Sakura blew a lock of pink hair way from her face. Sighing, she looked up at the building before her. The plaque near the maple door of the white discolored building read Konaha Mental Institution in cold, Ominous black lettering.

Sakura climbed the stairs. Really what the hell was she doing here? Oh, that's why. She looked up t o see her intimidating mentor Tsunade. Tsunade had decided Sakura needed to have some hands-on training and where better than the loony bin? Sakura knew it was a ploy to get some more staff at the institution, but hey she needed the experience. Besides now she could say she was the youngest medic-nin to work here.

"Sakura during your training here I only want you to have about five patients. Here are their files look them over, Then go see them, okay?" Tsunade told her when they reached her office. Sakura nodded and sat down at the desk Tsunade had shown her.

Haru, kitsu, 18 years old schizophrenic is own of the less aggressive patients and talks to him self frequently. Says that there are ghosts of past residences haunting him.

Futsura, hayo 22 years old, independent and about to go home. Sakura was a little happy to here that, less patients for her.

Sabuku, Gaara 16 years old, multi personality disorder as well as Insomnia. His 'other' is named Shukaku. Gaara is a highly aggressive patient and is unstable around blood. Caution must be used when dealing with this patient.

Sakura closed the files and placed them on her desk. Standing, she walked out of the office. Finally able to get a look at the interior she was slightly disgusted. This place had seen better day decades ago. The paint was chipping on the walls under graffiti of decapitations and other pleasant things. The carpets were frayed and ripped near the walls.

Shuddering slightly she took of down the hall to visit patient number 1 Kitsu. Reaching the room 114 she knocked and waited. After what seemed like forever he opened the door, just enough for her to vaguely see the spaced around his eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked, his one visible eye darting back and forth nervously.

She was almost tempted to hug him but he would probably run or scream.

"I am your new nurse Sakura" she decided it would be best for simple to the point answers so she didn't scare him.

"you're to young to be a nurse here" he yelped out before slamming the door in her face. Maybe simple wasn't the best. Oh, well she'd come back tomorrow. Patient 2 was next. Looking down at the slip of paper in her hand she moved down the hall to room 128 and knocked on the door.

A man opened the door and looked down at her. "Hello who are you?" he asked staring down at her inquisitively. She remembered he was leaving soon.

"Hi I am the new nurse here Sakura. I know you are leaving soon, but I wanted you to know I'll be here if you need me" Sakura told him. They Talked for awhile and then she left for patient 3.

Sakura looked once more at her paper and found he was in 06. 0 meant he was in the basement so she found the elavator at the end of the hall and went down. When the elavator opened she was in a small room. She noticed a man at a desk and waled over. "Hi I am sakura and I'm her to see a patient, I'm the new nurse."

"I feel bad for you, They gave you an unstable you fist day? Damn their mean. Who didja get?"

the guard asked her seriously.

Remembering her files she said "Gaara, do you know him?" He let out a yelp and looked at her in horror. "Why what is wrong with him."

"that guy is unstable" she wanted to remind him that everyone here was unstable "Not like allthe other patients. He is violent and creepy. He lusts for the scent of blood." Sakura, Nonplussed had read all this in his case files but thanked the man anyways.

After giving him all her pens, her belt, and purse she was cleared to go ahead. The buzzer announced the door opening and, with a final good luck from the guard she walked in.

If the upstairs was bad this place was desolate. The doors to the rooms were barred. And the place smelled awful. Each room held one person and cot on the ground to sleep in. There was a urinal on the wall and that was it. Nervously clutching the key to the patients room as she walked down the hall trying desperately to ignore the cat-calls being called out at her.

Arriving at the door she painstakingly unlocked the door. When she talked to the guard it was much easier to blatantly disagree, but in the current situation it wasn't as easy.

"H-hello?" she stuttered in the darkness of the room. She walked carefully to the center and pulled at the link chain to turn on the light. When light flooded the room she noticed a boy maybe a few years her senior meditating in the corner. Timidly walking over to see him better, She noticed he had made some sort of picture with the unused pills they must have given him. Kneeling in front of him she looked at his appearance. His hair was slightly greasy, and he was rather lithe. He had quite a bit of muscle although sh didn't think they would want patients to work out. What was most peculiar about him though was the black around his eyes. Leaning in a little she found it was a combination of eyeliner and the black you get under your eyes from sleepless nights. Seconds later she was startled back as his eyes snapped awake.

"Who are you?"

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