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010 : Dominance

Rating : PG-13

Theme : 13. A First

September 18, 2007

The first time that it happened, it was quick, bloody, and painful for her.

He should've known that she'd be up for a second round almost immediately, claiming that the first try was always practice and that she knew she would be better the second time around.

He knew exactly what buttons to push to evoke emotional outbursts from her, what moves to make, but somehow she always managed to dominate him in the situation. Always. She would always be the victor, especially if he had anything to say about it. He secretly loved watching her scream when she finished him off; she was so elated, so happy... and that's what mattered most: making her feel good about herself. If he had to play her punching bag, so be it.

They started going at it again, quicker than before, with hushed murmurs and sharp hisses at every action. He swore she almost bit him once, in the heat of the moment, but he wasn't all that sure, to be honest. Being in the zone while he was with her was something he achieved with great pride, and the only way he could be snapped out of it was if she...

"Danny, you're not doing this hard enough, it's too easy..." she spoke in a sultry voice, pushing more of her weight against him as they stayed on the couch of his living room.

Their bodies maneuvered and danced around each other as they strove to win the battle of the sexes, one considerably stronger than the other. Every so often, Danny would grunt as he pushed further, moving higher up on his knees to get a better view of Sam, a better view of what she was going to do next.

Though, if she made one wrong move...

"Yes, I win! Finally!" he jumped up, pumping his fists in the air in excitement.

She pouted, "I was going easy on you. I would have won if I really tried, you know. I thought you deserved to win at least one round."

"I won the first round," he said, giving her a pout as he put his dark blue PlayStation controller in his lap.

"The first round was practice," she replied, putting her controller down as well. "With Tekken, you always need to warm up first after not playing for a while."

"Fine. But next round... next round, loser has to... has to..." he struggled to come up with an adequate bet to tantalize Sam with, but she had other things in mind.

"Loser has to..." she finished her sentence by whispering it in his ear, then backing up slightly to look at him for his reaction.

"That makes me want to lose, though," he said, a torn expression on his face.

"It's a win-win situation," she replied simply, her smile widening at his obvious excitement.

"I'm game. Get ready to scream my name as I bring you to your knees–" thinking about what he said, he turned to her and wiggled his eyebrows. Wrapping an arm around her to pull her closer, he grinned at her with that special lopsided grin that was only saved for her. "That sounds wrong, doesn't it?"

"But the idea does have merit," she grinned back, snuggling against him before pulling the controller off of his lap and replacing the empty void with her own body. Tossing her own purple controller to the ground, she met his lips in a fiery kiss. "These games always get me worked up."

"Oh, Sam," he murmured against her lips before kissing them. "I already know."

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