Title: Untitled (for now)

Rating: T

Disclaimer: not mine, never will be mine. No money is being made. Plain and simple right?

Summery: Vengeful Decepticons turn Optimus Prime into a human thinking he will be easier to kill as a 'flesh ling'. Now Optimus has to adjust to being a human as the threat of a Decepticon attack hangs over his head. Luckily the Autobots and Sam and Mikaela are there to help, but for how long?

Author Note: something I thought up at like midnight after work. Please I am in need of a title for this story and some reader feedback.

Chapter One; Barricade's ambush


It has all happened in a blinding flash. One minute we're all hanging out up at the lookout, laughing and joking with each other when suddenly from nowhere Bumblebee lunged towards Mikaela and I, shielding us with his immense body. I had yelled at the transformed Camero but before the words even left my mouth a warning shout from Ironhide says it all.

We were under attack

Bumblebee, entrusted with our safety as per order of Optimus curled even tighter around my girlfriend and I, his bright metal body seemingly to fold into itself as the area was racked with several missile rounds. The earth around us explodes as the weapons tear up the sand and dirt, spewing shrubs and trees while the throaty report of Ironhide's cannons deafens our ear drums. Within a matter of minutes it's all over and the sounds of the other Autobots Transforming fill the area and the throaty, angry growl of the diesel is loud behind Bumblebee.

"Wait for our signal. Protect the children." Optimus orders and quickly pulls away, his truck form ripping down the pathway and road, following the streaking tailpipes of what is the enemy. Through the gaps between Bumblebee's fingers I can make out the attacking foe

A black and white Saleen Mustang


The smoke and dust created by the attack clears slightly and as the trio of Autobots continues off down the road Bumblebee uncurls himself from around us, his own optics trained on the disappearing emergency lights on Ratchet's alternate form. Looking around us I gap at the sight, massive holes litter the ground, several boulders had been blow part and the small shack was reduced to fire wood.

"Oh.. whoa." I start, pulling Mikaela out behind me as Bumblebee stands, his armor dirty and streaked but otherwise unharmed. His bright optics are flashing slightly in concern and I turn, looking up at him.

"You want to be with them huh big guy?" I ask and Bumblebee looks down, the scratchy response coming through his still damaged vocal processor.

"Yes, but Optimus ordered…" I cut him off, knowing what he's going to say.

"Who cares, let's go! We can't let them fight on their own!" I shout and Bumblebee looks skeptic, torn between obeying his commander's orders. Mikaela stands beside me, ready to follow the other Autobots and finally Bumblebee nods, stepping back a pace so he can transform safely. Coughing at the cloud of dirt and dust I step over to the revving Camero and quickly jump in, Mikaela already buckled in the passenger's seat. With an urgent rev the Camero speeds out of the area, engine rumbling roughly but with a slight tinge of worry.


"Where is he going!?" I shout, utterly annoyed that the usually upfront and vicious Barricade is leading us down winding roads and just keeping ahead of us. Beside me Optimus' engine rumbles as he pours on the speed, his own annoyance filtering through in his driving.

"I don't know but I'm tired of this game." He says stonily and out of my reflective mirrors I can see his missiles move slightly as they lock onto the rear end of the fleeing Decepticon. I pull back a bit as Ratchet moves behind me, knowing not to be behind Optimus when he's launching an attack. Two deadly accurate missiles launch from atop the cab and one narrowly misses hitting a soft spot in his back plating as the other goes wide and takes out a tree.

"Good shooting there Stud." I snicker and only get a growl in response from my leader and old friend.

"Looks like we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way." And with that an ultrasonic wave of speech filters through the air. I know Barricade heard the insult of how he expected more from the 'true claimer of the Ky-Alexa region and that he should fight like a real Mech instead of running like a sparkling.' The slight twitch gives the indication of what's to come and within a matter of minutes Barricade stands before us, his face etched with pure anger. Beside me Optimus transforms as well, his solid mass coming to a dead stop as he and Barricade glare at each other. I also transform, charging up my cannons and assuming my place beside my leader as Ratchet guns his cutting blades. It's a stand off now, Barricade being vicious and cruel is no match for Optimus who has a strategists mind and, for being as big as he is, he has a quick reaction time. Not even Barricades ability to find weakness can help him in a battle against Optimus and the low down Decepticon scum knows it. Once more Optimus sends an insulting sonic blast at his foe who responds with an enraged yell, launching himself at the Autobot Prime.

"Now Ironhide!" he shouts and I take careful aim and let loose, hitting the advancing Decepticon dead in the chest plate but that doesn't slow him as he advances towards Optimus, his gyro-flight blades lashing out at Optimus viciously but for his credit Optimus evades every attack, effectively and efficiently using the small bit of space this section of the road has to offer. Ratchet lunges at Barricade's back, his own blades whirling down in a vicious arc that would sever his torso but with an unexpected kick Barricade sends Ratchet flying back. I take aim with my smaller cannon and let loose a small barrage of warheads, earning a yelp of pain but nothing else. With his opponent momentarily distracted Optimus grapples Barricade about the torso and bodily slams him into the side of the grassy hill but never saw the right hand coming up, long sword like fingers running through the tender arm joint. I wince at the injury, watching as severed Energon and coolant leaks down my commander's armor. Whereas many other warriors would have cried out in pain and dropped their attack Optimus only increases his attack, using his own mass against Barricade he whips the other away, Barricade bounces off the pavement, leaving massive indents where he impacted and lands as his alternate form, taking off with a peel of tires, badly dinged and dented. I'm about to transform and go after him when Optimus' order reaches my audio.

"Let him go." He sounds 'breathless' as humans would say and I turn, finding him standing but hunched, his wound leaking badly and optics dilating and undilating rapidly. Concern washes through my spark as Optimus staggers slightly, reaching out to steady my old friend. Ratchet is already on his feet and making his way over to where Optimus is standing shakily.

"What is it?" he asks quickly, his medical training coming into play as he looks at the wounds on the shoulder

"All.. Systems have gone offline…" Optimus starts and with a bucking akin to an electric shock drops to his knees, not uttering a sound as his body trembles.

"But, if all systems went offline you'd be…." Ratchet lets his words fall and I look up at the medical officer in shock but the determined look on his face tells me not to say anything. Optimus convulses, his cooling system sputtering as he tries to draw in cool air to help his overheated circuits but even that action doesn't sound healthy. Ratchet quickly accesses a port entry in Prime's arm and I watch nervously as his optics widen in shock

"Optimus, stay online." He orders and for the briefest second the trembling stops before it hits him full one, causing the Autobot leader to crash into the hill behind him, optics closed against what must be unimaginable pain.

"Optimus!" Ratchet shouts and I watch in horror as Prime's body starts to fold in on itself, almost as if the metal armor, cables and wires have turned cannibalistic and is eating itself. Ratchet grabs onto a leg shield and tries to stop the unorthodox transformation but is caught off guard as Optimus' chest armor is exposed, revealing the bright bluish white of the leader's spark. I gasp in horror as the body of my leader and oldest friend continues to eat itself and the brightness of the spark blind even my optics and from the yell on the other side I know Ratchet is virtually blinded too. With a loud sound, like escaping exhaust Optimus goes slack against my hands and is soon folded within himself. The spark's bright color fades slowly and as my optics adjusts I look in horror at the place my friend use to be, now void of the blue and red Mechanoid. Ratchet stares down in horror as his optics come back, fear making itself present on his face.

"That can't be….." I start and look up quickly at the sound of an approaching engine, finding the bright yellow and black Camero coming around the corner at break neck speed. Bumblebee jacks on the breaks and slides to a stop, quickly opening the doors to toss both Sam and Mikaela out and transforms, coming quickly to where we're kneeling. Looking down a rasping gasp escapes the damaged mech's processor and I cast a look at Ratchet

"How could this have happened?" The mech opens his mouth then closes it, shaking his head mutely. Sam and Mikaela push their way between Bumblebee's and Ratchet's legs to stop with a sharp inhale of breath.

"Oh my god." Mikaela breathes, mouth covered by her hands and eyes wide in shock as she stares down at the human form of Optimus Prime. Sam shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair

"Fella's I think we're in deep shit."

"Ditto." Mutters Bumblebee. I stare down at the naked human form of what could only be my oldest friend, unconscious and curled on his side Optimus looks little more than a doll. I shake my head and look at Ratchet and Bumblebee

"Now what?"


End Note: so, how should Optimus react to being human when he wakes up? Any idea of how old I should make our dear Autobot leader anyway? I've got a good description already in my head but I need an age range… feedback on this would be awesome and appreciated!