Summary: I just had an awsome Idea and its a LoganXOC story, but its going to start out DL, its just when Dana gets back from france and Logan tells her that he loves her but, Logan noticed that she has changed a lot from her old self. Dana isnt mean, tough, and a LOT more Nicole-ish. Logan takes the gang back to his house for a month in the summer. Will the PCA kids like Logan's back home friends? Will Logan be able to see whats in front of him, that's been there forever? What drama will Dana bring to Logan's oldest and best friend since they were 3? This is that story.

dont own anything but the plot and oc people.

Logan Reese steped out of his stretch limo on to his driveway, he moved out of the way to let the rest of the gang get out.

"Sweetie, this is your house?" Dana Cruz asked looking at his huge house as she took her place next to Logan. She had definatly changed, right now she had on a pink tank top and a white skirt. She also had on high heels and she had big Hollywood sun glasses on.

"Yep, now wheres...?" Was all Logan could say before something jumped on Logan from behind. Whatever it was started to lick him all over. Logan rolled over and got slobber all over his (sexy) face."AH! Bird get off!"

The dog got off and started to run around Logan as he got up.

"Bird?" Dana asked weirded out.

"Yeah, and I have a fish named Kitty." Logan said smirking. Dana rolled her eyes while everyone else laughed. Michael started to play with Bird. Michael only lives about 20 minutes from Logan so since they were room mates at PCA they started to hang out all the time on breaks. Michael knows everyone Logan knows too. The butler came out and took the bags up to their rooms. The gang got a tour of Logan's house. Everyone but Michael and Logan were tired so they all decided to take a nap.

"Call one of us once you guys want us to come back." Michael said as he started to go down the stairs followed by Logan.

"Where are you going?" Dana asked.

"To see our friends." Logan said.

"What I dont get a kiss?" She asked smirking at him. Logan sighed and walked back up the stairs and gave Dana a quick kiss before he pulled away. Logan ran down the stairs and pulled Michael out the door as fast as he could. He pulled Michael all the way out of his driveway and onto the street.

"Dude, whats up?" Michael asked as they started to walk towards the park where their friends normally hang out.

"Dana changed, a lot." Logan said stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"I know shes a lot more-" Michael said before Logan cut him off.

"Preppy?" He said that word like poison on his tounge.

"I guess." Michael said. Logan looked at him funny."Ok she really did change and I didnt want to say anything 'cause I thought that you were gonna hit me or something."

"She just isnt the girl I fell in love with 2 years ago." Logan said kicking a rock.

"No shit! That girl is still here remember." Michael said elbowing Logan lightly.

"What?" Logan asked looking at him confused.

"Presley, remember your best friend ever? You are totally in love with her." Michael said smirking. Logan rolled his eyes.

"I was never in love with Presley, yeah I had a crush on her once but that was it, just a crush, plus she goes out with that guy...Jason." Logan said snapping his fingers trying to remember the name.

"It was Mason and Last I heard she broke up with him." Michael said looking at Logan who had a confused face on.

"If she did wouldnt she have told me? I am her best friend." Logan said looking hurt.

"Really I thought she would have told you first. I mean you did tell her about you and Dana right?" Mike said faking shock. Logan rolled his eyes and Michael smirked. They started to walk up to the park and looked around and saw a whole bunch of kids they knew around them.

"Well look who we have here, Mr. Logan Reese and Mr. Michael Barrot." A blonde headed boy said from a picnic table that was right next to a radio that was blaring music. Logan smiled and walked up to him.

"Whats up Brandon?" Logan asked as they did their secret hand shake.

"Nothing much, sup Mike?" Brandon asked doing the hand shake with Michael.

"Just got back like an hour ago." Michael said. Mean while Logan was looking around.

"She's not here yet." Brandon said looking at Logan. Logan's attention snapped back to Brandon and Michael.

"Who?" Logan asked playing it off.

"Pres and boy has she changed a lot." Brandon said.

"I wasnt looking for her or anyone particular." Logan lied. Brandon rolled his eyes and went back to his conversation with Michael. Logan kept looking. He saw a lot of people waving to him, mostly girls. Michael tapped his shoulder and pointed to a beautiful girl that was just walking up to the park. She had dark hair with the ends colored a aqua blue. She had on a tight Fall Out Boy tank top with hip huggers on that were cut up around the knee on both legs. Her hair was put up into a high pony tail and her smile was where it was always. Logan smiled and watched her say high to people until she looked up towards the music. Their eyes met and they both smiled. Presley moved through the crowd along with her 2 best girlfriends Leanna and Carly. Logan walked over to her also. As soon as Presley got out of the crowd and had a strait walk to Logan she ran over to him as Logan ran towards her too. She jumped into his arms and he spinned her around in a circle.

"Finally." Presley said pushing him playfuly as he put her down.

"What?" He asked smirking.

"I thought that you decided to stay at PCA or somthing for the summer." She said putting on a smile. Logan felt his heartbeat quicken.

"Nope I missed you to much...I mean, the town and my dad." Logan said covering up his mistake. His phone started to ring in his pocket. He picked it up and gave Presley the one minute and turned away from them."Hello?"

"Hey baby cakes." Dana said cheerfuly into the phone. Logan rolled his eyes.

"Whats up?" Logan asked looking at his friends who were talking about something. Brandon had his arm around Carlys shoulder and Presley was sneaking glances over at Logan.

"He's taken." Michael told Presley in a whisper.

"Who?" Presley said.

"You know who, he's taken." Michael said again. Presley looked disapointed but quickly shook it off.

"So? What do I care?" Presley said crossing her arms.

"God would you just tell him!? Everyone knows you guys are ment to be!" Michael whisper-screamed to her. She sighed and glared at him. Logan walked back over to the group of friends.

"The rest of the gang is up, we better go now." Logan said.

"Aw, you guys dont really have to go do you?" Leanna asked standing next to Presley.

"Yeah, why dont you guys come over to my house for a movie night?" Presley asked.

"Um, I dont know if we can. We have our friends from PCA here and I dont know if they would be to comfortable over at your house." Michael said.

"Well you guys are going to be there, so come on, please?" Presley said as Leanna and her gave them the puppy dog eyes. Logan looked at Michael and he looked back at Logan.

"Call them and ask." Logan said giving in. Presley and Leanna jumped up happily. The hugged Logan and then Michael. Michael took out his phone and called the gang.

"They said not tonight but maybe tomorrow." Michael said dissapointed. He wanted to spend time with them too. Presley pouted, she had a feeling that Logan's girlfriend was behind this.

"Well I guess were going to do this tomorrow, then. Bye Presley." Logan said giving her a hug and she kissed his cheek.

"Bye." She said as they watched Logan and Michael leave."Lets go."

Presley and Leanna walked back through the crowd. Carly stayed with her boyfriend Brandon. When They got to the outer edge of the park Presley felt someone come up beside her. She looked and it was her friend D.J. They started to walk to Presley's house.

"Hey D.J." She said. D.J was pretty cute but he was also gay. Not a lot of people knew that and he was Carly's twin. Only Leanna, Presley and Carly knew about his gayness.

"So I saw some socializing going on between you and The sexy Logan Reese. What happend, I want the details. Did you tell him you love him yet?" He said excitedly.

"Nope, hey! You tricked me!" Presley said pushing him.

"Well its not like I didnt already know! Since you talk in your sleep sometimes going, 'Logan, I love you' and 'Marry me'." D.J mocked.

"What is this bag on Presley night?" Presley said blushing as the sun was setting.

"Yes now tell me the details. Leanna already knows so if you dont tell me then im going to make Leanna tell me later anyway." D.J said smirking.

" Ok, well just to make it clear nothing happend and plus he has a girlfriend, probley that Dana girl he wouldnt stop talking about last year when he found out she left for france." Presley said dissapointed. Leanna and D.J gasped.

"Are you serious?" Leanna asked.

"Yep, Michael told me." Presley said shrugging.

"That is so messed up! Logan loves you, you guys are supposed to be together." D.J complained.

"He doesnt love me." Presley said.

"Yes he does!" D.J and Leanna said together.

"Really? Then why does he have a girlfriend?" Presley said rolling her eyes.

"Maybe he's trying to get back at you for going out with Mason." Leanna said trying to make sence of this whole situation.

"Whatever, its not like I actually care." Presley said trying to tell herself that more then her friends.

"Denial." D.J and Presley said together again laughing. Presley rolled her eyes.

"Lets go get some movies and snacks, so we can have our own movie night with out boys." Presley said as she changed their direction towards town."Strait boys."

"Yeah!" They all said together. They started to run into town.

"But you have to admit that Logan is one hot piece of man." D.J said. They all started to laugh as they got into town.

Back with the Boys...

"Dude Presley is like so much hotter than I remembered!" Logan said as they walked away from the party.

"And she isnt with that Mason dude either." Michael said trying to get Logan to catch onto the hint, that he should go after Presley insted of staying with Dana.

"So, im with Dana." Logan said sighing.

"So? Break up with her." Mihael said.

"I love Presley, I mean Dana, I love Dana not Presley. I love Presley like a sister." Logan said trying to cover up yet another mistake.

"You love Presley and you know it." Michael said smirking as he ran up the driveway to Logan's house.

"Yeah I know." Logan whispered to himself as he followed Michael.

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