Edward's Next Top Girlfriend

I was contemplating my designer wardrobe, trying to decide what I should wear for my first day of Forks High. I grabbed my comfiest looking pair of jeans and a white lacy tank with a pink long sleeve sweater. Satisfied with my outfit I carefully walked down the spiral staircase willing myself not to fall.

After a few minutes of walking around I finally found the kitchen. It was humongous! Its marble countertops, stainless steal appliances, and newest technology scared the living day lights out of me.

This rich new life style was going to take some getting used to. I mean, I have lived in a tiny little apartment in Paris with my mom all my life, which amounts to small rooms, small refrigerator, and small everything else. Mom has struggled with cancer for several years now. When it took a turn for the worst I called my father in desperation. Of course he was more than willing to let both of us move right in. He obviously still loves my mother with all of his heart.

I wondered if my mom and I would ever get to go back to Paris. I've been home schooled my entire life. How was I supposed to get along with all the kids at Forks High? They have been living a glamorous life since they were born, what with there famous parents. I just recently found out that my father is a famous director! I bet all of the kids at school are just going to try and cozy on up, just hoping to get a part in one of my dad's many movies.

My dad's chef snapped me out of my thoughts. "Miss Swan, what can I make for you today?" he asked. He then preceded to name off several dishes I didn't even recognize.

In a small voice I asked "Can I have a Pop Tart?"

"Of course." And off he went to retrieve the Pop Tart.

In just moments he appeared with two pop tarts arranged on a plate. "Is there anything else I can get you, Isabella?"

"No, thank you. But could you call me Bella?"

"Of course Miss, I mean Bella." He made a small bow like I was royalty and went off.

What was with that bow? I finished the Pop Tart and headed off in the direction I thought lead to the front door.

Turning a corner I slammed into Charlie, also known as dad. Stumbling, we fell to the floor. Embarrassed I started to apologize immediately, "Oh my gosh Char-Dad. I am so sorry!" Oops almost major slip up on the name!

"I'm fine Bella, just fine. I wanted to give you your school bag and wish you good luck."

I looked at my bag and noticed the top of the new Apple laptop! "Thank you so much!"

Charlie smiled, pleased. "Also, I wanted to tell you that the limo is waiting outside the front door when you're ready to go."

"Limo? To go to school in? I usually walk to school Dad." He looked hurt as the last sentence fell from my lips. "Oh, okay that sounds good, I mean. Really good, actually. Thanks Dad." Determinedly I walked outside to meet my fate.

I glanced into the mirror one last time before stepping out of the car. My light brown hair fell in gentle curls around my heart shaped face. My brown eyes were flaked with purple and gold. I loved my eyes. If I had to give away all of my traits but one, I would keep my eyes.

I hoisted my slender legs out of the car first. Forks High looked intimidating. Sighing, I walked into my new school.

I shouldn't have been shocked, considering the amazing landscape job that surrounded the expensive looking school. But honestly! The marbled floors were glossed and the walls had intricate designs on them. You could tell this school had been designed by a true professional.

Groups of people were cluttered around the foyer talking. There was a group of five extremely beautiful people chatting animatedly with the many people around them.

Not wanting to linger long I walked up to the first person I saw. "Um, hello. Can you tell me were the front office is?"

Looking me up and down, he smiled. "Of course, come with me. By the way I'm Mike Newton and if you need help with anything else just ask." He said with a wink.

Suppressing a shudder I followed him.

A few minuets later I was at the door of my first period class.

Taking my hand, Mike leaned down and kissed it. "It was lovely talking to you today Bella. I would just love to get to know you better. Here is my number, don't hesitate to call."

Why would I want to call you? Uh! I moaned silently. Then, trying to be polite I said, "Thanks for helping me but I should really get to class now." With that I turned on the spot and went into Biology.

(Edward POV)

Suddenly a breeze wafted in. I smelled the most delectable scent I have ever smelt in my life. Looking up my jaw dropped open.

The most beautiful creature I have ever seen (and trust me I've seen a lot!) walked through the doors.

If I hadn't been immune to human blood for several years beforehand, I probably would have drunk her blood right there and then. On the contrary it just made me more attracted to her. All the sudden I vowed I would do everything in my power to make her fall in love with me!

After all, I had wooed many of the famous models, actresses, and singers with no problem. Why would she be any different?

Only then did I realize my jaw was still open. I quickly scanned the room and saw that most of the boys had similar responses to me and all the girls thoughts were filled with envy for the new girl. 'Why does she have to be so pretty? Now none of the boys will take a second look at my nose job.' 'She looks like a model. How am I supposed to compete with that?' 'I'm not going to let Edward even see her!'

Then hoping to get the new girl to sit by me I leaned over to Lauren. "Lauren, I heard that Tyler wanted to talk to you before class."

Beaming she said "Well I'll go talk to him for just a moment. That's okay with you, right?" She batted her eyelashes hoping that I'd say no. To bad Tyler really didn't want to talk to her.

With a quick nod of my head she scowled and walked out the door. I quickly moved her stuff next to Eric making the seat next to me the only one left in the class.

Satisfied I leaned back and waited for her to come.

(Bella POV)

I walked over to the teacher's desk and gave him my slip. "Hi I'm Bella Swan and I'm new here."

"Pick a seat. Keep in mind that whoever you sit by will be your lab partner for the rest of this school year."

I realized that there was only one seat left, so much for choices. But I certainly wasn't disappointed. It was right next to an incredibly gorgeous guy! I happily sat down. "Hi, my name is Bella. And yours is?"

"Edward." His silky voice replied. Then he swept one of my silky strands of hair back to my ear.

I turned bright red and quickly turned to face the front of the room. His touch still lingered on my skin. How could he affect me so quickly?

After a few moments a girl entered the class room. She walked right up to me looking extremely angry. "Get out of my seat now!"

I started gathering my stuff to move when I heard Edwards voice. "Lauren, she is sitting here from now on. Anyways, I thought that you wanted to sit by Eric."

"Oh fine!" With one last glare at me she stomped off to Eric's table.

Edward leaned over to me and said, "Bella I am so sorry about that. Though I would prefer you any day." With that he winked.

Class flew by and before I knew it, it was over. Gathering up my stuff I headed for the door.

Just then I heard Lauren's voice calling my name, "Bella, wait up please." She smiled all the way up to me then when she was to close enough that no one else would hear her she threatened, "Stay away from Edward. He's all mine. If I catch you flirting with him or even talking to him, you will wish you never lived." With that she smiled and walked off.

Scared about what just happened I walked quickly out of the room vowing not to get involved with Edward no matter what.