Still heavy with sleep, Tenten struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Ugh, what time is it?"

After a couple of minutes of trying to spot her alarm clock from her position in bed, it suddenly became clear to Tenten that she was in fact not in her room. Alarmed, her eyes widened ass she began to take in her surroundings.

"Wha? Neji's room? She mumbled, the place registering in her mind, and comforting her slightly to know that she was somewhere known and safe.

But followed by this revelation were three more pressing matters.

She was naked.

A certain Hyuga prodigy was asleep and using her stomach as a pillow.

And finally

It's 7:47 and she agreed to meet her temporary teammates at the gates at 8:15 to start their mission.


Tenten tried to sit up only to have Neji push her back down and snuggle closer into her warmth, his grip around her hips tightening.

"I don't know how we ended up like this, and it's not like I don't mind, but get off me Neji!" She received no response.

"Your such an ass!" She screamed, shaking him by the shoulders.

"Why do you have to be such a deep sleeper?!"

Frustrated, Tenten pried open his arms, and even managed to roll Neji off of her. She had just swung her legs off the bed and was about to get up when Neji suddenly flopped back onto Tenten causing her to emit a small squeak of surprise. Again he latched onto her form and forced her back down onto the bed; however, this time instead of her stomach he was burrowing his face into her chest.

Tenten blushed horribly and just lay there with her arms slightly raised shocked and not knowing what to do. She took this time to glance over at the clock and realized that she was running out of time. Putting her hands on his arms, she gently pushed down on them all the while shimmying her body upwards. It seemed to be working, and Tenten couldn't help but smile as she managed to move Neji down to her hips.

But now she had the one place that she knew would prove to be difficult: her butt. Unlike the other kunoichis her age, she had one, and it was going to be difficult to slid Neji's arms down over it. She hesitated for a moment, but one glance at the clock was all that she needed for motivation. She shimmied, wiggled, squirmed, pushed; she did everything she could think of to get his circled arms over her voluptuous bottom. Had she not been so focused on her task, she might have felt the teasing smile against her skin.

Tenten was panting from her efforts and took a moment to rest; that is until she noticed just where Neji's head was now.

Blushing, she hurriedly crawled out of his embrace then proceeded to double over still on her knees clutching the sheets as she caught her breath for a minute. Finally she stood and begun to walk around the room collecting her clothes and other personal items that littered the floor.

Once fully clothed, she turned back to the still sleeping Hyuga crotched down low beside the bed. She smiled softly at his appearance for he was still sleeping on his stomach with his head turned to the side towards her, and the sheets covering him were pooled around his hips and scrunched up so that she could see his calves. She leaned down quietly next to his ear.

"Good bye Neji. I'll see you when I get back." Then she gave him a sweet kiss on the lips and hurried towards the door.

"And the next time you have an early mission, I'll make sure to keep you up all night. Pompous ass." And with that she slid out the door, running to her apartment to gather some last minute things she would need for the mission.

Hyuga Neji smirked.

"Love you too, Tenten."