Aquarelle/Aviviavai on livejournal was offering the drabble/drawble idea again. So I couldn't say no on coming up with something, especially since she wanted RenRuki based on their Academy Days.

I guess the idea behind what I wrote is the beginning to when Renji got the idea to start wearing the bandanna around his head (besides, I'm sure that is much cheaper to use than wasting $ on those glasses).

To see the actual doodle for the fic, go to my bio and click on "Becks Closet" lj link. You'll see the fic posted there and the art is at the bottom of the story.

Thank you to all who have reviewed or fav'ed my RenRuki fics. It makes me feel good as a writer and helps motivate me more to write as much as I can for my fav. pairing.

Title: Painful Loving Care
Author: Beck
Artist: Avi
Pairings or characters used: Renji/Rukia
Notes: Takes place during their Academy Days
Warnings: None really, just kinda sweet and the usual RenRuki banter
Disclaimer: I don't see my name on the series.


Rukia couldn't help but sigh in frustration and fret over the situation she'd been put in.

"Quit sighing so much." Renji sat as still as he could for her, except for the times when the area she was touching made him flinch and squirm a bit.

"Hold still damn it! Ya know, we wouldn't be in this predicament if someone wouldn't sleep in trees and fall out of them. I just hope this doesn't make us too late for class."

Renji watched her reach into her uniform and pull out a white strip of cloth, probably her handkerchief. "I hope that's clean."

"No, it's not," Rukia replied sarcastically. She raised her hand to smack the non-injured side of his head. "Of course it is stupid! Though with what you're putting me through, I wish it were full of snot.

And besides, it'll help cover your new markings, weirdo."

He heard the hint of amusement in her voice and retorted back in the same demeanor. "If I had to choose between wearing a girl's handkerchief around my head or show off my new markings, I think I'd rather walk around as a freak with my tattoos in full view. Better than to have something so obvious short of saying 'Hey everyone! I'm a complete klutz!' when I have a wrapping around my head."

Rukia coughed and muttered under her breath discreetly. "Can't fight the truth."

Renji tried to turn to ask what she had said, but was prevented from doing so when she started to wrap the cloth around his head. But before she finished, she lightly kissed the edge of one of his markings. Whatever he'd wanted to tell her flew completely from his thoughts when he felt the cool pressure of her lips brushing against his temple.

With his mouth agape, Rukia took the opportunity to tighten the knot of the wrapping to where the only word that he could muster was in pain.


Rukia bent to pick up her books, then hooked her arm under Renji's elbow and hauled him to his feet.

"Come on. We wasted enough time as it is. If we hurry, we can try and make it to our 2nd class on time."

As they both set off on a sprint to the academy, he stayed a few steps behind her so he could hide the goofy smile that was on his face. It'd give her too much ammo to use against him whenever she wanted to embarrass him. If that's how it was going to be, maybe wearing a bandanna around his head from time to time wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.