Title: Define Human

Rating: T

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Summery: Vengeful Decepticons turn Optimus Prime into a human thinking he will be easier to kill as a 'flesh ling'. Now Optimus has to adjust to being a human as the threat of a Decepticon attack hangs over his head. Luckily the Autobots and Sam and Mikaela are there to help, but for how long?

Author Note: [Sobs here it is… [sniffle the last chapter of [choke, sputter Define Human. [Becoming serious I seriously couldn't have done this without the kindness of all you reviewers and the encouragement to keep this story going. You all gave me ideas on purpose or not but you did anyway. I absolutely enjoyed writing this and this story was mostly written to the Transformers 2007 Movie Soundtrack, my own playlist [consisting of mostly rock but some country the likes of My Chemical Romance, Reba and of course Country 102.5. And of course, the encouragement of you kind people; I can't thank you enough.

Now, onto the story!

Chapter 11: Reunion and a Taste of things to come


Slowly my systems start to come back on line, bringing me gradually back on. First my Audio comes on impossibly loud and then my Processor fully starts. The overhead view glows behind my still offline optics, showing me a full system update and then finally my optics engage, a flashing light telling me everything is in working order. Although in working order everything aches. I keep my optics closed, afraid for several pump stopping minutes at the silence around me, fearing everything that happened would have been a pain induced hallucination. That is until my Audio receptors pick up the happy giggle and piercing screech of a human youngling and the birds chirping. Ratchet's slightly gruff but soft hints of a certain kind of empathy to it as he whistles and clicks at another mechanoid, a shrill whistle and several clicks later I determine it's Bumblebee, begging to have something and Ratchet refusing. I am glad that the usually surely Medical officer has taken charge during my 'check out' and has kept young Bumblebee in line. A much gruffer whistle and rapid fire clicks tell me Ironhide has just entered the conversation as Bumblebee let's out a soft wail of anger but stops when another Cybertronian series of humor filled clicks, whistles and bursts reaches my audio.

I recognize that humor lined speech. Without thinking my optics fly open and adjust quickly as I push myself up, earning an alarmed shout from the four gathered mechs standing a few paces away. Ratchet is quickly at my side, hands scanning my body as I turn, finding even the cables in my neck sore and look for the source of the voice. Bumblebee, slightly startled but a look of unbelievable and bouncing slightly on his feet like he wants to hug me but is kindly waiting for Ratchet to finish. Ironhide standing, arms crossed a look of profound relief (yes it's there, you just have to know how to read my old, gruff friend) stretched across his face.

He looks like he wants to kill me.

Slightly beside him, shining brightly and grinning widely is a face I had only sean while tempting death.


He smiles wider as I stare at him, brushing aside Ratchet for a moment and trying to gain my feet, wanting to touch the other Mechanoid but find myself behind held down easily by Ratchet with a stern hand on my shoulder. My voice crackles slightly and I wince as the words are croaked out


Jazz smile broadens and I find my spark feeling lighter in my chest at having my old friend back. Jazz comes foreword, his armor shining brightly and sits down beside me, Ironhide and Bumblebee coming closer as well.

"Well, ya see… remember how you told me not to piss off the big guys?" he asks and I nod and wince slightly as Ratchet places a Hypo into one of the energon line in my arm, withdrawing some of the fluid and putting it through a test.

"Well, who knew Sentinel Prime was such a vain mech?" I hold up my hand, chuckling softly

"I don't even want to know." Ironhide chuckles deeply and Bumblebee shakes his head, probably having heard the whole story.

"So, he went to good 'ole Primus and the head guy sent me back, saying you can have me because he has no idea how you dealt with me and next time I do something wrong don't go saying 'oh Primus' and 'Primus help me' because he said 'your on your own.' So there…. I'm BAAAAACCCKKKK he shouts annoyingly and turns around to swipe at Bumblebee, who, had been imitating the silver mech, gets up and runs from the barn, Jazz on his heels.

"Well, you seem to be recovered. Your internals have done a good job." Ratchet says and sits back on his thigh cables, fixing me with a look.

"No fighting, no wrestling, no transforming, nothing strenuous for at least three days Optimus. And you can't run from me here, because I've enlisted the help of our human friends in watching you." He says and I groan. Of course the wily Medical officer would have asked them for help, knowing how I would often avoid his advice in the past. I sigh and lean back, nodding.

"You have me hostage friend, what can I do?" I ask and Ratchet gives me a stern eye before muttering to himself and heading for the door. Ironhide sits beside me quietly for a few minutes before his hand smacks off the back of my helmet painfully and hard. My circuits glitch slightly at the impact and I turn a glaring optic at the other mech

"If you EVER do that again I will personally kick the slag out of you posterior plates! Got that BUSTER!?" he roars and stares hard at me, his optics crackling slightly and I return the glare, it's a stand off.

A several minute stand off

I'm not giving up. No way in Pit am I giving this up

My optic twitches

Not giving up


No. I refuse. He HIT me!

[twitch, twitch

I stared a Decepticon prisoner into unlocking his vocal mechanism

[Twitch warning, Optic system overheating

Primus this is childish, doesn't he remember what happened last time?


Ironhide looks away first and I blink quickly, knowing I had won this battle and just knowing it has filled me with new hope.

"Glad your back Optimus." He says quietly and I place a hand on his shoulder, gripping it slightly

"It's good to be back." I tell him and a look of question comes over his face

"did you have to bring him back with you?" he punctuates this with a thumb out into the yard beyond the door, I lean foreword, finding Bumblebee and Jazz wrestling on the ground, Jazz shouting something about 'needing a wash and a waxing after this' and Bumblebee broadcasting some human boxing match between Muhammad Ali and another boxer. I chuckle at the sight, having missed the times spent watching Jazz and Bumblebee take each other on in the Rec room on the Ark.

"Obviously they thought he could make a difference." I explain and stand, wobbling slightly Ironhide is instantly beside me but doesn't touch me, knowing I'd rather do this myself.

It's a Pride thing.

Once my equilibrium systems stabilize I walk slowly towards the doorway, optics narrowing as the light shines in and I stop out in front of the barn, scanning the area, the blowing Timothy hay and the group of people down in the mowed yard. Lennox, Epps, Sam and Mikaela all stand and wave, I return the gesture and take a step out into the sunlight, turning my optics upwards, thoughts turning towards the world I left and those living out among the stars and worlds of space. I hope that my message reached them and they are heading here, because I don't think just my small group, although hardy and resilient my men standing beside me can't take on the threat about to come alone. Even the humans, as courageous and determined as they are can't withstand the rise of Megatron and the threat he foreshadows. I head for the occupied yard and kneel down slowly, feeling my age now and regard the humans before me. They stare up at me, their eyes filled with warmth and concern.

"Thank you." I start and Lennox holds up his hands while Sam and Mikaela only shrug their shoulders

"You would have done the same for us." Lennox says and I nod. Having become an everyday occurrence in these people's lives I've come to find myself protecting them as I would my own race.

"Once again the courageousness and compassion your race holds astonishes me. For being such a young race you have all developed a sense of right and a sense of wrong befitting of our own ancients. If only those in charge of early Cybertron made the kinds of decisions you do, maybe we would all be in a better situation." I tell them sadly and once more cast a weary optic to the sky, wishing to see the blazing ball of a landing protoform but nothing, except white clouds and endless blue sky. Standing I bow to the group of four humans, showing my respect to the small race. Having lived among them even for a short time I can to learn that although different in many ways it's what your belief are that chose who you will be and what your future holds. If your like Trent, your future will hold little promise other than a hard life being known as a 'jerk' or a 'back stabber' where in Sam and Mikaela will be known as upstanding young people and leaders of their generation.

I am fortunate to have met them.

Leaving the humans behind I stand beside Jazz as he watches ratchet reset one of Bumblebee's systems that had accidentally (?) gotten knocked off like in their tussle. The silver mech is covered in grass stains and dirt but smiling like Wheeljack after a rather unruly explosion.

"Don't you think you should tell them?" he asks and I know what he's referring too, the message from those above, a premonition of things to come. I look back at the smiling group of humans, standing around a grill, laughing and joking. They know nothing of the future and nor should they involve themselves further in our affairs. I turn back to the scene at hand and find the group of Mech's before and beside me laughing in a way none of us have since before the early days of the war. It's been a while since we've know this kind of peace, this kind of relaxation. I look at my First Lieutenant and shake my head

"No, let them enjoy their time of peace, at least for a little while longer. I will address the issue when it comes up, but for now, let's leave things as they are. It's nice to finally be able to breathe without looking over our shoulders." I tell the silver Mech and he nods, looking up at the sky. I turn my head skyward and blink, replaying the last second of footage, finding a slight flash from high above.

"Did you see it?" Jazz asks slowly and I nod again

"Yes I did."

"Think it's friend or foe?" he asks again and I shrug

"As long as it's not the twins I could care less. I don't think my CPU could take them so soon after this ordeal." I mutter and rub at my helmet and Jazz let's out a shrill laugh.

Oh it's good to have him back.

Stepping back and looking at the two races joined together, finding Bumblebee laying down with Sam and Mikaela seated with their backs pressed against his torso structure, happily joking with the small mech. Jazz bribing Epps for a bath and a good waxing, Ironhide bickering with Lennox and his wife over something and Ratchet playing with little Annabelle.

Please, come soon. We need all your help to defeat this uprising evil. Save this race that still has so much growing to do, so much to learn. Slowly they are discovering what they can do, they just need more time and I think, we Autobots can give them that time, if we ban together and fight for it. Come, defend your new home, you will not be refused as long as your friend, destroyed if your foe. I broadcast out before going over to the yard and seating myself among the small ring of friends and near family.

Peaceful, for the time being.

But for how long?


Bright red eyes flip open, glowing hotley as the being rereads the transmission intercepted. A smile breaks across his face, revealing wicked teeth.

"Oh yes Prime… make your threats now but I will destroy you Autobots and the entire insect race." He rumbles and clutches the dying human in his hands.

"I will let you build up your forces, then knock you down…. One by one. Starting with you Optimus Prime!" With a limping walk and the shrill cry of alien metal on human steel leaves an echoing sob in its wake. Laughter booms off the walls of the abandoned lab as the being disappears into the darkness.

Author Note: It is done. Thank you all for your reviews I can't say it enough. I hope you will look for the sequel of this. I don't know when it's going to start but several shorts will be created as sides to this one. Thank you again and with much regret I must say 'Until the next round'. Thank you.