And Sookie's cake! How amazing was that?"

"Wouldn't know. Didn't have any."

She gritted her teeth together and said sarcastically, "You know, its nice to have reticent-guy back. Life was getting a little dull without those charming short phrases and that sour demeanor."

He looked up and met her gaze evenly, "Don't have much to say."

"Why?" She asked, pleadingly.

"I just don't."

"God," she sighed, staring at the floor, "I thought my parents being here would be the worst thing I'd have to endure tonight." She snapped her eyes back to him and spoke in a hard voice, determined to make her point clear, "Look, Luke, I know that this break-up sucks for you. I know that Anna's hurt, and I know that you're hurt, and I know that, on some level, you probably see all of this as my fault, and I'm sorry. But you can't do this. You can't--" her voice wavered, "You can't treat me this way; its doubletalk. You snapped at me because you'd hurt Anna, but now you're hurting me. I don't deserve that." She gathered her gifts, all still wrapped in lovely, eccentric paper, and walked back to the Inn, looking forward to a long, hot bath in her fancy room.


At eleven, Lorelai was laying in the huge, plush bed of room #8, still in her dress, never making it past the bed. She was watching "Walk on the Wild Side," one of her favourite old movies, when she heard a knock on the door. She figured it was Mia, or a maid, and went to answer the door.

It wasn't Mia.

Wasn't a maid, either.

When she opened the door, she found a tired-looking Luke Danes starting back at her. He looked her in the eye and spoke nervously, "Uh, hi."

"Hi," she answered slowly.

"Mia... told me where you were."

"Well, she is my parole officer."


"What are you doing here, Luke?" She asked, tired of this runaround.

He shifted uncomfortably, "I'm so sorry."

"For what?" She asked bitterly, fishing.

He sighed, "Everything? I mean, I didn't mean to be such a--what did you call me?--a prick. Its just, I was so mixed up about breaking up with Anna, and some of the stuff she'd said, and I just..." His voice trailed off, and then he was just staring at her.

"You just...what?" Lorelai asked, softened.

Still, he said nothing, and she feared they were back to the not-talking thing. Then he stepped forward and put his arms around her waist, pulling her to him firmly before he pressed his lips against hers. She melted into it immediately, grabbing his forearms and pulling herself closer to him, molding against him and kissing him back with an equal passion. She ran her tongue over his bottom lip and felt him exhale into her mouth as their tongues met, the contact causing them both to shiver. Slowly, reluctantly, but needing to breathe, they pulled apart.

"You just what?" Lorelai repeated breathlessly.

"Felt guilty," he whispered, breath warm against her lips.

"About..." she led.

He sighed, "About Anna. About the fact that it all went South because...I want to be with you."

She let her forehead rest against his and frowned, "What makes you think I'm worth that? You've only known me for a month."

"You're worth it," he insisted. "You're definitely worth it." At that, he leaned in and caught her lips again, pressing short, soft kisses against them before a long, rough one.

When they broke apart again, Lorelai smiled, panting slightly, "I'm glad. So..." she drawled, "Does this mean we're an item?"

He brought one hand up and ran it through her hair, "If you want to be."

"Please. After that shining display of Laurence Harvey to my Capucine? Of course I do."

He let out a sigh of relief and kissed her, "Good, because I want to take you out."

She grinned and kissed him back, "Mm, I want you to take me out."

"We're in perfect sync, then." He kissed her again, a long, drawn out kiss that deepened immediately, but was less rushed and desperate. Instead, it was sweet and passionate, saying all the things they couldn't to one another. All the things that had been building up since he helped her move the baby furniture in a week before. Luke ran his hands up and down her sides, over the soft material of her dress, and he mumbled against her lips, "I love this dress."

She smiled through the next kiss, thinking the same thing. She loved this dress, and the new memory that replaced the one before. This was no longer her Christopher-dress, but her Luke-dress.

-- -- --


"Smile, there's no regret, layers wash through our hands and then you never see tomorrow comin'; you only feel the wake of it..."

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