This Is A Time For Believing In Fairytales

Marty Pino and Adam Ross sat next to each other in the boardroom of the NYPD. Detective Mac Taylor sat opposite the two werewolves, reading over a case file. Detective Donald Flack Junior had gotten bored and was pacing up and down the boardroom, glancing at the clock every so often. The four men were early for their meeting. Marty tapped his fingers idly on the boardroom table. Adam used one finger to twirl his half-empty coffee cup around in a circle.

A random thought popped into Adam's mind and he leaned over to Marty, murmuring softly, "Is it just me, or when you look around this room do you expect to see…"

"…Donald Trump? 'You're fired!'?" used to his mate's odd sense of humour, Marty was able to finish his sentence easily, "Yep. And now I think that Mac and Flack think we're both insane."

Adam shot a glance over to the supervisor and the detective, "Most likely."

Mac didn't even glance up from his case file, "I decided you were both insane after the incident in the locker room. Discussing Donald Trump and playing footsies in the NYPD boardroom just confirms my suspicions. May I suggest that you stop now? The rest of your new team will be here at any moment."

A snicker from Flack and a knock on the door cut off any remarks that either Adam or Marty would have made in response. Mac called a calm 'come in' and waited. The door cracked open a little and a slender, dark haired man slid in. Eyes down, the man winced slightly as he saw the four people already in the room.

"I'm sorry. Am I late?" he asked.

"No," Mac replied, gesturing to a chair, "We're still waiting on three more. I assume you're the CSI from Miami?"

Adam and Marty looked over interestedly as he nodded, finally lifting dark eyes up to meet the room, "Yessir, Ryan Wolfe."

Adam moved first, holding out his hand, "Adam Ross," he shot Ryan a friendly smile.

Ryan smiled back, shaking his hand, "Nice to meet you."

He stomped down on the urge to lower both his eyes and his head to this man. Ryan kept his breathing steady, trying to will his heart rate back to normal as he felt the wolf inside him flatten its ears back as their hands touched. Goddamn wolf. Wolfe the werewolf. Yes, he did see the irony, thanks ever so. A soft clearing of someone's throat brought him back to the boardroom. He leaned back in his seat to see a shorter man, obviously another werewolf, dark haired, wearing a hockey shirt, in the chair next to Adam. The man's eyes were on his idly moving hands. He cleared his throat again, darting his gaze up to the bewildered looking Adam.

Adam blinked, "Oh," then blushed, "Oh!" he rested a hand on the idly tapping fingers, before turning back to Ryan, "Sorry. This is Dr Marty Pino, my mate."

Ryan looked slightly confused at that, but nodded to the other man, holding out his hand, "Hi, nice to meet you."

They were interrupted by another knock at the door. This time, Mac's head came up from his case file as he called out to the people on the other side of the door. Flack stopped his pacing up and down the boardroom and took a seat next to Mac. The door swung open and three men entered. A wild haired man with brown eyes bounced in, followed by a shorter, dark haired man, eyes down and shaking his head. The third man, a slender Asian, walked calmly and confidently into the boardroom and eased himself to the forefront of the little group, turning back to the other two.

"You could've waited, you know," he said dryly.

The shorter man smirked, eyes still downcast, "Greggo wanted front row seats," his amusement made his Texan accent all the more prominent.

The wild haired man pouted, "That's right, Nicky… You are such an alpha-suck, ya know?"

The rest of the room watched with interest at the interaction between the three. Marty looked through his lashes, own eyes downcast, at the other sub, the Texan, who seemed to be a lot like himself. A small smile crossed his face. Adam bit back a smile at the banter, watching the three men, and letting his smile cross his face as he met each of their eyes. Flack snorted with barely suppressed laughter and shot a look at Mac that suggested he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Mac simply raised an eyebrow.

The alpha werewolf turned back to his pack, "Do you mind?" he said in a tone that suggested that these sorts of conversations were fairly commonplace.

"Go nuts, Arch…" the man referred to as Greggo waved his hand airily.

With a long-suffering look back at his pack, the Asian werewolf turned back to the people in the boardroom, "I'm Archie Johnson, sorry we're late, nobody warned us about the traffic."

He was rewarded with understanding grimaces as he eased his way into a chair next to a dark haired man who had kept his eyes down since they had entered the room. Archie shivered lightly as an unfamiliar feeling ran through him and frowned as he saw the man next to him do the same then fidget uneasily, pen clenched in his hands.

The wild haired man dropped into the seat next to Marty, shooting the entire room a wide smile, "Greg Sanders, don't listen to him, there was no traffic… he got lost," he shot Archie a cheeky smirk.

The Texan raised his eyes for the first time since entering the room, letting everyone see that they were a warm brown, "Nick Stokes, pleasure to meet y'all…" he eased himself into the chair next to Flack.

Mac opened both his mouth and the folder in front of him to begin the meeting, then frowned, "Damn…" he stood, "I hope you'll excuse me for a moment, I appear to have forgotten some of the necessary paperwork."

Flack wiggled his fingers in a mock wave at the back of Mac's retreating head, before turning back to the room at large, "Well…" he said blandly, crossing his arms behind his head, "I'm feeling kinda left out here… being the only one without fur and all…"

Marty, his own eyes on the table, tilted his gaze across to Adam, "And he thinks we're insane?"

Any comment Flack would've made was interrupted by his cell phone. Adam shook his head at Flack, returning the detective's broad grin. Marty followed suit, gesturing at him to answer his cell phone. Flack stood up from the table and moved away, flipping open the phone and pressing it to his ear.

"Flack," came the all-business greeting, followed by a frown and a brief nod, "On my way."

He flipped the cell phone shut and looked back over at the table full of werewolves, "Sorry guys, gotta run. Mac'll be back any second," with a quick wave over his shoulder Flack was out the door.

The door clicked shut behind him. Every eye in the room followed the path of the door. Silence reigned in the room for a while. Greg fidgeted uneasily. He hated awkward silences. Hell, for the most part, he hated silence in general. And now, to break said awkward silence. Greg turned toward the jersey clad werewolf beside him. He grinned, nudging him with an elbow to get the obvious sub's attention. He waited until the man had raised his eyes a little before speaking.

"So…" he said, grin turning a little flirtatious, "Come here often?"

Nick saw the rapid tensing of the other sub's shoulders, "Greg…" he murmured, trying to diffuse the situation before it started.

Too late.

Adam looked over at Greg, eyes cold, "Hi… how are you? Adam Ross, lab technician, this is Dr Marty Pino, Medical Examiner…" very deliberately, he put one hand over Marty's nervously twitching fingers, the other rubbed soothingly up and down Marty's tensed back.

Greg's eyes widened at the gestures and he mumbled, "Uh-oh…"

Adam spun his head round to Archie, still massaging the still-tense Marty's shoulders, "The file says he was a born werewolf. He should know better."

Archie's eyes flared yellow, "What are you implying? That I have no control over my pack?" the alpha slowly willowed to his feet.

Marty's eyes went saucer-like as his mate's hands left his shoulders and Adam got to his feet as well, "If the shoe fits…" he bit out.

Ryan hunched down in his chair a little as the two werewolves seemed to argue over the top of his head, "The hell?" he mumbled, looking past one werewolf's body at the other werewolf in the seat next to him but one.

Marty's eyes stayed wide, "Adam? Please… Adam!"

Archie's eyes flicked past Adam to Marty, prompting Adam to shoot the other man a glare and turn to his mate, "What's wrong?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"What's… what's wrong?!" Marty's voice rose an octave, before it dropped down to normal level, "You just challenged the Las Vegas pack alpha!"

Adam looked at him in shock, then glanced over his shoulder at Archie, who raised a calm eyebrow, then back at Marty, "I just did what?!" he hissed at his mate, face paling.

Archie spoke up, "Uh… hate to interrupt… but… is it safe to say that you weren't challenging me?"

Adam turned back around, one of Marty's hands gripped tightly in his, "Hell no! I don't want to die!"

Archie snorted, a wry smile curling his mouth, "Fair enough," he glanced past everyone at the sheepish looking Greg and narrowed his eyes, "Greg, apologise to the man. You don't flirt with mated pairs. He's right, you should know better."

Greg flushed and nodded, bowing his head, "Adam, I really am sorry for flirting with him. I just… don't like silence. But… I'll admit there were better ways to break it. Marty, I apologise if I caused you any discomfort."

The mated pair nodded and shot Greg a reassuring smile. Greg shot them a small smile in return, then dropped his eyes to the table, suitably chastened. Adam, suddenly realising he was still standing and gripping Marty's hand, quickly sat back down. Archie followed suit, resting his chin in his hands.

Without warning, the unfamiliar sensation from before washed over Archie, making him cringe and shiver visibly. Ryan's nostrils flared suddenly as the werewolf beside him, previously so dominant, flinched and trembled. Greg's head snapped up, followed closely by Nick's, both sets of eyes narrowing and bleeding into yellow. Archie shivered again and blinked slowly, almost trance-like. Greg and Nick both frowned; Greg speaking for both of them.

"Arch? Arch, are you ok?"

Ryan frowned. The Asian werewolf had been so calmly confident before. An alpha. He ruthlessly suppressed the wave of desire that accompanied that particular thought. He was not into that whole BDSM scene. A soft whining noise interrupted Ryan's musing, making his frown deeper. It wasn't until he felt the eyes of the mated pair from New York that he realised that the whining, like a distressed animal, was coming from him. He scrunched his eyes shut, gritting his teeth and harshly clamping down on any wolf-like actions he may be making or thinking of making in the near future.

A touch on his shoulder made him relax and lean into it, a rumble starting in his chest despite his earlier promise to suspend all wolf-like actions. Mate… The word floated through Ryan's mind, accompanied by a wave of desire and affectionate warmth. That was enough to make his eyes fly open and to make him jerk away from the hand that rested on his shoulder with a hissed curse. He yanked his head up to glare at the person who had touched him and found himself practically snarling at the man he'd previously been admiring.

A wave of hurt passed across Archie's face, seen by everyone, it seemed, but Ryan, "Okay, okay," he said soothingly, leaning back in his seat and holding his hands up in the universal gesture of surrender, "Easy, go easy."

Marty and Adam shared a look that also went unnoticed by Ryan. Marty reached under the table, groping blindly for Adam's spare hand. Adam found it and squeezed reassuringly. Greg shook his head in wide-eyed disbelief, having enough sense to not say a word. He glanced over at Nick, frowning as he saw that his friend had pressed himself into the back of his chair, head tilted down and shoulders hunched. Greg reached over and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently when Nick raised his head enough to look at him.

The awkward silence was broken when the door opened and Mac entered followed by Stella, Lindsay, Danny and Sheldon. He was speaking as he walked in and so missed many of the uncomfortable glances being thrown around. He frowned a little as the others sat down, finally noticing the tension in the room. His eyes scanned the room for a few moments before sitting himself. He gestured towards the other CSIs, then opened up a folder in front of him.

"This taskforce is not an attempt to segregate werewolves, despite some of the rumors going around," Mac's calm gaze was turned on both humans and werewolves alike, "Both teams will be working together. Sometimes you will be working as separate teams. Other times you will be split off to work with each other," his gaze traveled over to the werewolves, "This is the CSI team you will be working alongside."

"Detective Danny Messer," all the new werewolves smiled, Nick keeping his eyes down, Ryan obviously fighting not to.

"Detective Stella Bonasera," Mac bit back a smirk as every one of the new werewolves, including the one he'd been told was the alpha, dipped their heads respectfully, recognising a formidable opponent and making Stella blush.

"Detective Lindsay Monroe," the new werewolves smiled in acknowledgement, making her look a bit put out that she didn't get the same reaction as Stella.

"And Doctor Sheldon Hawkes," all the new werewolves nodded to the dark-skinned man, Ryan again fighting the urge to drop his eyes, and Nick too, surprising the people who knew him by raising his eyes to hold the other man's for a split second, before dropping them back to the table quickly.

Adam drifted as Mac introduced the others and he watched the new werewolves, Archie who was obviously trying not to look at Ryan, and Ryan who just looked twitchy. He glanced next at Greg, and frowned in confusion; Greg was rubbing his hand over his upper lip and trying not to laugh. Adam followed Greg's gaze and smiled himself. Nick was trying to appear like he was listening to Mac. But Adam continued to watch as, without fail, his eyes would flick up to Sheldon then back to the table in front of Mac every time the other man turned.

Adam was still watching Nick watch Sheldon when Mac's phone rang, "Taylor, really? Are you sure? Wait a second." Mac put the phone on speaker. "Start again please."

Don's voice came over the phone, "There's been a bank robbery on Liberty Street, three fatalities, the manager, a security guard and a teller. It looks like they used weres as muscle, there's hair all over the place and the bodies are pretty ripped up. We could use the new taskforce."

Mac glanced at the new team in askance. Ryan tilted his head up from where he'd had his eyes downcast and nodded, slightly nervous, but already looking forward to doing the job he was always meant to do. Archie glanced first at Greg, receiving an enthusiastic nod in response, then at Nick, getting a more reserved nod. He turned back to the CSI supervisor and nodded his and his pack's okay.

Mac sighed slightly, "Looks like you don't get much time to settle in," he turned back to the speaker-phone, "Don? The taskforce will be sent out as soon as possible."

The dial tone was heard as Don hung up and Mac glanced at Marty. "You're the coroner on this." Marty scrunched up his nose at having to go out, he'd been spoiled with Sheldon in the field doing prelims lately.

He turned to Nick, Greg and Ryan. "You'll be out in the field."

Mac paused as Greg shook his head a little, "Detective Flack said there was a lot of hair, you'll need the DNA processed as soon as possible, and I'm the only one who's qualified, you'll need me in the lab."

Mac nodded in acquiescence and turned back to the CSIs, "You'll need a third CSI then, Hawkes?" Nick's gaze shot up from the table. "You don't have any cases at the moment." Sheldon opened his mouth as if to protest before shutting it again and shaking his head. Mac stood up, flipped his phone back into his pocket and glanced at Marty.

"Looks like you get to stay in autopsy after all."