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I'm pretty much going to do a bunch of flashbacks from the main plotline of the story, Aang and Katara's reunion.

Aang – 15

Katara – 16

Sokka – 17

Toph – 15


Chapter 1 – Don't I Know You?


The new 'pretty girl' at school, Katara, sat in the lunchroom, the subject of everyone's attention but alone at the same time. There were a few girls at her table that had let her join them but they seemed intimidated by her, they talked amongst themselves but largely left her out of the conversation, only pausing to stare at her gleaming waist length brown hair as if they thought she would jump up and strangle them with it.

Even so, while all eyes were turned towards her, her own were turned towards nothing in particular, she seemed to have retreated to her own thoughts for company.

A ways down and to the left was a table full of guys and a girl, but you had to look twice to notice – it was Toph.

The one named Aang seemed as detached from the boyish antics at his table as the girl he was staring at across the cafeteria. Didn't he know her from somewhere?

"Oh no, she looks lonely," Aang's friend Kuzon said, elbowing the fifteen-year-old in the side, "What kind of gentlemen would we be to not give her some company?" he asked grinning at Aang sideways.

Kuzon guessed Aang hadn't heard him since there was no sign of response and he was still staring at the girl across the cafeteria as if she'd gotten up on her table and started to do the can-can.

He pulled on the one side of Aang's beanie cap with the blue arrow design on it and snapped it against his head to get Aang's attention.

"Huh?" Aang said as if he'd just come out of a trance, "Yeah, you can have my onion rings."

Aang pushed his lunch tray towards Kuzon without taking his eyes off Katara.

"What? Aang that's not what I-" Kuzon fell silent as he noticed for the first time the way Aang was staring at Katara.

"He-hey," he said, this time it was Zuko's turn to get jabbed in the ribs, "I think our friend might not be such a monk after all, huh Zuko?"

Zuko grunted and slid farther down in his chair.

Kuzon rolled his eyes at the pitiful lack of mojo at his table and stood up, it didn't matter that Zuko's scar drove all the girls crazy, they drove him crazy.

"While you guys prepare for priesthood I'm going to go do as Agni intended, Aang are you coming with me?" Kuzon asked.

Aang was already out of his chair and halfway to the pretty girl's table before Kuzon even stopped talking now that he had a friend to go with him.

Aang got to the table before Kuzon did, it was like if he could airbend or something . . . and had grinned sheepishly and given Katara a wave in greeting when 'Oof!' Kuzon shoved him out of the way.

Katara looked startled at being woken from her daydreams this way and looked from Aang, who was picking himself up off the floor to Kuzon who was now leaning much too close to her.

"Hey, I'm Kuzon, what would you like to know?"

Katara's face suddenly became very smug, "If you get all you pick-up lines from Days of Our Lives," she said evenly.

Kuzon was drained of all of his bravado as he turned a deep red. Somehow he'd thought she was pretty enough to be stupid . . .

He heard a loud guffaw behind him and turned to see Aang doubled over and pointing a finger at him.

"That was a good one," Aang said, ignoring Kuzon's glare, "Days of Our Lives . . ."

"Yeah, the stupid one is my friend –"


Aang blinked. That was strange, he thought he'd heard his name come from the new girl's mouth and not Kuzon's, but that was impossible. Unless he had met her before. . .

"Aang . . . Gyatso," she said. His last name too?

Then as he looked into her seventeen-year-old face it was if she'd taken a drink from the fountain of youth, she seemed to become younger and younger. Ten years old, seven, then five, until the memory of his childhood best friend was sitting in front of him.

She was looking into his grey eyes, pleading for some form of recognition. "You might not remember me but I'm-"


It was like he'd answered correctly on a game show, and his prize was the object of every guy in the cafeteria's desire flinging her arms around his neck and pressing those full lips to his cheek with the smack heard round the world.

As Katara pulled away from him to beam into this face and her nose crinkled exactly the way it had when she was seven and he was five Aang felt as if he'd found something dear that he'd lost for a long time.

Aang was in the only one in the cafeteria who was smiling back at her, all the other guys were staring in disbelief at his good fortune, including Kuzon.


Five year old Aang sniffled and rubbed his eyes as he looked up at the big meanie in front of him.

The whole entire kindergarten class had made a circle around the toddler in the playground, and none of them dared to risk their lives to save him from Azula and her two bodyguards, Mai and Ty Lee.

Azula tauntingly waved Aang favorite stuffed animal inches from his face. He didn't make a grab for it because that was just what Azula wanted him to do, so everyone, except Aang, could laugh when she snatched it away again.

"Big boys don't play with dolls," Azula said as she smiled gleefully at his childhood trauma.

"Mr. Cuddles is not a doll!" Aang shouted for the millionth time in past few minutes, "He's my friend, give him back!"

"No," Azula said in her maddening 'What are you gonna do about it?' tone, "This is for girls, I should keep it, because I'm a girl and you're not."

"B-but he's mine," was all Aang could think to say, the teasing had gone beyond the point of 'comebacks'.

"Are you a girl?" Azula asked, bringing her face down close to his so that he backed away and almost wet his Batman underwear.

"No!" Aang was quick to shout, falling straight into the trap.

"Then you can't play with Mr. Cuddles anymore," Azula said like it was one-plus-one. Now she had a know-it-all tone like she was just trying to look out for him.

Aang was no match for this second grade logic. He just wanted Mr. Cuddles back, it was his toy, and he didn't care what Azula thought, he was pretty sure he would get along doing the opposite of what she thought.

At a loss he just let out a sob that would have broken anyone's heart except for the poophead who had his stuffed animal.

"Hey, give him back his toy!"

Aang looked behind him, expecting to see a teacher in all their glory of khaki pants and recess whistles.

Katara had been wearing khaki shorts that day, but instead of a whistle there was a large strawberry that said SWEET! underneath it in swirly pink letters.

Oh well, at least she was a head taller than him. Aang was thankful to be saved by anyone who would step up at the moment, and if that person happened to be wearing glitter and smell like fruit juice, well then more Wild Berry flavored power to her.

"Come and get it," Azula sang and waved Mr. Cuddles in front of her. Her smile soon vanished when Katara kicked off her 'I'm a Princess' flip-flops and had flattened her onto the playground grass the next second.

"Katara! What are you doing!"

Sokka had walked into the circle of five-year-olds to witness his sister with her little teeth clamped on another girl's wrist.

"That isn't how you play dinosaurs!" he shouted as she wrenched the other girl's wrist from his sister's mouth who quickly began crying and rubbing her bite mark like her skin was missing.

Katara didn't seem to take any notice of him though as she picked up a threadbare stuffed animal the other girl had dropped (who was now being attended to by two friends at either and side and giving Katara dirty looks).

She proudly handed it over to a kindergartener who was now looking at her with something akin to love and adoration as he wiped the snot from his nose on his sleeve.

Katara had to go a whole week without snack time gummi worms but Aang would always save some of his for her to eat on the way home to play with Mr. Cuddles every day.

And that was how Aang and Katara met.

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