He sat alone on the bench next a large bay window, the moonlight flowing through and running across his weary face. His crown hung limp in his fingers, a piece of worthless gold that did he no good this late night. He closed his eyes and thought of how it happened.

Was it really just an hour ago? Adora, SeaHawk, Teela, and himself were all standing in the garden, looking up at the stars, smiling. Adam had just said something that he considered to be very insightful . . . when Teela gripped his hand, grunted, and said:

"My water broke."

Teela, pregnant and full of life, had entered into labor. Standing at the top of garden, suddenly going into labor. Rushing her to the medical wing . . .

The memory was drowned out by the noise of footsteps against the floor. He looked up and saw the doctor walk towards him. The king made no movement except to look up with wondering eyes.

"Sire," the doctor addressed.


The doctor took deep breath. "She's stable and ready to go. You're going to have a baby tonight."

Everything around Adam went completely silent. Joy entered his entire body at those words. His eyes shut, his face relaxed, his fists came unballed, and the crown clattered to the ground. Everything changed, and suddenly - Adam stood next to a bed, his beautiful wife laying on it.

"Hey," she said, holding his hand.


"We're having a girl tonight," she said to him.

"That's what I hear," he responded, kissing her cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

And so, Teela went into labor. It was intense, though easier than it had been with Addison or the twins. In the end, Adam lost it. Tears flowed down and he wept openly in joy as the baby was delivered. The screaming, crying, red-faced little baby girl with big chubby cheeks and thin dark hair was cleaned up, wrapped up, and laid down onto Teela's lap.

"Adam . . . look . . ." Teela said, her face exhausted, her eyes wet with tears of joy.

"Our little girl," he said, laying his hand upon the baby's head. "My little baby."

Teela turned to Adam and kissed him deeply, seeming to touch into his soul. The newborn paused in its crying, was very confused by this sight, and then started crying again.

Adam threw the doors open and walked happily out. The sun was just starting to rise over the city of Eternos. He turned and saw Duncan, Randor, Marlena, Teelana, Adora, and SeaHawk all sitting and waiting.

"Girl. Seven pounds, nine ounces. Ten fingers, ten toes and the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen."

Everyone laughed, smiled, gave congratulations.

"When can we see her?" asked Marlena.

"Um, right now, but let's do this by twos, okay? I don't want to overwhelm either of them."

Randor and Marlena went first and followed Adam in. Teela looked up from her bed, cradling her newborn little daughter.

"Hi sweetie," Marlena said, wrapping her arms around Teela, kissing her sweaty forehead.

"Hi," Teela replied. "This is your new granddaughter."

Randor smiled and kissed Teela on the cheek. "Another one for the collection. She's beautiful. Just like her mother."

Teela blushed. "You want to hold her?"

"Of course!" Marlena said, lifting her up. The baby cried a little. "Oh, oh, it's okay. It's only grandma. Yeah. Hi. It's grandma. I'm going to spoil you rotten."

Marlena handed her off to Randor. "Hello there, little one. Awww, you are beautiful. I have a great feeling you're going to be something really special when you grow up."

After another minute or two, the baby was handed back off to Teela. Randor and Marlena left the room, trading places with Duncan and Teelana.

"Look at that," Duncan said over Teelana's shoulder as she held her granddaughter.

"Beautiful. Simply beautiful," Teelana said. She turned to Teela. "I'm so happy for you, my dear. And very proud."

Teela nodded, a little red bang slipping front of her face. "Thanks Mom."

"We both are, honey," Duncan said and kissed his daughter, then hugged Adam hard. "Of the both of you."

Teelana handed the baby girl back to her daughter, then followed Adam and Duncan out the room. Outside, Adora, Marcus, and SeaHawk were waiting to see the baby. Adam waved on over to the door. Marcus, Adora and SeaHawk entered. Adam walked over to his father and mother, who were joined by Teelana and Duncan.

"I'm very proud of you, son," Randor said, embracing his boy. "So proud of you."

Adam hugged back. "Thank you, father."

Adam was kissed by his mother, then Teelana, then hugged again by Duncan.

"Where are the kids?"

"Sleeping in the lounge," Marlena said. "We thought it would be best if you work them up, dear."

"Thanks." Adam took another look at the four of them. "I'll see you all later?"

"Sure thing."

Adam headed back into the room. Randor sighed and put his arm around Marlena's shoulders. Duncan put his arm around Teelana's waist.

"What next?" asked Duncan.

Marlena grinned. "Coffee first. Then we'll tackle whatever comes next."

Marcus got pretty bored with the baby, which was unfortunately a sign to start to leave. Adora kissed her brother and sister-in-law, then handed the baby back to Teela.

"Congratulations," SeaHawk said smiling and shaking Adam's hand. "She's a beautiful baby."

"Truly," Adora agreed.

"I'll see ya later," SeaHawk then said, heading on out with Marcus. Adora took in a deep breath, smiled, and started out herself.

"We're going to go back to the house, I think," she told them. "But I'm sure I'll see you soon." Then, with one last loving look back, and a hand on her pregnant belly, Adora stepped out the door and headed home.

Adam and Teela were left alone for a few minutes, just to stare at this little thing they had made.

"Names?" asked Teela.


"Got any names?"

Adam nodded. "One or two."

"What's the first one?"




Teela nodded and stared at the baby's face. "Emily."

"The second one -"

"I don't need to hear it," she said. "Emily is perfect."

Adam smiled and kissed his wife. "We should go tell the children."

"Yeah. Can we sneak her out of here?"

"Teela . . . after all we've been through, I think we can manage sneaking our little baby girl out of a room and into another room."

Teela smiled and slid sorely out of bed, holding tight to baby Emily. "Are you making fun of me?"

"A little."

"Don't. I just gave birth."

"What are you going to do to me?"

She jerked her head to the direction of the courtyard. "Fifty laps. Now, mister."

Adam shook his head. "You my wife or my trainer?"

"They aren't the same?"


Teela shrugged. "Well, I guess I'm your wife."

He paused and pulled her close, leaning over Emily, and kissed her, one hand on her cheek. They broke when Emily started squirming.

"I love you," they both said at the same time.

They laughed.

"I love you too," they said at the same time again.

Again, they laughed.

Adam wrapped his arm around her, the light of the dawning sun pouring down upon them through the large bay window. They stepped forward, together, in love and bound by destiny and by their hearts.

They had much to tell their children.


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