1. The Savior

I backed my car into the driveway making sure to carefully position it so that I could easily back out the next day. I was ready to be at home. Today was a long, boring day and I was ready to go to sleep.

I was tired of going to school every day and coming home, the same routine. I walked into the house, sighing as I closed the door, and hung my coat and keys in their respectable places.

"Edward. Oh good. Your home."

My mom walked into the room, she looked hurried.

"Your father surprised me, and is taking me out to Chicago for our anniversary. Do you mind staying here alone for the weekend? If you want you can stay the night at a friend's house."

I smiled.

"Don't worry about me mom, I will be fine. You and Dad have fun."

She smiled at me, and rushed over to hug me, only to jump when the horn on Dad's car honked its loudest.

"I love you hunny, be careful."

"Love you to mom. You take care."

She rushed out the door into the garage. I smiled at my mom, and her rushing. She always rushed everywhere. Sometimes it was because of dad, and his being antsy, but a lot of the time it was simply her.

I heard my phone ringing in my jacket pocket, and ran to answer it.


"Hey Eddie!"

"Hey Bella."

Bella, my best friend. We have grown up together. She is the world to me.

"Want to go to the movies tonight?"

She asked me sounding excited. I smiled.

"Yeah. What time where you wanting to go?"

"Soon. I am so bored. I just finished reading Wuthering Heights….again" I snickered" so I want to go as soon as possible."

I abandoned all hope of getting some sleep.

"I will be there to pick you up in….15 minutes."

"Yay. Edward Mason. You are my savior."

"See you then."


I ran to my room to change, and then left, locking the door.

When I pulled into her driveway, I smiled; she was already standing on the porch waiting for me. She ran out, and jumped into my old, worn out silver Volvo. I backed up, and sped down her street, making my towards the movie theatre.

She lounged back in the chair, turning to me and smiling.

"So, why didn't you ask your boyfriend to take you to the movies tonight?"

"Oh. He is busy."



She looked down at her feet, and I decided not to say anymore. It was quiet the rest of the way, and when we pulled up to the theatre, we both got out and walked up to it, quietly.

We decided on seeing one of the sappy romance films out so that we could make fun of it. We went in and sat down right as the movie started. We giggled through the first half, until we where forced to be disgusted by a couple making out two rows in front of us. The kids sitting two rows down from us, apparently there for the same reason started throwing popcorn at the couple. They ignored it at first. After a while, the male suddenly stood up to yell at the kids. My eyes widened.

Bella and I both stood. Bella's face plastered with anger.

"So much for a sick grandma, huh?"

Bella's boyfriend turned towards us with a deer caught in the headlight look on his face. Bella pushed through people to get out. I followed her.

She pushed the doors to the theatre open and rushed out.

"Bella! Bella please. You….I….we…it isn't what it looks like."

Bella kept walking ignoring him. He tried to grab her arm, trying to get her to pay attention, and she shrugged it away.

"Don't touch me."

He tried again.

"Hey!"She said not to touch her. I suggest that you not touch her."

"Shut up. She is my girlfriend."

"Not anymore! We are OVER! Done!"

I pushed past him and put my arm around her leading her away from him to the car, where she slunk into my arms and started crying. I held her there.

"I swear! He will be so sorry that he did this to you!"

"Edward. Please."

I knew exactly how upset she was just then. She doesn't call me Edward, unless she is upset.

"Just, just don't. I knew that this has been happening. He told me 4 months ago that his last grandma just died. I mean, how many times can your grandma be sick and in the hospital if she is dead."

I took her back into my arms. Wanting her not to be crying. It tore at my heart.

"Can we get out of here?"

She asked hopefully.

"Yeah. Of course, What ever you want."

We both got in the car, and drove off. I knew exactly where to take her.