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The Healing of the Scarred One II: Search of Lost Memories

Chapter 1

A dark figure glided in the shadows of the cyber moonlight as his tattered cloak moved in motion like that of a raven's wings. He stopped and landed on the top of the remains of a skyscraper, staring at the silent, melancholy Net City, which was recovering from its previous destruction caused by the rampaging Grave. The figure slowly looked at his chest, and stared at the sky blue crystal that was in bondage in the crevice of his scarred crest.

"Net City is slowly recovering…" the figure whispered, "and your doves are still soaring in the hopeless sky…"

"I see you're being quite emotional for the city – Bass." A silver-haired Navi shone through the moonlight and stepped forward from behind. Bass slowly turned around and his crimson-red eyes glared into the black visor of the silver-haired Navi.

"What brings you here… Protoman…?" Bass questioned.

Protoman stood silent for a moment before he replied. "…It's my duty for me to report Net City's current stats."

Bass stared at Protoman as his eyes narrowed in silent anger.

"You're lying to me… I can see through your disguise, Protoman. What was that silence for before you answered…?"

Both stood in total silence before Protoman made a quick swing of his right arm and it formed into a sword. Behind him, Searchman and Megaman appeared, poised for attack. Bass stood in his ground as they rushed at him. Just as when Bass was about to counter, Protoman stopped dead in his tracks and slammed his left palm on Bass' crest, placing a sleep program, knocking Bass out of his senses. Bass collapsed on the ground.

"Sorry, Bass… " Protoman whispered as he carried Bass and the 4 Navis logged out.

"Good work, Protoman. Take him to Scilab." Chaud said as he, Raika, and Lan walked to where Bass was to be.

"Ugh… It's almost midnight..." Lan yawned as he struggled to keep himself awake.

"Well, you could go home and snooze if you want." Chaud answered.

"Yeah, but you and Raika would be getting all the fun if something were to happen."

The 3 entered Dr. Hikari's lab as they saw Bass sleeping peacefully.

"It's been nearly 3 weeks since NeoForte formed into Grave and nearly destroyed Net City…" Dr. Hikari said with a hint of sadness mixed with some exhaustion.

"Dr. Hikari, I don't quite understand why Bass had to be knocked out and brought here." Protoman asked as he observed Bass in the computer.

"He can be tough to handle when he's awake. Anyway, take a good look at Bass' crest." Dr. Hikari pointed.

"It looks like there's a small crystal stuck in it." Megaman commented.

"That's right. I've noticed that more of these crystals have been sighted around the Cyberworld. There have been rumors that it would mysteriously disappear if a Navi approached it. As a result, no one has gotten a hold of it." Dr. Hikari explained.

"But Bass is the only one who has a crystal, yes? What's your conclusion?" Searchman questioned.

"I'm not exactly sure…"

"Wait… That crystal…" Protoman mind stood silent for a moment before it spun with the memory of Naomi's crest bursting into many crystals. He shuddered a bit at the thought.

"What is it?" Chaud asked.

"Those crystals… I think they might be part of Naomi's crest…"

"Naomi's crests…?" Dr. Hikari repeated. "Hmmm… I'll have to research a bit more about this… All three of you should rest for tonight. I appreciate your help."

Chaud, Raika, and Lan walked out of the building toward the Metro station. As they entered the train, Protoman thought of the obscure reason why the crystals were sighted all around the Cyberworld.

"I have to go back to Sharo within 2 days. My uncle needs my help for some reason. I'll come back within about a month." Raika announced.

"Alright. We'll let you know the latest news of what's going on. Protoman, something wrong?" Chaud looked down at his PET where it housed the sharp-witted Protoman.

"I'm sorry, but I wish to talk in private. May we talk later when we get to your office?" Protoman requested.

"Alright then." Chaud answered. Protoman must be a bit depressed of Naomi's deletion, Chaud thought.

An hour later, Chaud walked wearily to his office as he plopped on to his chair.

"Protoman, you said you wanted to speak with me in private?" Chaud asked.

"Yes. You know those crystals that Dr. Hikari mentioned about…?"

Chaud nodded in reply.

"Well, I have a feeling that Naomi may come back…" Protoman said.

Both sat silent as they mused at the thought.

Lan collapsed onto his bed as he let out a long sigh.

"Man, I'm so tired… I've never been up this late before…"

"Yeah, let's get some sleep…" Megaman said softly as he closed his eyes.

"…'Night…" Lan drifted off to sleep.