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Note: Not my best piece of work, that's for sure. I guess this is what happens when insomnia just hits you like a brick. There is a lot of dialogue in here. Like A LOT of dialogue. I just had this idea in my head and I didn't know what to do with it, so behold…my crap-tastic creation.

"So….bored….Chris Manning, entertain me" The fiery-redhead said.

"No. I'm going through a scary phase in my life" He replied strumming his guitar.

"Oh, and what might that be?" She asked a smile appearing on her lips.

"I saw mom and dad…..do …it…last night" he chocked out.

She paused for a moment, gave him a look and laughed so hard. She fell from her position on the couch, to the floor beside him.

"Shut up, Julia. It's not funny" he said looking down

"Oh, yes it is." She said in between laughter.

"You're suppose to be my faithful twin sis, the one who helps me get through tough situations…or in this case an engraved mental image" he replied.

She calmed herself down, stood up and brushed imaginary lint off of her skirt. She then processed to sit down in a wooden chair beside the couch, and gestured him to take a seat.

"Please, Julia not the psychiatrist thing again. Do you know how awkward it is for me, when you do that?" He pleaded.

"Do you know how weird it is for me, when someone tells me you fucked another girl at school… when I just heard all the details from you?" She inquired quirking an eyebrow.

He gave a big sigh and lied on the couch. "Fine, go ahead"

"Okay, so how exactly did this happen?" she asked, resting her hands on top of her legs.

"Well….it happened late last night when I was going down to get a glass of milk."

Late Last Night…

"So, like I was like thinking, that like maybe I should like get this totally cool haircut, that I, like saw on Laguna Beach yesterday" the voice on the other end of the line chirped.

"Yeah…that sounds great, Stacy" he replied bored out of his mind.

"You know what; I think I should call you back. I have to…ummmm..."He scanned the room to think of an excuse, and saw his guitar up on its stand. "Tune my guitar, like right now…really bad…it's so bad, it's not even funny…so…bye!" He said hanging up the phone as fast as he can.

"Wow, I can totally see the love in this room" a sarcastic voice said behind him.

He turned around and saw his mother in the doorway, brushing her hair.

"Oh, hi mom!" he replied.

"What, no hug for mommy? And here I thought that those seven hours of labor, actually meant something to you" She said giving a big sigh for dramatic effect.

"I guess when your son is finally sixteen, he just doesn't care about his hard-working mother anymore" She fake- sobbed turning around to walk away.

"Mom, you know I love you" He said giving her a hug. "But, I think I'm getting too old for this" he added.

"Pssshhhh…teenagers" She replied throwing her hands up in the air.

"So…who's this very interesting girl you were jus talking to?" She asked taking a seat on the end of his bed.

"She's a friend…"her mother gave him a look "A girl friend…who's really, really, really annoying. At first, I thought her chatter was kind of cute but then she kept talking and talking and talking. She never stops! Oh, not to mention her topics of choice, make-up, gossip, clothes, shoes…oh my god!"

"Wow…that's some girl"

"I'm breaking up with her tomorrow"

"My son the heart breaker"

"I just don't know what to say or where for that matter"

"Just tell her straight up, it'll be easier for the both of you"

"Mom, you think I should get her to break up with me?"

"What? No! That would hurt her even more"

"But it'll be easier for me!"

"Think of the poor girl!"

"Fine…I'll just say it straight up"

"A mother knows best…well not all the time but most of the time"

"Chris!" Julia exclaimed, slapping him on the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" He asked rubbing his head.

"Can you please get to the point already? I'm hungry and thirsty and I have a science report to do"

"You're ahead of your science class, Julia. You're ahead in all of your classes. Just yesterday, I saw you finish a history essay that was due two months from now."

"Hey buddy, don't try to change the subject. Get back to the story already"

"Fine, just don't interrupt me" Chris said twiddling his thumbs.

"It's getting late, Chris. You should go to bed, you have school tomorrow" she said getting off the bed, and heading out the door.

"Good night, mom" Chris replied hopping into bed making himself comfy.

"Good night, Chris" she said turning off the lights and closing the door.

One hour later…

"I can't sleep, damn it! " Chris exclaimed throwing his comforter off of him. He walked out of his room to get a glass of milk when he heard people talking…and giggling?

"Craig…Think of the children" she said a moan escaping form her mouth.

"The children are fine, Ellie. You deserve a break, you work too hard. It'll be fun" he replied kissing her neck.

"Craig, please don't…" she barely had time to finish her sentence when a pair of lips ambushed hers. They were now on the couch, practically ripping each other clothes off. Moans and heavy breathing was exchanged between the two, touching and feeling each other like there was no tomorrow…

"Whoa…Chris, I don't know what to say"

"Yeah, that's right you should be shocked" he said running his hand through his brown hair.

"So…you really saw them…do…it?"

"The whole entire thing and all I wanted was a glass of milk to help me sleep."

"Why didn't you just look away?"

"I wanted to, but I couldn't pry my eyes out. It was like watching a car accident happen, you know you should stop watching but you can't seem to look away. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do!" he exclaimed.

"Wow, it was really that intense?"

"What I saw in that living room is so shocking; using the word intense to describe it would be the understatement of the whole fucking century!"

"Wait…did you just say living room?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You mean the living room we use to look at old photos, the one where dad taught me how to tie my shoelaces, and the one where I caught mom and dad doing it? That living room?"

"Yup, that living room…what? You saw mom and dad do it too?"

"Yeah, sure. They do it like….every second Tuesday of the month when they can."

"And you weren't shocked when you saw them go at it?"

"I was shocked, so shocked in fact that I dropped the glass of milk I was holding."


"Well, that little accident stopped them from letting me see more than I need to. Seeing them go at it was disturbing, but seeing their faces when they realized they were caught was just plain priceless." She said grinning at the memory.

"I should've stayed in my room that night, I should've just stayed in my room" he said staring at the ceiling.

"Don't worry bro you'll get over it."

"Easy for you to say, you only saw the first half. I saw the whole thing! I'm scarred for life now; I'm seriously scarred for life now"

"Here, take these" She said handing him her drumsticks. "It always makes me feel better"

"See…what I told you, Craig!" Ellie hoarsely whispered.

"If I remember correctly you didn't say anything to me" He replied smiling.

"That's because, you cut me…." Craig brought her lips closer to him before she finished her sentence. Ellie broke the kiss and glared at him.

"What?" he asked playing dumb.

"See, that's exactly the kind of the reaction that got us in trouble"

"I wouldn't call it trouble, Elle more like….an awkward situation"

She glared at him and walked off, mumbling and crossing her arms on the way. He looked at her, then at his children. He turned in the direction of his beloved and thought "I could talk to Chris tomorrow, right? I mean he is sixteen now, it's not like he haven't discussed it before. Besides, he has Julia to vent to right now. Yeah, tomorrow I'll talk to him tomorrow. But now, I have some making up to do…"

Man, was he on for a ride. Parenting a teenager is more complicated than parenting a toddler. You can give a toddler a toy to make him forget things, but a teenager….that's quite a different story. Tsk, tsk, tsk what a shame….second day back from touring and he managed to scar his son for life, makes you wonder how he'll handle his daughter's boyfriends and driving privileges doesn't it….?