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Career Choices

Julia Elizabeth Manning wanted to be a surgeon when she grew up. Perhaps it was the cool, metal scalpel that attracted her to it. Or, maybe it was the title that she loved. Or, it could be a combination of both. That was what she told her school councilor when he asked her what her career options were. Oh, that and because she "loves helping mankind". Though what she told everyone was not the truth. She wanted to be surgeon for a reason that, no girl her age could understand.

She wanted to be a surgeon, because she wanted to see the bloody truth. She knew that once she made an incision it couldn't be undone, everything had to be worked out before. She had to be right, she was always right. No matter what. No one could question her in an emergency room, because she was the expert. She was the doctor, and she was always right. Being right is an ego booster, but that's only half the reason why she wanted to be a surgeon.

What drew her most to her chosen profession, was the inside the patient itself. The truth that speaks in veins and arteries, bloods and cells, the known fact of living since forever. Everyone is the same. No matter how different we look on the inside, no matter how many faces we pull, lies we tell, we are all the same. We work using the same mechanism, using the same basic principle. We are all the same. And that is why; Julia Elizabeth Manning wanted to become a surgeon.

Now…Chris Manning was a different story. He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, where he wants to be in 20 years, or what kind of life he wanted to live. He couldn't decide on anything. He always made sure he knew the consequences of his actions, making flow charts in his head, calculating probabilities of events, making sure what he did was right. And that's what he always did. Making sure what he did was right according to him.

He knew that the world wasn't just white and black, good and evil. He knew it was patches of grey. Though, he rather have black and white in his opinion, it's less complicated that way. And it's that kind of thinking that holds him back sometimes, that idealistic thinking. So, you know what Chris Manning decided? He decided that the school councilor can go screw himself, because how the hell does a 16- year-old- kid decides what to do with the rest of his life span? Well…other than Julia, but she's just different that way.

Julia walked into the living room munching on her beloved chocolate bar, when she saw a pencil hurled at her. (A HB No.2 Pencil to be exact, because you never know when your teacher will give you a surprise bubble test.) She ducked and looked at her attacker.

"What the hell, Chris!" She yelled throwing the remainder of her chocolate at him. He caught the chocolate in his hand and took a bite.

"Shut up, Julia. I have to finish this stupid Career thingy" He replied agitated.

She sat down beside him and looked at his blank paper.

"You didn't write anything on it"

"Yeah, I sort of noticed that princess"

"Just make something up" she replied picking up the pen on the table in front of him.

"Like what?" he asked curious at her reply.

"Well, some kid in my class said he wanted to be an assassin when he finishes school."

"An assassin? Please elaborate"

"Well, the teacher asked the class about their goals and dreams and she asked him. And he's like 'I want to be a top-class assassin when I'm out of this piece of crap you call a school' and then she said 'Please refrain from foul language, and would you care to explain to the class on how you want to accomplish such a um….goal?' then he's like 'Well, I can go the cool federal way. Or, I can go the gangster way and do it illegally and get paid for it' and yeah that's basically it" she finished

"Wow….just wow. What a retard" Chris replied.

"So, yeah. Make something up"

"What should I put?"

"I know! You can be a proctologist!"

"Ewww….Julia, I don't like the idea of spending the rest of my life looking at people's 'southern regions'" he replied making a face.

"Fine, then be a ….waiter!"

He looked at her, raising his eyebrow skeptically. "A waiter, Julia? Seriously, a waiter?"

"Yeah, sure. Every restaurant needs a waiter. Maybe, if you're really good you can work as a 5 star restaurant waiter! I bet that'll be cool, serving nice hot plates of gourmet food" she said smiling.


"Geez, Chris stop being so picky. Your priority tonight is to finish this 'stupid Career thingy', right?"

"Yeah, but I want to put something reasonable on it."

"Argh! I can't work with you, Chris Manning. You're such a diva!" She yelled throwing her hands up in the air and walking out.

He watched her walk out and sighed. "Smooth move, Einstein" he said in his head frustrated. He banged his head on the table, hoping that ideas will come to his head. If life were like that (You wouldn't need a Visa Card. Ha-ha!) Chris Manning wouldn't be here in the first place.

"Okay class, I want each of you to read out what you wrote for homework" She said folding her hands in her lap. Each student read out what they had, some were inspiring, some were half-done, some even didn't write anything. And finally it was his turn.

He stood up and faced the class. His face was unreadable, his stance was laid back and his tone was monotonous.

"When I grow up, I want to be the man on the moon"

The class looked at one another, confusion written on their face and then they began to laugh. Chris smiled and sat back down. "Screw life plans, I'm too busy living life to actually sit down and write them." He thought and with that in his mind, Chris Manning could finally sleep tonight.