Title: Define Human (formerly Untitled)

Rating: T

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Summery: Vengeful Decepticons turn Optimus Prime into a human thinking he will be easier to kill as a 'flesh ling'. Now Optimus has to adjust to being a human as the threat of a Decepticon attack hangs over his head. Luckily the Autobots and Sam and Mikaela are there to help, but for how long?

Author Note: Thank you for the variety in ages I got through reviews and I hope that his age will appease everyone because I want to make it realistic. I mean he's a several hundred millennia old robot… he's no spring chicken! So, please review and I promise to update again soon. Also I threw in the very simple POV changes because when I wrote it I forgot to put them in so it was a quick 'oh shit' kind of thing. But thank you. Also, know how cool it is to come home from work and have a lot of encouraging reviews? Thanks guys!

Chapter 3: Only Human

(Somewhere above Earth)

Starscream wasn't happy to say the least, his anger at discovering Barricade's stupid attack on the Autobot leader all but overloaded the aerial Mech's circuits with anger. Forced to remain on Earth since his Mechanoid form isn't of the flying kind Barricade sends back his own vicious retort to the 'acting' leader of the widely scattered Decepticon forces.

/well you weren't really doingmuch of anything Starscream. I took the incentive and I will destroy Optimus Prime/ once more Starscream howls in rage, his electronic shout echoing through space as he flies madly around, planning and plotting.


"Okay, here we are." I smile at the older man, finding his bright eyes troubled and face drawn into a frown. Optimus had been silent the entire ride back to the house and once outside of Bumblebee he seemed to only grow more solemn. Leading the human autobot through the back door (so none of the nosy neighbors would grow suspicious as to why I was bringing home and older man dressed only in a blanket) I wave at Bumblebee as he and Mikaela head over to her place to grab clothes and other things she'll need for the time she's here. Ratchet's first order as acting Autobot commander was to order Bumblebee to protect Optimus at all costs and I know the small yellow Mech will do just that and if it means revealing himself to do it, well fine then. Throwing my keys down on the counter I stop, finding Optimus looking at one of my mom's house plants, his finger delicately touching the bright leaf. I watch as the older man almost acts childlike, eyes mesmerized by what he's seeing.

"Uh… Optimus?" I start and he jumps at my voice, bringing his head up and squaring his shoulders. I can't help but still feel slightly awed by the mech turned human, standing before me is a several hundred millennia old being that resembles a very battle worn and weary soldier of about thirty. It's almost scary to imagine what Optimus must remember and how vivid those memories are.

"Let's get you some clothes." I head for the stairs, swinging around the banister and running up the carpeted steps, vaguely aware of the much slower Optimus following me. Turning at the top I watch him make his ascent, one hand nearly white on the banister and very unsteady. I groan, of course, he just mastered walking never mind stairs. He makes it though, a look of pure concentration on his haggard face but he does make it. I smile at the man and he gives a small smirk back before following me.

"Wait here." I tell him and jump up, grabbing the pull rope for the attic. Pulling down the ladder I quickly head up and push aside several boxes, knowing one is up here from when my dad had his thin days. Mom always hoped he'd be able to get back into the pants and such but I seriously doubt it.

"Ah ha!" I shout triumphantly and pull the box towards the opening before backing down the ladder, box in tow. Optimus stands, starring at a painting of a patio my mom bought at an art show last year, alien blue eyes reflecting slightly and jumps when the ladder goes back up with a sharp snap.

"C'mon." I tell him and we enter my room and Optimus smiles slightly, obviously remembering the night of the glasses incident. Tossing the box onto the bed I peel back the storage tape and rifle through the blue jeans, finding a fairly decent pair. Putting them out on the bed I spin around, narrowly avoiding hitting Optimus who is watching my fish with amusement and open my dresser drawer. Pulling out the new package of boxers mom bought me I tear the plastic open and put a pair down beside the jeans.

"Okay. These.." Picking up the boxers "go first." Then imitating I show him how to put his legs through and pull them up. "Alright?" I ask and the man nods.

"These, go second." I tell him and explain how the zipper and button work. With a nod I indicate the bathroom and then stop, nervously twitching my fingers.

"Optimus, you do know how to use the bathroom right?" I ask and a blank look comes over the other's face and I am devoid of all thought before a quick smile splits the other's face.

"Yes Sam." He responds, smiling and I silently thank god for small miracles.

"Good, 'cause I wasn't explaining that." I tell him and Optimus only chuckles softly, a sound akin to a softly rumbling engine. I blink, slightly amazed as the door to my bathroom closes.

"Okay, shirt…." I look into the laundry basket and find several he could possibly wear; the ones in the box are out of the question, since when my dad was thin he dressed like a preppy jock. No way am I going to scar Optimus for life by forcing him to dress like that. The rumbling of an engine alerts me to the return of Bumblebee and Mikaela and the slamming of the down stairs door.

"Up here!" I shout and soon Mikaela's light footsteps are on the stairs.

"Where is he?" she asks, worried as she casts a look around my room.

"In the bathroom, changing." I tell her and as if on cue Optimus opens the door, dressed in the jeans that just barely hug his lean hips. Optimus had neatly folded the blanket and smiles slightly at Mikaela before gesturing to the course material.

"These feel.. strange." He says and lifts one leg before frowning. I shake my head and take the blanket, tossing it onto the floor with the rest of the junk.

"You'll get use to them." I smile and then gesture to four shirts I had grabbed

"Pick one and put it on." Optimus stares at the shirts for several minutes before taking a white one. Very basic, nothing to frilly. Go Optimus! He pulls the fabric over his head and is soon covered effectively. With a nod at Mikaela I run my hands on my jeans, suddenly very aware of what I have standing in my room. Mikaela is staring at the dark haired man with curiosity as Optimus scans my room, his eyes taking in everything.

Can I just say one thing?


The muted sounds of a Transformation brings Optimus' head around sharply, eyes narrowing as he walks to the window.

"We let Bumblebee hang out in the back yard, where the neighbors can't see him so he can stretch and stuff." I offer in way of explanation and wave down at the bright yellow mech now stretched out on the grass. Bumblebee waves back, his optics shining brightly.

"He's a good protector. Always has been a dedicated little Mech." Optimus says softly, eyes seemingly to glow with sadness. I step back to allow Mikaela to handle this situation, her being a female and all, being good with emotions. She only rolls her eyes and smiles slightly at the warrior bot-turned human.

"Optimus, I'm sure Ratchet and Ironhide will be able to figure this all out and you'll be returned to normal in no time." She says and Optimus gives her a slight smile but the sad glow remains, worry lines appear deeper. Thinking quickly I clear my throat

"Okay! Who's hungry? I'm hungry. Optimus! You hungry man?" I ask and the blue eyed being turns

"Is hungry when your torso structure aches and growls?" he asks curiously and I have to hold back a bark of laughter at the innocent question

"Yes, that would mean your starving." Blue eyes widen with horror and a hand is pressed to his abdomen.

"Than this is a bad thing?" he asks softly and Mikaela gives me a death glare before grabbing the scarred arm

"No, Sam's just overreacting. C'mon boys, I'll cook up some burgers since it's almost dinner time." And leads him towards the door. I sigh and look to the ceiling before shaking my head. This is just getting better and better. Down the hallway I can hear Optimus' soft opinion

"You humans overreact a lot." And I smile, maybe it will be alright.

End of chapter 3

Author Note: I was going to go on with Optimus' first experience with a hamburger but decided against it. That'll come in the next chapter. Anyway, I chose this body structure for Optimus because I've always seen him as not scrawny but not highly muscular either. I mean, he was a scribe, imputing data into a computer and I don't think that when he was given the Matrix it changed him a whole lot. Yeah, so his Mech form got bigger but size isn't everything which you will find out in the next chapter. And as for his age, well let's just say 'you're only as young as you feel'. Until next time! Please Review!