by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Justice League TAS.

Authors Notes: For the longest time I've wanted to do an Eva/Justice League story, but of course I couldn't figure out how to do it. Other writers have done a Batman/Eva crossover, a Superman/Eva crossover, and I think I remember an Eva/Teen Titans crossover. (I'm actually writing one myself) As it stands, I thought to do one with the Justice League, the animated series.

The main problem I had was deciding which direction I should take it in. Should I give Shinji super powers, and if so which ones from which hero? And where should I start the story?

Then I was watching the First Season of Justice League again, and I decided to go with Jonn Jonzz, the last Martian. I decided on him because both he and Shinji are pretty much alone in the world, despite having new surrogate families. To that end, I decided on, what I think to be a rather unique way of getting the pair together.

Hopefully, you the reader will enjoy this little fic.


Chapter 1

The New Martian


The time: the year 1700 (as measured on Earth)

The place: a hidden alien citadel beneath the planet of Mars.

A bright flash emanated within the alien citadel, a young boy wearing a skin-tight blue and white outfit appearing and falling hard onto the ground.

"Ouch! What the... the... (Gasp!) Air... no..." Shinji Ikari gasped as he suddenly realized that there was no air around him. "Can't...breath... some... one... help..."

Clawing his way across the reddish-brown dirt-covered ground, lungs gasping for non-existent air, his eyes obscured by darkness, the boy pilot fails to see the edge of a deep chasm and tumbles downwards into even more darkness.

However, instead of the hard impact of rocks or solid earth that should have preceded the fall, Shinji slammed into something soft and gel-like, the impact carrying him deep in the center.

All at once, his mind started to slow, his breathing became unimportant, and his body was consumed by the strange warmth that emanated from the gel itself.

Unknown to Shinji, as he would never had thought of it, the gel-like substance he landed in was a stasis pod created by a race of parasitic aliens who fed off the bio-energies of the Martian race nearly 700 years ago. Sealed away in their citadel by the last living Martian, Jonn Jonzz, the aliens were kept in a perpetual state of suspended animation. The pod that Shinji fell in to, was a psychic drainer that the aliens used to feed off of the Martians. However, the reddish pod was also like a quartz crystal, recycling the occupants bio-energies so that the aliens could feed off of them for years.

Of course, this meant that the person inside would only last a few years before they too died.

However, Shinji's unique Angel-influenced DNA would have enabled him to live far longer than normal. But not long enough to keep Shinji alive in order to rescue him when they found him... or the alien menace that still existed inside.

That was when something amazing happened.

"What is this?" a green-spectral figure asked, staring at the pod.

"It appears to be a humanoid of some kind." another slightly female spectral figure said. "From the Third Planet, it seems."

"The Third Planet? Impossible! Those beings are not developed enough to have mastered travel of this sort."

"Unless he is from another plane of existence."

"And still, compared to us, possessing of limited capabilities." a third spectral figure said.

"But still deserving of life." the second female said.

"But we cannot help him." the first figure said.

"And even if we did, he would die if he were removed from the pod now." the third figure replied.

"He will be dead anyway if left on his own. Years and years he may live, but nothing else."

"Is there nothing we can do?" the female asked.

The trio were silent for a moment, until a fourth figure appeared.

"He must become what we once were." the fourth spectral figure, also female in appearance, said.

"What?" the third figure asked.

"We all know the secrets of this pod. We know full well, what was once kept inside it." the fourth female figure said.

"Yes. The bodies of our brothers and sisters." the first figure said.

"The lingering traces of our DNA. Ah.. I see. With some influence on our part..." the third figure started to explain.

"We can infuse this humanoid... with our Martian traits. Transform him into one of us." the fourth figure finished.

Yes, you guessed correctly. These spectral figures were the ghosts of the former inhabitants of Mars. The original Martians who were killed by the alien invaders centuries ago.

And now, they were Shinji's only hope.

"But do we have that right?" the second female asked.

"We will be saving a life." the fourth female said.

"By giving him one of ours." the first male said.

"Or lives are over and done with. Only our essence remains." the third male said.

"In more than once sense of the word." the second female said.

"We do not have this right." the third male said.

"We do not have a choice. Our race is all but extinct, removed from existence by the hands of our enemies. This is the only chance we have, a second chance, for Mars to live again." the fourth female said.

"Through this boy." the second female said.


"What you ask is impossible!" the first male said.

"It is amoral!" the second female said.

"It is beyond comprehension!"

"It is... acceptable." the third male said.

"WHAT?" the other two shouted as the fourth female nodded.

"This child will never survive the harsh, barren conditions that exist beyond these citadel walls. He will barely last within these walls. And the beings of the Third Planet are not developed enough to be of any assistance just yet. Also, Jonn Jonzz is right now the last Martian, guarding this place so as to prevent our annihilators escape. Were we to summon him now, he would not be able to help the boy. But we can. And in doing so, we will be accomplishing two objectives: our races continued existence... and the preservation of this boys life." the third male said.

The others mulled this over for a time... until, slowly, as one, they all agreed.

"Then we are agreed."

"Yes. Pity this humanoid was not born female." the first male said.

"This metamorphosis is dangerous enough. Altering his gender would be even more difficult." the third male said.

"An idea that should never have been entertained to begin with." the second female stated.

"And we do not have the energy to accomplish this anyway." the fourth female said.

"Then... let us begin." the third male said.

The ghosts of Mars pooled their combined spiritual energies, and infused them into the pod.

Inside the red sphere, a sleeping Shinji dreamed while his body slowly began to take a new and very different shape than ever before.

The spirits vanished within minutes, the last of their energy given, the boy set upon the course of their choosing.

The consequences of their actions they would accept, feeling that this was the right thing to do. Not only would their nearly extinct race have a new member, but they would be saving his life as well.

However, the process was a slow one. Inside the pod, Shinji would remain in a state of suspended animation while his body underwent a unique transformation. Such a process, especially like this, would take decades. Maybe centuries. But by then Shinji would be ready.

As the Martians vanished, the fourth female Martian lingered a bit longer to look at the boy, running her hand over the reddish sphere, parallel to his face.

"Take care of your new heritage, my child. And take care of my husband, Jonn Jonzz, as well." My'ria'h said before she too vanished.


300 hundred years later found the parasitic invaders accidentally unleashed from their hibernation by astronauts from Earth.

Disposing of the astronauts, the invaders found that centuries had passed, resulting in the entire Martian civilization having been passed on, even the ones incased in their red bio-pods. However, because of the arrival of the astronauts, the invaders turned their attention towards Earth.

Two and a half years later they attacked in full force.

Unfortunately for them, the last Martian, Jonn Jonzz, was able to escape capture and journeyed to Earth to warn them of the impending invasion. Surprisingly, neither Jonn nor the invaders were even aware of Shinji's presence in the stasis pod.

Once on Earth, Jonn uses his telepathic powers to assemble a unique team of heroes: the power ring wielding Green Lantern John Stewart, the super fast Flash, the Thanagarian warrior Hawkgirl, and the amazon princess Wonder Woman, alongside the man of steel Superman and the dark knight Batman who came to rescue him first.

Together their combined powers and abilities were able to defeat the invaders, and their leader, the Imperium. Though some of the invaders managed to escape, the majority of them were defeated.

Shortly after this the heroes formed the Justice League.

Over the course of a year, the League worked together to battle and defeat several forces of evil that ranged from revenge seeking robots, despot Atlantians, cocky hitmen, ruthless businessmen, eccentric sorcerers, imprisoned Greek Gods, alien warlords and gladiators, super intelligent gorillas, various other supervillains, and even renegade amazons.

It was shortly after Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl and Jonn Jonzz return from the alternate Justice Guild universe that Shinji's transformation was complete.


"You should have been there. It was so freaky. Those corn ball villains with the bad puns, and the heroes with the decoder rings. What's up with that? Still Black Siren was a hottie." Flash said as he and the others were safely back on the Watchtower, giving both Superman and Batman the rundown on their little adventure.

"Where's GL?" Hawkgirl asked.

Off to the side, the green and black suited hero was staring out into space, as Hawkgirl came up next to him.

Their conversation went unheard by the others, especially Jonn Jonzz. The entire adventure went through the Martian's mind, particularly the part of Ray Thompson, the Justice Guild's junior justice guildsman (their mascot as it were) who was actually responsible for their entire adventure.

When Jonn had first met the boy, he assumed that he had been adopted by the Justice Guild. All of them seemed rather protective of the boy, yet none of them stood out as a parent to him.

In a way, it did remind him of his own family. His son in particular.

Suddenly, his mind buzzed with a strange, and oddly familiar, sensation.

"Argh!" the Martian suddenly groaned.

"Huh? Jonn!" Flash shouted as the other members of the League raced over to the pained Martian.

"What's wrong?" Hawkgirl asked as she and GL came over.

"Don't know. Looks like he's having a migraine." Flash said.

"Mars." Jonn said.

"What?" the speedster asked.

"We... have to go to Mars."

"Is it the invaders?" Green Lantern asked.

"No. But someone is there." the Martian assured.


The Javelin7 flew across the barren landscape of the Red Planet, it's four occupants tailing the green glowing hero as he flashed his power ring's energy beam to scan the planet's surface.

"Are you getting anything John?" Superman asked from the cockpit of the Javelin7.

"Nothing yet." Green Lantern responded via his communicator. "What about Jonn?"

"He thinks we should head to the alien citadel he locked the alien invaders in centuries ago."

"Where is that exactly?"

"A few more miles north." Jonn suddenly said.

Within a minute the ship arrived at a large hole in the ground where the astronauts from Earth had gone in and accidentally awoke the parasitic invaders.

Dressed in their specially made space suits, Superman, Flash, and Hawkgirl descended into the hole after Green Lantern and Jonn Jonzz.

It was strange to everyone else that Jonn was able to survive on this now desolate world, but not on any other world that lacked an atmosphere. Then again, this was his home planet.

The quintet descended into the cave and eventually came to the alien citadel, still opened but totally devoid of any alien presence.

"Whoa!" Flash gasped as he saw the citadel. "Guess these guys didn't believe in windows."

"It's underground, Flash. What's to see?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Anything?" Superman asked Jonn.

"Nothing. There's no trace of the invaders." Jonn said after a quick mental scan. "But someone is here."

"Where?" Hawkgirl asked, her mace ever ready.

"There!" he said, pointing to one of the red alien pods at the far end of the citadel.

Flash was instantly on it, using his superhuman speed to search through each and every pod, until he came to one pod right under a cliff-like wall. All the other pods were empty, but this one had a body inside it.

"Hey! There's someone in here!" Flash shouted.

The others quickly joined him, staring at the young, obviously Martian boy, in the pod.

"It's a child!" Hawkgirl gasped.

"It's a Martian child." Superman stated.

Green Lantern used his power ring to pierce the pod and wrap the energy around the boy, gently pulling him from the pod itself.

While the group stared at the young Martian in disbelief, it was Jonn who was the most shocked.

"Incredible. And here I thought you were the last Martian." Superman said to his friend.

However, Jonn didn't seem totally convinced.

His eyes glowed brightly for a few seconds as he stared at the boy encased in GL's force field. They stopped glowing, the Martian turning towards the group.

"He isn't a Martian." he stated.


(The Watchtower Medical Bay, two hours later)

"What do you mean 'he's human'?" Green Lantern gasped in shock.

"Formerly human. And currently, a Martian." Jonn said. "Though I'm not sure how."

"Well start thinking, because I've run every test I can think of, and they all tell me the same thing. His DNA is 100-percent Martian. Just like you." Batman said, handing the Martian man a clipboard that had the boy's medical results on it. "But it's been altered from it's original configuration, right at the cellular level. No idea how."

"But how did you even figure that out?" Hawkgirl asked Batman.

"Irregularities in the boys DNA as compared with Jonn's. That and what he told me about the images he saw in the boys mind." the dark knight explained. "Images of an alternate Earth."

"From what I was able to see, he is a Japanese teenager who was the pilot of a giant robot called an Evangelion. A battle against a creature called an Angel teleported him to our world. The last images are of him emerging in the citadel and falling into one of the red stasis pods. After that, nothing."

"A teenage robot pilot?" Flash gasped.

"Sounds like something out of a cartoon." Green Lantern exclaimed.

"And how would you know that?" Hawkgirl asked the hard-nosed marine.

"But a change of this magnitude would have taken a very long time." Jonn said.

"Decades?" Superman asked.

"Possibly centuries." Jonn said.

"But weren't you there the whole time guarding them?" Wonder Woman asked, having arrived when the others were returning from Mars.

"Yes. However, I never once sensed or detected anything happening inside the citadel after it was closed." the Martian said. He paused in thought for a few minutes. "There is a possibility."

"What?" Green Lantern asked, curious.

"That I was unable to sense any happenings inside the citadel because the citadel itself blocks my telepathy."

"You mean due to the natural materials used." Batman said.

"Yes. Then there is the possibility that he was teleported randomly through time and space to arrive in the invaders citadel on Mars three hundred years in the past. As for how he was transformed into a Martian from a human being, I haven't a clue." Jonn stated.

"Do you suppose those red pod thingy's have anything to do with it?" Flash asked.

"But those were stasis pods, meant to hold my people so that the invaders could feed off of our psychic energy without resistance."

"So no idea how a transformation like this was possible?" Superman asked.

"One. But there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate it's claim." Jonn replied.

"What possibility?" Wonder Woman asked.

"That somehow, there were lingering traces of Martian DNA inside the pod that were somehow infused into the boys body, eventually taking it over and altering his own genetic code."

The others looked at Jonn in total confusion.

"Even if that were possible, how long would a process like that take?" Superman asked.

"As I said: centuries." the Martian said.

"So, what we're considering, is the possibility that this human teenager from an alternate dimension, was somehow teleported from his world to ours, ended up on Mars, in one of those red stasis pods, and was slowly turned into a Martian over the last two to three hundred years?" Flash asked.

"Apparently." Jonn said.

"This is just too weird." Flash exclaimed, looking more confounded than normal.

"What is that? You're catch phrase?" Hawkgirl asked.

"A kid from an alternate dimension, like the one we were just in a few days ago, comes to Mars and gets turned into a Martian, over three hundred years. Tell me this isn't weird." the speedster said.

"I didn't say it wasn't, but it's not like we're not used to strange things happening." the avian heroine replied.

"Does the boy have a name?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Shinji. Shinji Ikari." Jonn answered.

"Ohhhh." Shinji suddenly groaned.

"He's awake." Wonder Woman said.

"Perhaps it's best that you talk to him, Diana." Jonn said.

"Me? But he's a Martian now. Shouldn't you..."

"There are reasons I cannot right now. As he is a teenager, perhaps talking to you would be more appropriate."

"He's got a point. I doubt he'll be able to lie to a pretty lady." Flash said.

Wonder Woman wasn't sure how she should take that. "Very well."

The others filed out of the infirmary as Wonder Woman walked over to the bed.

"Unfamiliar ceiling." Shinji said.

"I've actually become accustomed to it." Wonder Woman said.

Shinji turned his head and stared at the attractive woman wearing a red, blue and gold swimsuit.

"Misato?" he gasped, his vision still blurry.

"Actually my name is Diana. Do you know your name?" she asked.

"I'm... Shinji. Shinji Ikari." he replied.

"Please to meet you, Shinji Ikari." she smiled.

Shinji blushed at the beautiful woman. "Where am I?" he asked.

"Our Watchtower, currently in orbit around the Earth." she answered.

"WHAT?" he gasped, turning his head to look outside the nearest window, that stared out into open space with the planet taking up the lower half of the window. "Oh... boy!" he gasped, then noticed that his hands were now green. "What the..."

"I think we should start with the basic questions and answers." Diana said in a comforting tone to ease his obvious distress. "Questions I'm sure we both have."

"Uh.. okay." he said, panicking heavily.

"To start with... in case you haven't noticed... you're not human anymore."

She suddenly wondered if that was the best way to go as Shinji suddenly sprang from the bed and over to the window to stare at his reflection: his greenish, gangly alien form, orange pupil-less eyes, his three-toed, four-fingered appendages, and the pointed, almost fin-like, shape of his head. He had no nose or ears, yet they seemed to be functioning just as well as if he did have them.

"Wha... what's happened to me?" he gasped, backing away in fear, the mirror image mimicking his own movements.

"Take it easy, Shinji." Diana said, trying to calm the boy.

"Wha... how... I don't..." Shinji exclaimed, his breathing hyper erratic as his mind went into overdrive, his world suddenly fading and his body hitting the cold floor hard.

Diana quickly moved towards him, looking upset. "I suppose this was to be expected." she sighed as she lifted the boy off the ground to place him back into the bed.


"Feeling better?" Diana asked once Shinji had woken back up a few hours later.

"A little." Shinji replied as he sat up in the bed. "What happened?"

"You fainted."

That's not surprising. Shinji thought.

"I'm sure the shock was difficult for you to bear. I should have prepared you for it better."

"How could you? You've never seen anything like this before." he said.

Diana gasped. "How did you... are you reading my mind?"

"Am I what?" he gasped, confused now.

"Of course. You don't know. You're a Martian now, so you now have the ability to read minds."

"I do? I'm a what?" he gasped.

"From what we've been able to determine, you were somehow teleported to the planet Mars and were transformed into a Martian by rather extraordinary means."

I'd say so. "Wait! I was on Mars? And now we're back here on Earth." he looked out the window. "Or, above it."

"Yes. The details are a little complicated, but from everything we've discovered, you're 100 percent Martian now."

"I... am?" he said, looking distressed. And who else is she talking about?

"Yes. I'm sorry." she said.

Shinji looked at her.

"Why? Did you do this to me?" he asked.

"No." she replied honestly.

"Then why are you sorry? It doesn't make sense for you to apologize for something that isn't your fault." he said, suddenly feeling the irony of his own statement.

Diana looked at Shinji, rather impressed by his reasoning for one so young.

"Thank you." he said.

"What?" she asked, confused by his sudden praise.

"You just said you were impressed by my reasoning." he explained.

"No I didn't."

"Didn't you?"

He stared at her with wide-eyes, clearly unsettled by all this.

"Oh god! I didn't it again, didn't I?" he panicked. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, Shinji. You're just not used to having these new abilities. But don't worry. We can help you." she exclaimed.

Again Shinji wondered who she was talking about, but managed to keep his mind from going too deep into hers. He wasn't sure how he was able to, but he succeeded.

"And... who are these others you mentioned?" Shinji asked.

Diana smiled. "Would you like to meet them?"


Shinji was quickly introduced to the other members of the Justice League.

Each of them introduced themselves, and gave a little background as well. Naturally, Batman was the least forthcoming with information, yet Shinji felt as if he had something in common with the dark knight. Flash was the most forth coming and talkative about himself, which reminded Shinji of Kaji.

Hawkgirl reminded Shinji of Asuka, due to her strength and beauty, though her explanation of herself confused Shinji a little. Only because if her home world of Thanagar was a warlike world, would they actually have need of a police force? Still, he let it pass as he was got to know the other League members.

Superman seemed like the leader of the group, only because he seemed the most powerful and idealistic. Green Lantern mentioned that he used to be in the military, which Shinji realized his friend Kensuke would have loved to know more about. He was also a little stunned that Diana went by the name Wonder Woman, and was an amazon princess.

But when he was introduced to Jonn, he was shocked.

"Shinji, this is Jonn Jonzz." Diana introduced.

"And until recently, the last Martian." Flash added. "But now that you're here, that's changed."

"But... I'm not a Martian. At least... not a real one." Shinji replied.

"But the DNA analysis said that you're completely Martian now." Hawkgirl said.

"But... I'm not from Mars. Not originally." Shinji protested.

"Be that as it may, you are a Martian now. And as such you have the same powers as Jonn does." Superman said.

"That remains to be seen." Jonn said.

"Then get out your pencil, kid, it's testing time." Flash smiled.


The next few days found Jonn and the League teaching Shinji everything there was to know about his powers. It was actually better than just staying alone on the Watchtower while the others raced around the globe fighting evil and defusing disasters. Monitor duty was Jonn's normal routine, and this was actually a nice distraction.

The first test was Jonn teaching Shinji how to use his physical abilities, including his strength which was nearly equal to that of Superman. Though because Shinji was younger he wasn't as strong as the older heroes. Then there was his speed, which was nearly equal to Flash. This confused Jonn the most, as he wasn't able to move as fast as the scarlet speedster.

Last of this test was Shinji's ability to fly. He was a little wobbly at first, but quickly got the hang of it. The sheer exhilaration he felt at flying around the hanger and Watchtower was incredible. He'd never felt so free in his life.

The second test consisted of density-shifting and invisibility. The ability to walk or fly through solid objects scared Shinji a little, it made him feel like a ghost, though the invisibility really appealed to him. This was mostly due to his desire to be unnoticed by everyone.

The third test was his shape-changing powers. This power was rather complicated. It took Shinji a full day to properly get a handle on it, only because of the complexity involved to control every part of his body, every muscle, bone, blood vessel and cell, in order to assume another shape. Jonn had demonstrated this power several times for Shinji, taking various forms, including the Justice League and some of the villains they had fought.

Eventually Shinji was able to pull off a full bodied transformation, though it was extremely difficult and taxing on his body. He used this power to show Jonn and the others what he actually looked like, as a human Japanese teenager. He also used this power to show them what Rei, Asuka, Misato, and even PenPen used to look like.

When Diana saw Misato, she instantly understood why Shinji mistook her for his former guardian, as there were some similarities between the two.

Flash wondered if he'd be able to meet her.

Shinji found this power difficult to master, and Jonn understood that, since he himself had spent centuries alone guarding the parasitic invaders who destroyed Mars. Those centuries alone had given Jonn nothing but time, enabling him to fully master all of his powers. That being said, Shinji was also told the story of how Mars was destroyed, as well as the possibility that he was now over three hundred years older than he imagined.

That boggled Shinji's mind.

The last test was Shinji's new telepathic powers.

Being the most unique power, Jonn carefully trains Shinji how to safely use this special ability. The reason was that because a person's mind was so complex, filled with both truth and fantasy, it was often difficult to determine which was which.

Naturally Shinji was wary of this power, but Jonn explained that if he didn't learn how to control it, he would inadvertently read the minds of others, and the influx of it would be impossible to stop. This would cause him to go mad.

It took Shinji several days to control his telepathy, as his fear of developing it, for obvious reasons, kept him from progressing. But with Jonn's help, he was able to 'keep his mind to himself'.

However, Shinji had no idea how much he would come to depend upon his powers. And not just for his own sake, but for the sake of the League itself.


Author's Notes:

Here's my first chapter of 'Second Son of Mars'.

Hope no one minds that I made this a three chapter story and loaded them up the same day. I just didn't want to create the first few chapters and then stop, like I did with some of my other stories.

I haven't given up on them, I just needed to write this up before I got writers block for it. Had to watch a lot of Justice League for all this.

And I hope everyone likes the way I've turned Shinji into a Martian. And if you couldn't tell by the title, I am planning on this being a Shinji/Jonn pairing, in the father/son way, which is something that hasn't been done before, I'm sure.

This is something I've been toying with for a while, so please, tell me what you think about the first chapter before going on to the next.