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Chapter 1: Summer Wants and Woes

DMCSLuver55: When do you think it will come?

BDIntern07: Soon…hopefully.

DMCSLuver55: Do you think you got in?

I shrugged my shoulders despite the fact that Erin couldn't see me. I mean, I think I got in considering the fact that my audition went well and the DCI officials liked everything about my role in band and DCI. They liked the fact that I was a Blue Devils (Division A) intern and that I was a drum major for my school. So, that could only mean good things for me.

BDIntern07: I'm pretty confident…

I had no idea what Erin said next because I heard my mom calling me out to the living room. I glanced at my digital clock. It was around noon so that meant the mail had to have come in. smiling, I jumped away from my computer desk (banging my knee in the process) and limped out to the living room. When I got there, my mom noticed my limp and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Fine, fine," I brushed the question off. "Did my letter come in?"

Mom smiled at me and held up the letter with my name on it. On the left hand corner was the Drum Corps International logo. I grinned excitedly and went to grab it when a blur suddenly made a swipe for it. I blinked, confused, before I realized what happened. "Shouldn't you be away at college by now?"

Derek, my obnoxious older brother, rolled his eyes and grinned playfully at me, "Why so eager to get me out of the house, Vanessa?"

I, too, rolled my eyes and made a grab for the letter that now lay resident in my brother's hands. He pulled back and held it over his head. I grit my teeth and jumped for it. Since I was shorter than he was (actually, I was shorter than half my classmates were), I couldn't exactly reach it. As I jumped for the letter, I snapped, "I want you out of the house so you don't do stupid stuff like this to me."

My brother put on a fake pout, "Aw…c'mon! You know you're going to miss this!"

Getting frustrated with the fact that my brother wasn't giving me my letter, I swiftly punched him in the stomach. When he toppled down to clutch his stomach, I grabbed my letter and walked several feet away from him. Mom rolled her eyes at the whole scenario before she walked back into the kitchen, shaking her head. My brother, on the other hand, glanced up from his fetal position and glared at me. I smiled sweetly; "Don't you wish you were at your dorm now?"

"Whatever," He muttered before he walked (if you could call an eighteen-year-old boy in a fetal position walking) away. Smiling triumphantly, I ripped open the letter and scanned every word.

Dear Miss Johnson,

Congratulations! You are one very few selected females that have been accepted into the all-female corps, the Cadettes. This is a very high honor we hope you accept since we would want someone of your talents on our field, competing against all the other corps. As such, we were also pleased with your auditions as a drum major and have selected you and one other to become the drum majors of the Cadettes. We hope to see you soon!

Thank you,

Miss Arlint

DCI Director, Head of the Cadettes

It was a very short letter and to the point, but it gave me the information I needed. Squealing, I ran into the kitchen and shouted at my mom, "Guess what! I got in!"

Mom smiled as she continued to cut carrots and murmured softly, "I knew you would, Vanessa…"

"Guess what else?" I giggled, ecstatic at what I had read not two seconds ago. I waited for my mom to look up at me before I continued, "I'm also the drum major for the corps!"

This time she stopped chopping carrots and wiped her hands before she threw her arms around me in a big hug. I hugged her back as she squealed out excitedly, "I am so proud of you, baby girl! Oh! Now I have to go call your father and let him know how wonderful you did!"

My mom began running a mile a minute (can you tell where I get my energy from?) as I skipped out of the room and back into the safety of my bedroom. I sat back down on my computer and gasped when I saw the numerous amounts of IM's coming from Erin. I completely forgot about her! I scrolled up and read all the little messages she wrote and giggled as they progressively became aggressive.

DMCSLuver55: Hey, I know you'll get it!

DMCSLuver55: Right? Vanessa?

DMCSLuver55: V, are you there?

DMCSLuver55: Neeeeessssssaaaaa….


DMCSLuver55: You know what? I hate you too!


I giggled. Poor Erin! I got so distracted with getting my letter from my brother, reading and squealing about it that I completely forgot my friend. She's probably really mad at me (the girl has a short temper, I tell you). So…I'll just make it up to her.

BDIntern07: I GOT IN!

DMCSLuver55: Next time, put an away message up when you leave your computer! And Congrats, kiddo!

BDIntern07: Thanks and I got DM for it also!

DMCSLuver55: -does a little happy dance for her friend- Whoo hoo! My girl's a DM for DCI! -continues the dance for two seconds and then stops- Look, I gotta go! You took so long to get back and now my mom is pestering me to do chores! See ya!

BDIntern07: K…bye!

DMCSLuver55 has signed off.

With Erin off her AIM account and doing other things, I opened up my email and searched through it's address book before I came to the one email I knew so well. Bingo. There she was.

To: BHSsnaregrl

From: BVHSDM4Life

Subject: The Cadettes


Ha ha! I got in! I just got my letter today! My stupid brother took the letter from me for a short while before I was able to read, but I got it back (hee hee to being short!). Anywho, I read it and it said I got in, but that's not the best news! The best news is…drum roll please!…I got drum major! Woot! Anyway, email me back! You must tell your dear old friend if you got center snare!

Luff always,


Satisfied with how the email turned out, I clicked 'send', and not two seconds after I sent the email, my cellphone started vibrating. I furrowed my eyebrows. What was this! I checked it and on the front of the phone, the caller id read 'BRANNON'. I smiled. My little male friend. He must be calling to tell whether or not he got into the corps he wanted.


There was absolute silence from the boy until a sad, masculine voice (his voice has been changing over the year) said, "I didn't get in."

My excited smile dropped and a sad frown had quickly replaced it. This was a big blow to our plans. Last summer, when the three musketeers had been departing we all promised to see other next summer at DCI competitions…in the corps. Not as interns. Over the year, Bronwyn had emailed me (we all stay in touch) an Internet flyer of an all-female DCI corps called the Cadettes. I had immediately emailed her back saying we had to join and we both told Brannon to try out for another corps so we could all see each other at the competitions. So…we all tried out (before school got out) to see if we could make it. Brannon tried out for the Blue Devils, I tried out for Cadettes (and drum major), and B tried out for Cadettes, also, as well as Center Snare.

"Oh man…" I murmured to him, upset.

"What do we do now?" He asked me. I bit my bottom lip, trying to think up a solution, but none came. My poor brain was still fried from the year (I had my first AP class this year) and wasn't coming up with quick solutions. It was as if my ideas were put on 'hold' and that caused a major problem for me.

"Look," I sighed, "Call Bronwyn…see what she thinks because I can't come up with anything."

Brannon sighed also and muttered, "Fine, I'll call her."

We both quickly hung up and I stared at my phone. I sighed heavily and began tossing thoughts around. I didn't know whether I wanted to call him or not. We hadn't been on the best terms when he graduated from Beachville and what makes me think we'll be on better terms only two weeks after school let out? It seemed ridiculous to call him, but it also seemed ridiculous to not call him.

A part of me didn't want to hear his voice at the moment. That part was still angry at him for becoming mad that I had to go away to so many camps this summer for training for the next year. I mean, how could he be so insensitive! Last summer I waited patiently for him as he went to a USA Drum Major Camp and a Leadership camp. In fact, I went to DCI to occupy my time! But he wasn't willing to wait as I went to all these camps. It was just plain unfair!

Another part of me said I should call him. After all, he was still my boyfriend and he had a right to know that I was once again going away for the summer. That in one week, I wouldn't be home for the summer. That in one week, I would be touring and competing with a DCI corps. That I wasn't going to be around to hang out with him because I was marching corps. And I guess that part of me won the little spat in my head because the next moment, I found myself dialing his number.

"Hello?" came Isaac's voice.

I frowned. His voice was very monotone and nonchalant and I knew he was doing that on purpose. He had caller id so he was able to identify the fact that I was calling him. "Isaac? It's Vanessa."

"Yeah, I know," He answered quickly.

There was an awkward and tense silence between the two of us that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and incredibly sad. Had this been a couple months ago, there wouldn't be this tension. There would be this uncomfortable silence. And that made me upset. It was saddening how quickly our relationship was going downhill.

"Look, I have something to tell you." I paused, waiting for a reaction but none came. I exhaled deeply, "…I'm marching corps this summer…with Bronwyn and Brannon. I'm leaving in a week."

I could have sworn (despite the fact that I couldn't see him) that he rolled his eyes. And underneath his breath he muttered, "Figures."

"What?" I snapped, not in the mood for Isaac's dramatics.

"Nothing, Vanessa," He snapped back. "Look, I got to go."

And with that, he hung up on me. I growled at my phone before I hung up as well. Why did I call him? Why didn't I just leave for corps and let him find out the hard way so he could rant about it to Chase and Nick without me being there. And so when he ranted to Chase and Nick, both boys could calm him down and I wouldn't have to deal with his crap!

I frowned and placed my phone down. Before my junior started (or better yet, before summer ended) I was going to fix this problem with Isaac! And if that didn't happen, he better be ready to find another girlfriend, because I was not going to be treated like this!

…but for now, no one had to know of my problems.

I didn't get a response from Brannon or Bronwyn the next morning so I decided to go out. I had called up all my friends and we decided to head down to Uptown's local Pizza Hut. When I got there, I heard Marina and Erin arguing over something stupid (as usual), Paige trying to keep Tina from pouncing another guy (as usual) and Arcadia and Wilson trying to make sure everyone didn't go crazy (again, as usual). Arcadia smiled in relief when she saw me, "Thank God, you're here!"

Wilson nodded in agreement and he moved over so I could squeeze in next to him. When I sat down, everyone else calmed down and Erin cheered out, "Nessa, tell everyone what you're going to do this summer!"

Everyone's gaze turned on me and I smiled at them. Had this been last year, I probably would be stuttering and blushing, but instead I quickly said, "I'm marching corps this summer. DCI's Cadettes let me join them!"

The blonde flautist rolled her eyes, "And…?"

This time I did blush, "I'm their drum major…"

And this caused a cheer to erupt from everyone as they shouted their congratulations at me. I got an approving nod from Arcadia, a mini cheer from Tina and Paige, a 'random moment of advice' from Marina and a big hug from Wilson as he said, "Congrats, V!"

"Thanks, guys," I mumbled, allowing myself a small grin.

"Did you tell Isaac?" Paige asked. The cheering stopped as everyone looked at each other worriedly. They knew that Isaac and I weren't on the best terms when school let out and knew that he was being a complete jerk to me.

"Yeah," I remarked reluctantly, "And he wasn't so happy to hear the news."

There was silence again for the second time that day and it almost became unbearable until Wilson assured me that Isaac was wrong and being an idiot. Everyone else agreed with him and we went on to ordering pizza and talking about all the inside jokes from freshman year to now.

I ignored my brother as he said something to me when I got home later that evening. Really…that boy should be leaving for college soon (he got into USC) so he can leave me alone. Dad was home by this time and I gave him a quick kiss and hug before I went upstairs and collapsed on my head. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw the image of an opening envelope and the words 2 messages.

I opened up the first one. It was from Bronwyn saying that she had gotten in to the corps. I smiled, happy, before I opened up the second message. It was from B again. It wanted me to call Bronwyn. Following what the message said, I called Bronwyn and waited for her to answer. When she picked up, she laughed and said, "'Bout time!"

"Sorry," I apologized. "I barely got your message. What do you want to talk about."

"I have an idea…" She said and I swear I could see her smirking. "A crazy idea, but I think it'll get Brannon into marching corps with us this summer…"

Oh dear Lord. Something told me that it really was going to be crazy. "And it is…?"

"Here's what we're gonna do…"

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