by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Justice League.

Summary: The League takes on Morgaine Le Fay and her son Mordred, not only for the sake of the world, but also for Jonn's soul.


Chapter 3

A Knight With Shadows


Shinji stood in the hanger bay of the Watchtower, focusing on the steel target on the other side of the large room.

I can do this. Just have to concentrate. Shinji thought as he continued to stare at the target. Come on. Come on! Come ON!


"You're going to hurt your eyes doing that." Wonder Woman said as she and Flash entered the hanger bay.

"I'm just trying to get a handle on this new power." Shinji explained.

"You mean your laser vision." Flash said.


"But you said you could only use it when you were angry." Wonder Woman said.

"And I can't make myself angry. Not on purpose anyway." Shinji said.

"Want me to step on your feet?" Flash grinned.

Before Shinji could reply, Jonn flew into the hanger.

"I just received a message from Batman. He needs us at Castle Branek in England." the older Martian said.

"Alright! Some real action!" Flash grinned.

"Can I help?" Shinji asked.

Wonder Woman and Jonn looked at Shinji, then at each other.

"It would be better than keeping him locked up here all the time." Wonder Woman said.

"Yes. And it would most likely help him develop his abilities." Jonn replied.

Shinji smiled and raced aboard the Javelin.


When the quartet arrived at Castle Branek, Batman introduced them to the demon Etrigan, who freaked Shinji out more than a little. Regardless, the boy held his peace and stood behind Jonn like he was his sidekick or assistant.

"You say you've been trailing Le Fay for centuries?" Wonder Woman asked, after getting the details from Batman.

"In an unending game of Cat-And-Mouse. For the last generation she has eluded me. But I'll never rest until her soul burns in the eternal pit!" the red-garbed, cape-wearing, gruesome-looking demon declared with clenched fists.

"And I thought Bat's was creepy." Flash stated.

Etrigan growled at him.

"How has she eluded you for so long?" Batman asked.

"The witch has an amulet that can sense when I'm drawing near." Etrigan explained.

"With that stench who needs an amulet?" Flash remarked.

However, he quickly wished he had kept his mouth shut as Etrigan grab him by the front of his costume and hefted the speedster over his head.

"What?!!" the demon growled.

"Nothing." Flash replied weakly.

Jonn then moved in to intervene. "Perhaps we should consider another approach."

Etrigan tosses Flash down and turned to the Martian. "And what do you suggest?" he asked.

"I could try to locate her. Telepathically." he explained.

Shinji just watched as his mentor went into a trance of sorts, his eyes glowing.

Several seconds later.

"ARGH!" the older Martian screamed as he gripped the sides of his head and then fell face-first to the ground.

"Jonn!" Batman shouted as the others crouched around him.

"Let's get him into the Javelin." Wonder Woman said.

Once they were inside the high-tech jet, Shinji bent over the older Martian and placed his hand on Jonn's forehead.

"What is it?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Some kind of psychic backlash. I'm having trouble getting in." Shinji explained.

"Try harder." Flash said.

Wonder Woman looked pensive.

She knew that Jonn had been training Shinji to control his telepathy, but the lessons required a much longer period of time than he had been given. Jonn was worried that if Shinji pressed too hard, it could be damaging to him. However, she had another friend in distress.

"But not too fast." she cautioned.

Shinji nodded and slowly probed into Jonn's mind.


Shinji blinked the reddish light out of his eyes as he looked around and vast red landscape to one side. But when he turned around he saw walls and buildings. The architecture of which was totally alien to him.

Is this... Mars? Shinji wondered.

He then saw a green-skinned man in a blue cape being lead up a set of stairs by another greenish figure.

He quickly followed until he was standing outside what looked like an apartment complex.

"While you were away, I changed the tactile scheme. Do you like it?" a female voice said.

Shinji looked inside the windows and gasped as he saw Jonn holding his hand out to a strange-looking tree on a table. The tree seemed to glow.

"I have lived amongst unfamiliar surroundings for so long." Jonn said sadly, clenching his fist.

Is this Jonn's home? Before it was destroyed? Shinji wondered as he suddenly heard another set of voices.

"Father! Father!"

Shinji gasped as a pair of younger looking Martians ran towards Jonn, leaping into his arms.

"My dear children!" Jonn cried as he hugged them.

"Are you staying home this time father?" the boy asked.

Jonn looked over at his wife, who just smiled.

"Yes! I am truly home." he smiled as he changed his shape, back from his humanoid Justice League image, to his fully Martian one. He then proceeded to hug his children deeply.

He looks so... happy. Shinji thought, his head suddenly hurting. No. This isn't right. I've got to get him back to the real world! He thought as he burst through the front door. "Jonn!" Shinji shouted as he raced into the room.

"Shinji? What are you doing here?" Jonn asked.

"Jonn, you have to come back with me."

"Why? I'm home."

"But this isn't..."

However, Shinji was cut off when Etrigan suddenly appeared in a blaze of smoke and fire.

"You fool! Only a weak minded simpleton would fall for this illusion!" the demon shouted.

"Etrigan no!" Shinji cried out.

"How dare you violate the sanctity of my home! Leave This Place!" Jonn shouted at the demon.

"Not Without You!" Etrigan shouted back and then tackled the demon into the coffee table.

Jonn's family watched as the pair struggled, making a fine mess of things.

"Jonn! Etrigan! Stop!" Shinji shouted as he tried to break them up, only to get backhanded by their battle. The impact knocked Shinji out of their minds, and unconsciousness into the real world.


"ARGH!" the boy shouted as he was repelled backwards.

"Shinji!" Wonder Woman shouted as she leapt to catch him.

Inside his mind, Jonn's world started to bend and melt away, as if they were liquid themselves.

His home vanished and his family slowly faded away into nothing.

The second it did, Jonn came to reality.

"NO!" he called out.

"Jonn?" Batman asked.

"We thought we lost you, buddy." Flash said.

"Then it was all an illusion." the Martian said sadly as he walked towards the front of the Javelin.

"Perceptive, isn't he?" Etrigan spoke.

"Lay off, gruesome!" Flash snapped.

"Shinji, are you alright?" Wonder Woman asked the younger Martian.

"I'll live." Shinji replied. "Is Jonn alright?"

"I'll ask." she said, leaving Shinji once he was strong enough to sit up right. She walked over to Jonn and tapped his shoulder. "Jonn? Are you alright?"

"Yes, of course. I'll be fine." Jonn replied.

"Did you locate Le Fay?" Batman said.

"No. But I did sense that she hasn't found the stone yet." he answered.

"Thank Hera for that." Wonder Woman said.

"Before she lashed out at me, I heard the words 'Archeologists' and 'Castle'."

"As in, the archeologists who excavated the castle?" Shinji asked. "Castle Branek?"

"It's a start." Batman said.


The Javelin was flying over the countryside, Batman was piloting as the others were running their searches and monitoring their equipment. Jonn and Shinji were in the back seats, while Etrigan hung over the side of the front, staring at Jonn who was looking out the window, and then turned to Batman to speak.

"Don't trust the Martian. He's been tainted by that witch." Etrigan whispered.

"Let us worry about that." Batman whispered back.

"Heed me! She will tap into your deepest desires, then dangle them like a carrot in front of your nose. She will give you everything you dream of, but only until she gets what she wants." he hissed.

"The voice of experience?" the dark knight asked.

"Hmm. Don't say I didn't warn you." the demon replied.

While Shinji sat across from Jonn, he kept thinking back to what he saw in the older Martian's mind.

That was Jonn's home. His family. Mars, before Protex's race destroyed it. Shinji wondered as he sat back in his chair. He really was happy.

Just then Flash located the information.

"Here we go. Castle Branek was excavated shortly after World War II. Only ones left from that dig are... Henry Moss and Harv Hickman. Hmm. That sounds familiar." the speedster mused.

"Shinji!" Batman shouted.

"Sir!" the young Martian snapped to attention.

"Make yourself useful and locate the address of Henry Moss."

"Henry Moss. Yes, Sir." Shinji replied and punched up the computer.

However, Batman had only done that to give Shinji something to do. Wonder Woman or Flash could have easily looked up the information.


With the addresses located, the League decides to split into two groups.

Batman, Jonn and Etrigan went to Henry Moss's house, while Flash, Wonder Woman and Shinji went to see Harv Hickman.

However, when the second team arrived at his mansion, Flash suddenly remembered where he had heard that name before.

"Harv Hickman, the magazine publisher?" the speedster asked.

"Do you know his work?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I, uh... just read it for the articles." he grinned.

It suddenly occurred to Shinji that Wonder Woman didn't know that Hickman was a playboy. This was probably not going to be good.

Looking around he noticed dozens of people, all in costumes.

Time to become invisible. Shinji thought as he became transparent, out of sight and impossible to touch.

"Shinji?" Wonder Woman asked, noticing the boy was gone.

"I'm right here." a voice next to her said.

"Maybe you should go in disguise." she suggested.

"But no one can see me. That's the ultimate disguise." he joked lightly.

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes at the joke, wondering if he had spent any time with Flash lately. While Shinji had no real desire to be seen, as with his encounter with the villains while he was rescuing the League, he also seemed to shy away from every 'normal' person around.

"This could be an opportunity to hone your shape shifting abilities." she said.

"After the last time, I'm in no real rush to do so. I think I'll stay like this, unless I have too." Shinji replied.

"And if you have to?" Flash asked.

"I'll just go as Superman."

"What about as 'the fastest man alive'?"

"You're already here. Two Flash's would be confusing."

"It's a costume party. I'm sure someone will understand."

However, the boy was insistent, so Flash and Wonder Woman let the issue die and moved past the people who were in costume while Shinji silently and invisibly floated behind them.

"Are you on the list?" the bouncer at the door asked.

"This is an emergency. We're with the Justice League." Wonder Woman stated.

The bouncer laughed. "Sure lady. So are they." he said, nodding behind them.

The trio looked back and noticed a few other people dressed up like Superman and Batman. The guy behind them was dressed up in a strange Aquaman outfit, green pants, orange shirt, and a rubber floatie.

Oh, boy. Shinji thought.

"Right." Flash replied sarcastically.

"Now get back in line." the bouncer said as he touched Wonder Woman's shoulder.

Uh-oh! Shinji gasped.

"You stupid, little man!" she said as she grabbed his shirt, hefted him over her head, and tossed him into the bushes.

While the guests cheered, the bouncer was grousing.

"Security! We have a situation!" he shouted.

A trio of men rushed out of the house, blocking the path of the League members.

"This is going to get messy." Flash said, readying himself for a fight.

"Wait!" a voice called out.

The guards parted as an older man with gray hair and glasses in a purple robe stepped out.

This must be Harv Hickman. Shinji thought as the man walked around Wonder Woman, taking in her beauty.

"How can I deny such a goddess?" the man said as he took her right hand and kissed it.

Good lord! It the Kaji of this world! Shinji groaned.

"Come in. Come in." he said smoothly as he pulled Diana into the large mansion.

"I'm with her." Flash said to the bouncers as he went after Wonder Woman.

Shinji followed. I wonder how the others are doing? He thought.

Inside the mansion, the lights and music of Hickman's annual Halloween party played out with dozens of people dressed up in various costumes. Some of whom were up like they were members of the Justice League themselves.

Batman dancing. Better not tell the real one about this. Shinji thought as he noticed one 'Batman' dancing with one 'Harley Quinn'.

"And this is one of my most prized possessions." Hickman said, giving the pair a guided tour of his house and stopping in front of a marble statue. "A genuine Greek..."

"Roman." Wonder Woman interrupted him.

"Excuse me?" he asked in confusion.

"This statue is a Roman copy." she explained, staring at the statue.

"How do you know that?" Hickman asked.

"Trust her on this one. I'm guessing she posed for the original." Flash stated.

"Oh, a model eh?" Hickman grinned.

Shinji shook his head as Wonder Woman gave Flash a confused, almost stunned, look.

The group passes by an indoor pool, surrounded by fake rocks and plants, where a couple of bikini clad girls were splashing water at each other.

"Uh, I've got a fresh lead. Carry on." Flash said as he disappeared quickly.

Great. Two Kajis! Shinji groaned.

Shinji. Diana thought to him.

Yes? He mentally replied.

Scout around and let us know the second Le Fay and her son arrive.

Right. But what about the Stone?

If Hickman has it, I'll just let him lead me to it.

Right. On my way. He mentally said as he floated off.

At least I can count on Shinji to do his job. She thought as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"I have the power to jump start your career, babe. But I'm guessing you already knew that." Hickman said to her.

She smiled. "And what is the source of your power? Some kind of crystal? Or stone?" she asked, trailing her finger along his chin.

"How did you guess?" he grinned back.

"I'd love to see your stone, Mr Hickman." she said seductively.

"P-Please, call me Harv."

As the pair walked on, Shinji just grinned.

So she can turn on the charm when she wants to. He thought, the image reminding him of Misato.

Shinji hovered around the party for a couple minutes until a sudden mental flash caught his attention.

She's here! He gasped and flew back to Hickman's room.


(Hickman's room)

Wonder Woman was lead into Hickman's private bedroom, where she saw the Philosophers Stone mounted on a pedestal behind the pillow on his bed. He had just finished telling Wonder Woman how he had found it at Castle Branek and what it had done for him.

"Let me understand this. You possess the most powerful object in the world, yet all you wish for is money and women?" Wonder Woman asked.

"What else is there? Rrrouw!" Hickman growled like a cat.

Diana! She's here! Shinji telepathy reaching Wonder Woman the second before a strong rumbling caught both her and Hickman's attention.

A fierce wind storm blew the pair into the corner of the room as Morgaine and Mordred floated in. They were both dressed elaborately, like they were going to a Medieval Faire. Morgaine in purplish robes with a golden chest plate, golden mask and headdress, Mordred in a blue cloak and tunic with long sleeves. Her hair was raven black, while his was short blond.

"At last. My quest is over. The stone is mine!" the elaborately garbed woman said.

"Not Yet!" Wonder Woman shouted as she flew over and grabbed the stone from Hickman's bed.

"Give that to me!" Morgaine shouted, firing bolts of energy at the fleeing amazon.

She continued dodging Morgaine's energy blasts as Shinji flew into the room.

"What? Who are you?" Mordred asked as the green-skinned teenager made his presence known.

"Kid Mars!" Shinji shouted as he raced past the blond haired boy and shifted his density to repel Morgaine's energy blast. But barely. "Diana! Run! Get the stone out of here!"

Morgaine intensified her blast, tossing Shinji backwards through the wall on the far side.

"Shinji!" Wonder Woman shouted.

Morgaine fired again, destroying a painting.

"My Neimen!" Hickman cried out.

Morgaine looked at him and blasted him with a bolt of energy from her eyes.

Wonder Woman just looked at Hickman as his body changed, into that of a giant worm.

Ohhhhh... that... hurt! Shinji groaned as he got back up and slowly tried to move back into the mansion.


"Superman? Yeah, he's a close personal friend." Flash said to the ladies, but was suddenly cut off by a loud rumbling.


Wonder Woman flew into the pool room and slammed into another set of fake rocks as the giant worm headed towards the party.

"Excuse me, ladies!" Flash said as he raced over to Wonder Woman. "Are you alright?"

"Morgaine's here!" she cried.

"Yeah, I kinda gathered that." he said, looking at the hole the giant worm had made.


Shinji regained as much strength as he could and followed the loudest sounds he could. The sounds of people screaming.

"Sorry, Harv!" Diana said as she flew at the giant worm and started pummeling it.

The amazon princess was so distracted that she failed to notice Morgaine was levitating the stone out of her belt and towards her hands.

"I've got to help her." Shinji stated.


"ARGH!" he cried out as he was tossed to the ground.

"You've got your own problems to deal with, boy!" Mordred said as he glared at the green boy.

"Says... you." Shinji groaned as he stood up groggily.

"This is rather appropriate. Children fighting children."

"Too bad there isn't a playground nearby." Shinji groaned.

"I think a graveyard would be more appropriate." he said as he fired and energy blast from his hands.

Shinji was able to dodge the first blast, but caught the second in his chest.

"Argh!" he shouted, slamming hard against the wall.

"That wasn't very entertaining." Mordred said as he turned back to his mother.

Fortunately for himself he arrived late to see his mother get blasted by a newly arrived Etrigan. The demon then started shouting at the League.

"Get the Stone as far away from Le Fay as you can! I'll handle the witch!" Etrigan said.

"Horn heads right. Go!" Flash shouted at Wonder Woman.

"Alright. But you get these people away from here."

"Got it!" the speedster shouted.

"Don't stop for anything!" the demon cried to the amazon.

"Shinji? Are you alright?" Flash asked the young Martian.

"Where's... Mordred?" Shinji huffed, his fist clenched.

"No time to scrap, junior." the man said as he lifted Shinji into his arms and quickly carried him out.

"Wait here. I'm going back." he said, propping Shinji against a tree far from Hickman's mansion.

"Right." Shinji nodded.

Seconds later he saw Flash running out of the mansion, with a cranky demon on his back.

"What are you doing?" Etrigan growled.

"You can thank me later!" Flash replied.

He picked up Shinji on the way out and headed as far away as he could to await pick-up.


(Later in the Watchtower...)

Hello ceiling. Shinji thought as he tried to sit up.

"Shinji! How are you feeling?" Diana asked as the amazon went over to his bed.

"Better now. The Stone?" he asked, trying to keep his focus.

"In a special vault Batman designed."

"Le Fay? Mordred?"


"What about Jonn?"

"Jonn? How did you..."

He looked at her, his expression telling her he had used his telepathy to sense Jonn's feelings.

"Oh. Right. Sorry."

That's my line. "How is he?"

"He seems... distant."

"Le Fay did something to him. Offered him something... precious."

"Precious? What?"

"His family."

Diana's eyes widened.

(Diana! Can you come down to the hanger?) Batman said over the comm.

"I'll be right down." she said. "Will you be alight?" she asked Shinji.

"Sure. I'll be down later to help you." Shinji said.

Diana smiled as headed out.

After she was gone, Shinji thought about Jonn, seeing in his mind that he was on the upper deck of the Watchtower, with the large windows that looked out into space. Specifically, in the direction of the planet Mars.

I know what it's like to miss your home... your family. Shinji thought sadly. It must be harder on him though. He lost his entire family centuries ago. I only lost mine... a decade ago.

Though Shinji was told that he had been in the red stasis pod for centuries, he was unaware of that much time passing while he slept.

Suddenly, the lights flickered. Shinji's mind tingled at the fact that something was wrong.

"Something's here!" he gasped and quickly flew down to the hanger.


Shinji arrived as a group of inhuman, almost demonic, warriors emerged from the darkness. All of them looking like ugly clay and stone figures brought to life.

"Hey, who turned out the lights?" Flash asked, arriving late as usual.

"They did!" Shinji pointed to the warriors.

Flash looked over at the slowly advancing warriors, obviously sent by Le Fay. "Yikes!"

The warriors attacked and the League fought back.

Etrigan fired a heat blast that destroyed several of them.

Batman used his bolos to trip up a couple of them.

Wonder Woman blocked the sword strike of one warrior and punched him back, sending him flying towards the Javelin 7.

Flash evaded several of their attacks, until he was caught by the ones he didn't notice right away.

Shinji became intangible, causing two of the inhuman warriors to knock each other out.

However, the warriors persisted.

"A little help here!" Flash shouted.

Wonder Woman flew in and knocked them back.

"Thanks." he replied.

Shinji grabbed one of the large metal containers and hurled it at the warriors, knocking down several of them.

However, that didn't deter them one bit.

"They're relentless." Shinji stated.

"They'd have to be, with no free will of their own." Batman said.

"Where's Jonn?" Wonder Woman asked as she punched another warrior back.

However, Jonn was being manipulated by Morgaine Le Fay, pretending to be his wife, and using him to bring the stone to him as well.


"How many of these things are there?" Flash asked as he ran around the room punching left and right at the endless stream of warriors, the fighting leading up to in the Watchtower Control Room.

Shinji was bending and twisting his body to avoid the swords and axes that were hurled at him.

Wonder Woman kept punching, Batman kept kicking, but the warriors still came.

The heroes continued to fight back, the battle becoming close to monotonous as the heroes continued to fight the seemingly endless horde in their control room.

"Flash! We need a maelstrom!" Etrigan suddenly shouted.

"A what?" the speedster asked as he decked another demon warrior.

"A whirlwind! Run fast! Now!" he shouted, both Batman and Wonder Woman caught by the demon horde.

"Right!" Flash said, quickly dashing around the control room while Etrigan powered up his spell.

"By the cold heart of Hela! I command you... FREEZE!" he shouted, beams of ice shooting from his hands and covering the demons. "Faster! FASTER!" he commanded.

"Shinji! Help Me Out!" the scarlet speedster shouted.

"On It!" the young Martian replied as he ran in synch with Shinji as Etrigan's ice spell continued to cover all of the warriors.

The pair combined their speeds, the young Martian running around opposite of Flash, yet both able to keep perfect speed. This velocity caused the frozen warriors to all explode in a hail of ice shards.

Within second, the warriors were beaten, and Shinji and Flash ceased their accelerated pace.

"That was a real pain in the butt." Flash said as he picked an ice shard out of his rear end.

"Is everyone alright?" Shinji asked, staring at the ice/debris covered control room.

"We're fine. But has anyone seen Jonn?" Wonder Woman said.

"Spread out and search every deck." Batman said.

"Don't bother. The Martian's gone, and so is the stone." Etrigan said.


Unfortunately, like Etrigan said, the vault where the League had placed the Stone, was empty.

"You stupid, ignorant, pathetic excuses for heroes!" Etrigan growled as he paced angrily back and forth.

"It can't be." Wonder Woman gasped.

"Oh really, your highness! Take another look." Etrigan spat at the amazon. "I've pursued that witch for centuries. Yet you blindly ignored my warnings and doomed the world!"

"Enough!" she cried, slapping the demon hard in the face. SLAP!

"The truth hurts, doesn't it princess?" he hissed, rubbing his jaw.

"Why don't you go straight to..."

"More bad news." Flash interrupted. "The Javelin's gone, and Jonn's access code it still punched into the hanger controls."

"Any more questions?" the demon asked.

Wonder Woman went over to the communicator and tried to reach Jonn.

"Watchtower to Javelin 7. Come in Javelin 7. Jonn, if you're there, answer! Please, Jonn!" she said into the mic.

There was nothing but static, until the line went dead.

"He's turned off the com-link." she said.

"He belongs to Le Fay now." Etrigan said.

"We'll stop him. I promise." Flash said.

"Like you promised to protect the stone?" Etrigan mocked.

"We'll do whatever it takes, Etrigan." Batman declared.

"Are you saying you're prepared to take out one of your own?"

"I repeat: Whatever It Takes!"

"Listen, isn't this kind of academic? We're stranded here, remember?" Flash remarked.

"Maybe not. Shinji! Can you get a lock on Jonn?" the dark knight asked.

"Of course. But I can't get through to him." Shinji said.

"We just need to locate him."

Shinji simply nodded and focused his mind.


Back in London, Morgaine had finished casting her spell to transform the city into her son's new kingdom.

"With the Stone's infinite power, I can make this spell last... forever." she said to her son as he sat upon his new throne.

Suddenly, the pair's attention was caught by the arrival of the Javelin, and their delivery boy.

"And now the final piece arrives." she said as Jonn flew out of the ship and landed right in front of them. "Come forth my noble knight!" Morgaine said as she held out her hand to receive the power of the Philosophers Stone.

Jonn stepped up to the sorceress, his own hand holding the prize.

Suddenly, an energy portal exploded open between him, Le Fay and her son, as five figures emerged from it.

"DING! Fifth Floor! Sporting goods! Hardware! Evil Sorceresses!" Flash joked as Batman attacked by throwing a batarang to Le Fay's face, only to have her magic shield stop it.

Etrigan grabbed Batman and pulled him aside. Wonder Woman blacked Le Fay's attack, but was knocked into Flash. Shinji dodged another attack and ducked behind a stone pillar.

Etrigan knocked Jonn back and threw up a force field around Le Fay.

The sorceress countered with her own magic, and eviscerated the shield.

Mordred moved towards his mother as his own hands glowed with power.

Wonder Woman and Flash dodged his energy blast.

"Get out of my castle!" Mordred shouted as he fired another energy blast.

"Whoa! The kid's got chops too!" Flash exclaimed as he fell behind a stone pillar.

"The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Wonder Woman said.

"Imbecile! That harpy has you charmed! She'll never give you what you want!" Etrigan shouted as he tried to strangle Jonn.

"Stand aside, demon!" Jonn growled as he punched Etrigan hard in the face.

Etrigan fell back, but forced himself to get up. He lunged at Jonn, knocking him into the wall and punching him twice in the face, the Martian falling to his knees and dropping the Stone.

"She has promised to use the Stone's power to restore Mars." Jonn declared to the demon.

"All honey and lies. Your reward will be an eternal purgatory for you and this world." Etrigan spat as he now held the rectangular Stone.

"I don't care! This is my last chance for happiness. My last chance to embrace by family!" he groaned out as if in a desperate plea.

"You'll embrace them again. After the worms devour your bones!" the demon shouted, throwing his fist forward to beat the Martian man again.

Quickly, Jonn solidified his body to hard as diamond, Etrigan's fist slamming and nearly breaking against the ultra-hard surface. Jonn quickly changed and struck back at Etrigan, knocking him down.

"I'll not be denied!" he shouted, kicking Etrigan away as he retrieved the Stone.

"Yield! Or suffer my unending wrath!" Morgaine shouted as she continued to fire energy bolts the amazon princess, who was able to deflect the bolts with her bracelets.

Batman was fighting Mordred's throne that he had turned into a freakish monster, quickly managing to toss it over the parapets of the castle itself.

Flash dodged another energy blast from Mordred, the beam nearly crippling him in the attempt.

"Little pipsqueak! I'm gonna.." Flash groaned as he prepared to rush the boy, only to have Shinji stop him.

"No." Kid Mars said, placing a hand on Flash's shoulder.

"What?" he gasped.

"He's mine." the young Martian growled.

"Are you sure?" the speedster asked.

"Children deserve children." he stated.

"Right." Flash quickly agreed and rushed to help his teammates take Morgaine.

Morgaine quickly found herself attempting to stay off Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, while Jonn battled against the ever persistent and pissed-off Etrigan. Mordred was about to help, when a voice called his name.


The kid sorcerer looked at the young Martian, walking towards him.

"I challenge you to single combat!"

"What? No!" Morgaine shouted as she saw the boy near her son, she threw out an energy wave that knocked the trio of heroes on their rear ends.

"What's wrong, Le Fay? If your son is too weak to accept my challenge, then he isn't fit to rule this false kingdom!" Kid Mars shouted, never taking his eyes of Mordred.

"Why You Impudent...!" the sorceress shouted as she prepared to blast him.

"Mother, Stop!" Mordred suddenly shouted, holding up his hand.

"What?" she gasped.

"I accept your challenge!" Mordred said to the Martian boy.

"Mordred, Wait!" his mother called out.

"No. He's right. A true king faces his enemies on the battlefield." he said to his mother, then turned to Kid Mars. "And I will prove I am worthy to be king!" he said as he drew his sword.

"Then bring it, you spoiled brat!" Kid Mars shouted as he prepared to fight.

"I will defeat you!" Mordred shouted as he swung at Shinji, the Martian boy easily dodging the blade as the magic child persisted in his advance. "Stand and fight!"

Shinji turned intangible, the blade passing through him.

"What?" Mordred gasped.

Shinji became tangible, shooting forward and throwing an open-palm strike to the boy sorcerers face that knocked him back.

"If you insist." Kid Mars grinned.

Mordred spun around and fired an energy blast at Shinji, the Martian boy's eyes glowed red as his own energy beams exploded from his eyes and clashed against the magical beams.

The pair struggled against each other until their beams exploded, sending the pair backwards.

"That didn't solve anything." Kid Mars said.

"I guess we'll have to settle this another way." Mordred huffed.

"Guess so."

Across the way, Morgaine blasted the League again with a stronger energy bolt, knocking them unconscious, then turned to watched the Martian boy dodged all of Mordred's attacks and then rushed forward at super speed to punch him hard in the face, sending him flying across the room and landing right where his throne had been.

The boy sorcerer groaned as he sat up, only to have the Martian boy instantly appear behind him.

"Give up yet?" Shinji asked.

"Hardly." Mordred grinned.

Suddenly... ZAP!

"ARGH!" Shinji cried out as he was thrown across the room.

Mordred grinned as Morgaine stepped up beside him.

"Every son should have a mother like her." Mordred grinned widely.

"That's... cheating." Shinji said weakly as he tried to stand up.

"You're just saying that because you're all alone." Morgaine said.

Yes, I am. He thought sadly as both Mordred and Morgaine blasted him with energy, knocking him across the room and into unconsciousness.

Out of the corner of his mind, Jonn felt Shinji's sadness and loneliness creep in. He was unable to go to Shinji, as Etrigan fired another heat blast at him.

"Stand and fight blast you!" Etrigan shouted as he fired another fire bolt at the Martian.

"Nothing will keep me from my loved ones!" Jonn shouted as he grabbed Etrigan's head and used his telepathic powers to flood the demons mind with his own thoughts.

However, within the demon's mind, Jonn saw the fate that had befallen Jason Blood centuries ago, how he betrayed Camelot for Morgaine, and was betrayed by Morgaine, then cursed by Merlin to be bonded to the demon called Etrigan until his crime was atoned for.

Etrigan crumbled to the floor in total fatigue. As Jonn picked up the Stone, Etrigan vanished and was replaced by Jason Blood. He looked over and saw Shinji's unconscious form also lying on the floor.

"The Stone. Give it to me." Morgaine said.

Jonn carried the Stone towards Morgaine, holding it out to the masked sorceress. However, before she could take hold of it, Jonn's hands flexed and crushed the Philosophers Stone into gravel.

"What have you done?" Morgaine gasped as Mordred knelt at the shattered pieces of the Stone. "You could have had anything you dreamed of. Your family, your world, could have been yours again."

"The price was too high. I see that now. You can no longer tempt me." Jonn said solemnly.

"Have we lost, mother?" Mordred asked, clutching the sorceresses hand.

"Only this battle, my son. Not the war." she said, lifting her hands and teleporting the pair away in a flash of light and smoke.

Within a mere scant of seconds, everything that Morgaine had created, the spell and illusions of the reborn Camelot, vanished, leaving only modern-day London in it's place.

The League woke in time to see the amazing changes take place, racing out into the streets as the last of Morgaine's magic disappeared.

"It's over." Batman said as midnight finally passed.

"My friends, I have failed you. In my yearning for my old family, I almost lost my new one. Please accept my humble apology, and my resignation from the Justice League." Jonn said to the shocked League as he turned and started walking away.

"Resignation?" Flash asked.

"Jonn!" Shinji cried out to the man.

"Wait. The demon was wrong about you, Martian. You redeemed yourself here today." Jason said.

"Did I?" Jonn asked in sad disbelief.

"Yeah, who knew? Underneath that goofy green skin I guess you're human after all." Flash grinned.

Shinji cocked an eyebrow as he stared at the speedster.

"Uh... present company included?" he grinned.

"I only wish I'd had your strength centuries ago. But I'm still cursed, and must walk alone throughout eternity." Jason said grimly as he walked past the Martian.

"Poor man. May he someday find the peace he seeks." Jonn said as Jason's image faded into the London night.

"Indeed. However, there is the matter of your resignation." Wonder Woman said to the Martian.

"My actions have warranted it." he replied.

"But by destroying the Stone, you did redeem yourself." Batman said.

"And we still need someone to teach Shinji how to be a real Martian." Flash said.

Jonn looked back and noticed the young Martian just standing there, eagerly awaiting his reply.

"I suppose that's true." Jonn replied, but not smiling.

This at least earned a smile from the group.

Sans Batman of course.


(Hours later, back at the Watchtower)

"Shinji, you're awake." Jonn said as the younger Martian stepped onto the control platform.

"I've slept enough for one night." Shinji replied.

"You seem... upset." Jonn noticed.

"I was just thinking about my fight with Mordred." he mused.

"You mean... how you would have won, had Le Fay not interfered."

"I think Mordred knows that. I wonder if it's burning him up inside."

"I doubt it. He's too much like his mother." Jonn surmised.

"Guess so." Shinji agreed.

The pair stood in silence for several minutes, just watching the cameras and staring out into space. Literally. Until Shinji spoke up.

"Jonn? Can I ask you for a favor?" Shinji asked, finally mustering his courage to do so.

"What Shinji?" Jonn said, looking at the boy.

"Well... I know this might sound like... what I mean is... I was wondering if..."

Jonn waited patiently for Shinji to finish.

The boys heart was pounding like a jackhammer. His nervousness apparent, his mind played out the possibility that Jonn very well could reject this idea. Still... at least he would know.

Sigh. "What I'm trying to say is... we've both lost our families. I've lost my parents, you've lost your wife and children. And... since I'm a Martian now..."

Jonn's eyes widened as he looked at the boy, realizing where this was going. "You want me to... adopt you?"

"Well... yes."

Despite everything they had just been through recently, he was shocked that Shinji was actually asking him this. However, he didn't reject the proposal right away as Shinji continued to speak.

"I mean... you've been better to me than my original father. And I know you loved your family so much you were willing to do anything, even sell your soul, to get them back. Like Jason said, that's not a weakness. And you really are the only one who'd actually be appropriate. Right?" Shinji asked.

Jonn smiled at that. "I suppose so." then his expression returned to normal. "I haven't been a father for centuries. My wife My'ria'h died along with my children K'ymm and K'yrl. Morgaine Le Fay used my memories of Mars to aid her in accomplishing her own goals. She offered me my world and my family. And it was nothing but a lie."

Shinji looked down, as if the words of rejection had already passed through his ears.

Until he felt Jonn place a hand on his shoulder.

"But this, right here, I know to be true. The past cannot be changed. But a new life can be made." he heard Jonn say.

"Then... do you mean..." he said, not daring to hope.

"You have many good qualities within you, Shinji Ikari. Had Mars not been destroyed, I'm sure you would have made a fine Martian. And you have made me proud as well in your actions these past months. For this and other reasons, I see no reason for us to be alone in this universe."

"Do.. Do you mean it?" he gasped, his heart rising like a rocket.

"If you will have me." the older Martian said with a smile.

Shinji's eyes watered as he threw himself against the older Martian, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you." he cried. "Father."

Jonn hugged the boy back. No. Thank you, my son.

Off to the side of the Watchtower, the other League members just stared at the pair and smiled.

"That's kinda sweet." Hawkgirl said.

"Really." Flash said.

"And now Jonn isn't completely alone in the universe." Wonder Woman said.

"But he wasn't. He had us." Superman stated.

"True. But you at least have a younger cousin around, so you aren't the last Kryptonian. And now Jonn has a new son who he can relate to better than us." Green Lantern said.

"Yeah. Now all we have to do is find another Thanagarian for Hawkgirl to play with." Flash grinned. "Then maybe she won't be so cranky."

The red haired woman glared. "Why you!" she growled and hefted her mace.

"Hey! Watch it!" he shouted as the avian heroine began chasing the speedster.

"I'll show you cranky!" she shouted, swinging her energized mace.

Jonn and Shinji looked over at the antics of the League.

"We have a pretty unique family, don't we?" Shinji asked his new father.

"Yes, we do." Jonn said with a smile, his hand resting on Shinji's shoulder.



Author's Notes:

Hope everyone enjoyed this last chapter of 'Second Son of Mars.'

Just so everyone knows, My'ria'h is the name of Jonn's wife from the animated series. The name K'ymm, Jonn's daughter, I got from Wikepedia. The name K'yrl I just made up for Jonn's son.

Just so people know, this last chapter was based almost entirely on the two-part episode 'A Knight With Shadows' from the First Season. I chose to end it here, because Shinji and Jonn have elected to become a true father and son pair, after the usual pain and strife that Shinji usually goes through. Any future continuations of Shinji's life as a Martian will be up for debate.

Hope no one minds, but as I said earlier, I wanted to do a different kind of Eva/Justice League story. And with any luck I succeeded.

Again, hope everyone liked this, and hope they drop me a review about my latest piece of work.