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Jimmy's POV

Jimmy ran into his lab with Goddard already there waiting for him. He perked his head up at the sound of someone entering. He knew it must have been good news by the wide smile across Jimmy's face.

"She said yes! Can you believe it Goddard? I have a date with Cindy Vortex, the girl of my dreams!"

Goddard's speakers appeared and began playing the Hallelujah chorus. Jimmy was too distracted by thoughts of Cindy and their upcoming night together to realize Goddard was making fun of him.

"Alright, now tonight HAS to be perfect. Now seeing as the fireworks don't start until 10:00, I figure picking her up at 8:00 will give us plenty of time to stop and have something to eat before we walk down there."

Jimmy then went to find his mother to tell her not to make him dinner. He found his mother in the kitchen chopping vegetables.

Just in time.

"Hey mom I'm going to the fireworks tonight so don't make dinner for me, ok?"

"That's fine dear." She paused for a moment. "You taking a certain someone with you?"

"Yea," Jimmy said, a little curious as to how his mother knew.

"Cindy?" She turned and Jimmy nodded.

How'd she know I'm taking Cindy? I never told her I liked Cindy, did I?

As if to read her son's mind, Mrs. Neutron smiled and said, "I saw you go over to her house. Do you like her?"

"Kinda." At that Jimmy blushed, but luckily his mother was too busy preparing dinner to notice. Although she sensed that he most likely was.

"Well I think she's a very nice girl and you should try and win her affection. And let me give you a few tips from someone who's already been there. First of all, listen to what she says – don't just daydream. Second, talk to her and contribute to what she's saying - but don't interrupt her, she'll take it as rude. And third, every girl loves a gentleman. You know, open the door, pull out her chair, and are you planning on going somewhere to eat? Remind me to give you some extra money so you can pay for her meal."

"Ok mom, thanks!" Jimmy then began walking back to his room.

"Oh and Jimmy . . ."

"Yea mom?" Jimmy asked as he peeked his head from around the corner.

" . . . make sure to take a blanket, it might be a little chilly." Mrs. Neutron said nothing more, she merely smiled and winked at her son. After a few seconds Jimmy smiled after realizing what she ment.

"Ok mom," Jimmy said in a sarcastic tone. "Whatever you say."


Cindy's POV

Libby plopped down on Cindy's bed while Cindy shut the door. "Alright girl, spill. Why'd you want me over here so fast?"

"Libby, I've got BIG news. I've got a date with Jimmy!"

"Jimmy? Jimmy who?" Libby asked with a confused look.

"Jimmy Neutron, silly," Cindy giggled.

"Since when do you like Jimmy? And since when do you even call him Jimmy?" Libby asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Well, since today I guess. He just came over and asked me out."

"Good for you Cindy! So, where are you guys going?"

"The fireworks tonight at the beach."

"Ooo! Pretty romantic!" Libby started making kissy faces, but all Cindy did was stick her tongue out at her. "Well, I guess I better be going. Tell me how your date goes – I want details!"

"Will do! See ya, Libbs!"

"See ya, Cind!"


Jimmy's POV

It was ten to 8:00 and Jimmy had just finished getting ready. He sprayed himself with some cologne he had made himself in his lab. He called it Ode de Cindy and he knew she wouldn't be able to resist it. He then came downstairs to tell his parents goodbye.

"Alright mom, I'm leaving."

"Ok Jimmy, have a good time and remember what I told you."

"I will." Just then Jimmy's father walked into the room.

"Hey Jimbo, hear you're going out on a date tonight! Just don't stay out too late, seeing as your mother and I won't be here to wait for you. We'll be staying at your grandmother's for the night, seems her cats keep somehow managing to open the front door. We have to watch and make sure she doesn't walk outside in her sleep again."

"Hugh wait, can we talk about this?" Mrs. Neutron nervously asked as she followed her husband into the living room.

Jimmy shook his head and focused back on his date. The last sound Jimmy heard was the sound of his mother asking her husband why they had to watch her mother-in-law before heading out the door and across the street.

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