Johnny and Squee belong to JV... I wish I owned them I really do!

Chapter one: Homecoming

'What are you thinking?'

"Not now, Shmee." Todd Casil whispered staring out his window, casually winding a length of twine around his hands. He sighed heavily. "Not now."

'Why not just burn the place down? Then it won't haunt you. He's not coming back. You know it. I know it. The whole damn town knows it! Just burn it and be at peace!'

He considered the idea, as he had for many nights now. That house was the only thing left if Johnny. That and Shmee's scars. The nightmares had stopped, for the most part, and his paranoia was diminishing. "No," he said after several moments, "He might come back, God knows what he'd do if he came home to find his house burned down."

'He's not coming back. Ever. He's forgotten us, or he's dead. I prefer the dead thing myself.'

"He's not dead, Shmee." His voice trailed off, and he soon became lost in his own thoughts. Maybe Nny was dead... He'd been gone for years, or hiding. The death rates had lowered considerably, and hadn't changed. There was no way he was around... Where had he gone? Six years... some holiday.

The boy jumped as he saw the lights outside Johnny's shack flicker to life. He squinted trying to make out the figure standing on the steps. "Johnny?"


Squee grabbed Shmee and ran for the basement.

Johnny dropped his bag heavily on the floor, then walked. as if possessed, toward his basement door. He followed the labyrinth down, never blinking, never stopping, until he was face to face with the thing that had haunted him for years...

That damned wall. It had taken on a coppery, rust-like hue over time. It seemed to stare back at him, as though mocking him.

The smell of death and dried blood stung his nose. Nny reached for the nearest blade. He held it loosely in his hands, it was so familiar. Holding his breath and steadying his hands he began to forcefully scrape the caked on layers of dried blood and gore. Desperately trying to rid himself of this one, final demon.

Johnny kept up his violent scraping for several minutes, 173 to be exact. Several areas of the wall were bare now, although permanently stained. He growled, frustrated. He was sweating, his arms numb. Johnny, exhausted, viciously stabbed the knife into the wall, before leaning against the blood-stained boards.

Squee heard Johnny's desperate cleaning methods from two floors below. He rushed up the last two sets of stairs, down six hallways, and through the multiple rooms in record time. He found Johnny leaning up against the wall, breathing hard.

The man raised his eyes as Squee approached, but otherwise didn't move. "How'd you get in here? Who are you?" the anger steadily grew in his voice "Get out, now."

Squee took a step closer, still outside of stabbing distance. "Johnny? Is that you?"

Johnny ripped his knife from the wall and lunged for Squee, stopping just short enough to not kill him.

"Squee..." Todd squeaked backpedaling to get away from the madman.

'See?' Shmee shouted in his head ' He doesn't remember you! Ha! I say burn him!'

Shmee's words fell upon deaf ears. Todd was too busy avoiding setting Johnny off. The two stared at each other, neither moving, neither breathing.

Nny dropped the blade. "Squeegee?" he whispered, "No way." He shook his head. "No fucking way. My god."

Squee managed to crack a smile.

"Can I ask you something Squeegee?"


"Why the fuck are you wearing my shirt?"

Squee looked down at the oversized black shirt he was wearing. The words "Eat me" and then a picture of a cookie in white on the front. It was Johnny's shirt.

"It's... uh... comfy?"

Johnny laughed. "How many more of my shirts do you have?"

The boy stalled for a minute... "A few..." He flinched under the incredulous look Johnny shot him "well... most of them. I washed them first, I swear!"

Johnny laughed again, "You've grown a bit of a backbone there Squeegee."

"I guess so..." Squee looked around for a way out of the conversation. "Anything's possible when you've been abducted by aliens."

They shared a laugh, which faded to an awkward silence.

Johnny was the first to break it.

"Get out of my house."