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He came from the sky to test mankind, and he met Naoko Kamikishiro.

Naoko Kamikishiro. Kindness, warmth, benevolence, Echoes saw the best of mankind in that cheery girl. She took Echoes, who wandered the streets in tattered clothing, and helped shelter and feed him.

To turn out a person like Naoko, mankind couldn't be all that bad. Even if it did produce those terrible scientists, drunkards, murderers, the people that screamed and reviled him in the streets and horrible people such as Masami Saotome, it also produced the boy in the cape, Nagi Kirima and… most importantly, Naoko.

The boy, Nagi Kirima and Naoko were all human, they were the truth.

Naoko could understand Echoes, although he only mimicked the basic patterns of human speech. Echoes wondered if Naoko wouldn't have helped him if she couldn't. No, that wasn't true. She came to him, a light in the dark alleyway, and held out her hand without any hesitation.

At times, Echoes wondered if Naoko really wasn't some sort of angel guardian of mankind. No, he knew Naoko was human, entirely. There was no biological difference at all between this girl and the rest of the human race, none at all. There could be hundreds… thousands of people like Naoko, scattered throughout the cities of the world. Just the thought of this made Echoes happy, because somewhere out there, there was hope for the world.

They, Naoko especially, were worth saving the planet for. They were the truth about mankind.

Naoko especially. Naoko was different from the rest of these wonderful, benevolent people. She had been the one to reach out to him, to give him comfort when all he had been walking on sore feet, the will to destroy the man-eating creature called 'Manticore', and words of advice from a nameless boy. Even if she was only human, she did more for him than any angel could ever do.

And then, because of Echoes, Naoko died. Naoko had gotten herself killed by speaking his name to the wrong people. "Echoes, what're you doing in here?" she'd asked in her usual warm voice. And those had been her last words before she got murdered. She had left to really become an angel, leaving the world with one less benevolent people.

Now… Echoes was going to become light. He was going to save mankind for the truth, Naoko and the benevolent people like her. Maybe, in the sky as light, would he see Naoko? Would he see his angel?


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