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The Healing of the Scarred One II: Search of Lost Memories

Chapter 16

What did he mean…?

What did he mean that I would be able to truly live a second life someday…? Am I not living that life now?

Father… What else is there that I must know…?

What other secrets are there?

Even though I can hear your voice, I wished you would still be here… Right next to us…

Naomi asked these questions in her thoughts as she walked along the hallway, passing each door that held her memories. She was followed by Bass, Protoman, Megaman, and Searchman. The sky shone an aurora of waves moved in such a smooth, graceful motion that it was like the sea. After walking for a long time, Megaman cleared his throat and asked an important question.

"Uhm… So, how exactly are we gonna get back?"

"…Aw, great… We should've asked the scientist before he said goodbye." Searchman palmed his face.

Naomi stopped as she thought she heard a tiny whisper in her mind.

"This is your mind… your world… you have the power to create and to change your data… Your thoughts… your wishes… are yours to fulfill… if you only believe they'll appear before your eyes…"

Naomi stood silent for a moment and hesitated to try what the voice told her. She closed her eyes.

I want an exit to appear so that my friends can return home safely…

When Naomi opened her eyes, a white warp hole appeared in front of her.

"What's that?" Megaman pointed at the warp hole.

"It's the exit." Naomi replied.

"How do you know?" Protoman asked.

"The voice told me that I can make whatever I wish to appear." Naomi explained.

"What voice…?" Bass inquired.

"I think… it was Father's…"

Everyone stared at Naomi before they took a glance at the warp hole.

"I hope it's the right exit… Well, looks like… it's time for us to go…" Searchman commented as he, Protoman, and Megaman started heading toward the warp hole. All three Navis stopped and turned back to see Naomi and Bass standing together.

"Aren't you coming, Bass?" Protoman called out.

"Isn't it obvious?" Bass answered dryly. "I'm staying here."

"But… Bass… Don't you want to go back?" Naomi asked. Bass stared into Naomi's eyes. She saw his answer through the look of determination and devotion in his piercing, ruby eyes.

"I'm staying here." Bass repeated. "I won't leave."

"…OK…" Naomi said.

"Well, in that case… we'll be going." Protoman concluded as he headed toward the portal. "Take care, Naomi… Bass…" Within seconds, Protoman disappeared into the white void.

"See ya later… Hope to hear from you guys one day." Searchman then winked at Bass. "You're quite a lucky Navi, Bass."

Bass responded with a grunt. Searchman then disappeared into the warp hole. Megaman was the last one left. He spoke in a friendly voice.

"Naomi, it was nice meeting you. I… hope you and Bass will be alright." Megaman said.

"Thanks, Megaman…" Naomi smiled.

"Well… Goodbye." Megaman bid farewell as he stepped into the warp hole.

When the 3 Navis left, the warp hole disintegrated into thin air.

Naomi turned toward Bass. "Why didn't you want to go, Bass?"

"Why ask a question like that? Weren't you looking for me all this time?"

"It… was for Father…" Naomi replied as tears began to well up in her eyes. She wiped them away.

"He's gone now…" Bass pointed out.

"I know…" Naomi looked down in melancholy.

"Naomi." Bass called out. "Look at me."

Naomi obeyed and saw that Bass was taking off his cloak.

"What are you doing…?" Naomi became nervous and took a step back.

"You see this?" Bass asked as he revealed his healed crest. "This is what you did to me. Now, let me return the favor."

Naomi stood stiffly as Bass approached her and laid his cloak around her shoulders. Her face became a rosy pink when he held her body close to his, his arms firmly embracing her. She felt her emotions overflow and broke into a sob as she wrapped her arms around Bass and cried.

"It'll take a while before we'll be able to move on, but at least we won't be alone to bear our pains…" Bass whispered gently to Naomi's ear. "I'll stay as long as you want me to."

Naomi only replied with more sobs as she held Bass tighter…

I could have everything… but the only thing I can't have is you being with us, Father… Naomi thought.

She knew that even if she could create an image data that looked just like Dr. Cossack, his memories wouldn't still be the same.

However, Naomi knew that she would always be able to hear him and see him in her memories…

She would seek the lost memories.

She knew that those memories would be found… and that the seeds of new memories would be planted.

Then, with time and care, one day those seeds may sprout and bloom into a field of flowers…