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Next Day Of School...

Ash and the gang were walking to the school boards... They all got a call from Ms. R... She said it was urgent.

"Wonder what could be so urgent that she's forcing us to read the school board." May wondered allowed. The others agreed.

"It's not like she cancelled the shows... did she?" Drew wondered aloud, flicking his hair while at it. Yuki of course, being the new girl, had no idea what they were talking about.

Right as soon as he said that, a whole mob of students (mostly girls) were walking away from the boards... their faces were full of surprise.


"Everyone on Team Darkrai! I got us some coolio letterman jackets!" Brendan said. They were looking at the box he was carrying. They took out the black letterman jackets, each on their own size. It had a picture of a legendary Darkrai on the back and had the words "Team Darkrai" Printed underneath.

"Cool!" Jayden exclaimed. All of them put their jackets on and got down to business. "Anyway, don't you think we should get down to business?"

"Yeah, I think we should," Rosalina agreed. "First and foremost, Part one of our plan has suceeded of course. We couldn't have done it without our beautiful Harley!" (A/N: Shudder anyone?)

"Thank you! Thank you! That Ms. R is easy to persuade. Hee hee hee!" The queen of all candy and rainbows said. Everyone clapped.

"Plan two is about to commence tomorrow am I correct?" Tulip asked. The others nodded.

"But we aren't going to say plan two right now because we don't want to spoil to the readers, now do we?" Brendan said out loud. The others agreed again.

"Dammit! You guys are mean!" (Insert Your Name here) said.

"Teehee... we know!" Melon said.


"Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it!" said Kate absolutely astonished about what she was reading on the board.

"I don't understand this, what's going on?" Yuki asked Paul.

"Well, thing is, we were going to have three big productions. We all got main parts in them, and now... now it's CANCELLED!" Paul said, yelling the last word.

"Oh..." Yuki said. Then she realized how much that sucked. "OH MY GOSHH THAT SUCKS!!" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Oh well... Ms. R must have a good reason for cancelling something so big at a short notice." Ash reasoned.


The door to the drama room opened...

"Good Evening Ms. R!" Harley said to Ms. R.

"Good Evening to you too Harley!" She replied. "However can I help you?"

"Umm... Can you please cancel the drama productions?" Harley asked. Ms. R gaped.

"Whyever would I do that? Harley, you are a good student to me, but I'd never do that to the other children. They are so excited for this!" Ms. R said. 'Hmm this may be harder than I thought," Harley thought.

"What If I gave you... 50 off all Brownies at your local supermarket coupons for the next year?" Harley asked her handing her a book full of said coupons.

"DEAL!!" She said. He smilled, thanked her, and turned around. He then grinned evilly. Mission accomplished.

End Flashback

"Right..." Kate said doubtfully. Ms. R wasn't exactly bright.


It was lunch... the group finally got over the news and decided to split into gender groups (Yuki goes a new group of friends she made) to talk about what was coming up... The dance. Solidad joined the girls after canoodling with Lance.

With the girls

"So ladies, you get a date?" Solidad asked the younger girls. Their face turned red and they all nodded. Then they opened their eyes and all exclaimed in unison, "YOU DID?? WHEN?? YESTERDAY!! REALLY MEE TOO!!" Solidad anime-sweat dropped and face palmed. 'Haha wow... that was faster than I thought.' She thought.

"Well I'm guessing that May is with Drew, Misty is with Ash, Kate is with Chad, and Dawn is with Paul am I correct?" Solidad asked.

"Yes Solidad." They said in unison, like those little preschoolers do with their teacher.

"So spill... What are the details?" Solidad asked them. They each explained what happened when their boy asked them out. They all laughed at how ridiculous Dawn's story was. They applauded at Misty's story because it took that long for him to find out Misty and his own's feeling. 'Is it that obvious??' Misty thought.

"So what are you guys going to wear tomorrow?" Dawn asked them.

"Well it's a costume thing, isn't it? We should do opposites!" Misty said. Everyone nodded. "What is our opposite forms?"

"I think you should go as preppy person." Kate suddenly said. They all except Misty laughed at first. And then they started agree.

"You're right, you're probably the most tomboy off the group so I think that's a brilliant idea!" Solidad said. "And I think Kate should be a nun... " Everyone cracked up at this, even Kate who thought she was joking. The rest began to agree slowly though, and Kate looked in disbelief.

"That's right! She's so boy crazy that's exactly what she should be. Hehe. And I think Solidad should go as May! I mean Solidad isn't naive and she's wise and experienced." Dawn said. Everyone agreed excluding May.

"You know, I get offeneded. I have feelings too! And just for that Dawn should be one of those book worms! Their shy, not cocky, and actually know their stuff!" May said. Agreeing starts here.

"Haha good choice May. But I get to choose your costume now. How about a slu-" Misty began but then Dawn cut her off.

"BIKER GIRL! A Biker girl! Totally not naive and its rated 'T' appropriate" Dawn said, glaring at Misty. Misty nervous laughed.

"So should we go shopping for our costumes after school today?" Kate asked. She knew that they had to go shopping for their costumes, and knew it was a good time to hang out.

"Yeah, 3:30 at the mall everyone?" Misty asked. "Yeah" They responded.

"Cool... we get to go shopping!!" Dawn exclaimed.

The Dudes

"They're loud..." Paul said apathetically. The guys agreed.

"I guess we should go as a matching form of their opposites. I'll go as a preppy guy?" Ash said. They nodded.

"And I am a... priest?" Chad said. They once again nodded. He sweatdropped.

"And apparently I am a Biker Dude. How strange..." Drew said. The others started nodding once more.

"And I am a Dork. How uncool." Paul said. The others half-laughed and nodded to this.

"I think we should go the same time as them, but not actually go with them because it would ruin their 'Girls Day Out' or whatever." Drew said.

"That's true. So tomorrow, 3:30, in front of Hollister? So we can help Ash first. Hehehe." Paul said. The others laughed, including Ash.

Team Darkrai

"So our evil plan is unveiling, bit by bit." Rosalina said. She smirked at this. Brendan nodded.

"Our goal is creeping closer and closer. We should get ready though. To Fruit-man's house after school to get ready? I mean everyone does have their costume am I right?" Brendan said. Everyone agreed. Harley was confused though.

"Who is this Fruit-man which we speak of?" He asked everyone. They all pointed at him. "Oh, okay. Wait a minute, what's tha-" But he got cut off.

"Okay good so we meet up today. Everything is going perfectly!" Rosalina said. Everyone began to evil laugh, and all the kids that were walking by were probably whispering "losers" or "dorks" or "Brendan's hot be he is a loser, like the rest of them" or something like that.

BRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG! The school bell rang. It was 2:30.

The time to shop has come at hand...


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