Summary: God has finally granted Sai the thing that he wanted the most. That is to return to the living world and with a body to booth. But just when he thinks nothing could go wrong, he realizes that the body that he gets isn't exactly what he expected.

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Warning: English is not my native language, so there'll be some grammatical errors.

Chapter I – This is not what I expected

Fujiwara no Sai had been sitting by himself on the shore of the beautiful lake in heaven for a long time now. His eyes focused on the reflection on the lake water in front of him. And a passerby who didn't' know him enough might mistaken him for being narcissistic. But whoever who thought that couldn't be more wrong because what he was staring at was definitely not his own reflection.

After much whining on his first few days in heaven, Sai had been allowed by God to follow the progress of Shindou Hikaru's professional Go career. And once a day he could watch some Go related scenes from his ex-pupil's daily life on the lake water's reflection.

Right now, he was watching an official match between Shindou 4-dan against Isumi 4-dan. It wasn't one of those title matches and just one of the oteai games. But if Hikaru won this game, he would be promoted to 5-dan. And Sai had a very strong feeling that he would win.

Even though a 4-dan rank was not a bad achievement for an eighteen years old boy in itself. Hikaru's rival, Touya Akira had just been promoted to 7-dan. And Sai knew that Hikaru would want to get his own promotion as soon as possible. The boy, or young man to be more exact, would never let his rival left him too far behind as if his life was depend on it.

Sai was so engrossed on the scene before him that he didn't even notice when an angel approached him from behind. And after standing patiently behind him for a few moments, said angel finally decided to tap him on the shoulder. But still, he was ignored. Finally, with an exasperated sigh he decided to leave Sai and returned later when the go player spirit had finish watching the scene.

As expected, Hikaru won his game. The young man's skill had improved a lot since he left about four years ago. A soft smile was gracing Sai's lips as he started to stand. It was a very amusing game indeed. Just when he was about to leave though, he could hear someone calling his name.

"Fujiwara-san. Now that you've finished your favorite pastime, can you please come with me?" The angel said with a small smile gracing his handsome face.

Sai recognized the angel instantly as one of God's messenger. And he returned the angel's smile with a small bow.

"Of course. I would be glad to come." Sai answered politely.

He would be a fool to refuse. The angel's tone might suggest a request but a request that came from a messenger angel was more or less an order for the denizens of heaven.

The angel's smile grew wider and with a murmured "This way please", he led Sai to meet the one who sent him. Sai's heart was beating fast with anxiety and curiosity. For what reason was he being called for? Did God decided to take away his privilege to watch over Hikaru's progression.

"No! Please not that one." Sai thought earnestly. "At least not until the he reached the hand of God."

Lost in his thoughts, he was barely aware when they arrived before a huge gate made of gold. The angel opened the gate with a simple wave of his right hand. And they entered the room beyond the door without too much fuss.

When they arrived in front of the shining figure of God, both Sai and the angel bowed low. Sai then proceeded by kneeling before the imposing figure at the throne while his escort walked away to the far left corner of the room.

"Fujiwara no Sai!" Said the booming but melodious voice.

"Yes, Kami-sama." Answered Sai, with as polite of a tone that he could muster. And that was a lot considering how polite he already was.

"I have decided to granted you with a great boon. If you want to, you can return to the world of the living again. You will even be granted a body and not just as a houseless spirit."

Sai was very glad that he already on his knees because he was sure that he would fall if he weren't. What an amazing offer! Of course he wanted to return. And with a body he would be able to play Go again. He could play as many games as he wanted with anyone who was willing to play him. What good deed that he had done to deserve such an offer?

"So what say you to this? Do you want to return?" Asked the voice before him.

"Y-yes." He answered excitedly and then added belatedly. "Kami-sama."

"Good. You see the portal to your right? When you enter that portal, you will be transported into your new body back to earth." When the voice said that, the angel, who had escorted him, re-appeared at his side and guided him to the portal.

Sai was about to enter the portal when he finally asked the question that nagged in his mind.

"Kami-sama, what have I done to deserve this great opportunity?" he asked unsurely.

The answer didn't come immediately but when he was about to give up and left, the answer finally came.

"I know how much you care about the young man and a terrible thing will happen to him soon. So I have decided that it is better for you to be by his side when it happens rather that simply watch it from heaven."

"What kind of terrible thing?" In his worry for Hikaru, Sai almost forgot his manner.

"That I cannot tell. Now leave while the portal is still open. In your new body you will be able to stay by the young man's side almost all the time and be able to help him."

And with that order, Sai entered the portal as fast as his immortal feet could take him. The last thing he saw before being engulfed by a blinding light was the gentle smile on the angel's face.

The swirling light didn't fade until a few moments and he felt so light, like flying. But then the sensation stopped and after awhile the light began to fade. After that a variety of sounds started to fill his sensitive ears. And soon after that, his sight also returned.

The first thing that he realized was the difference in sight. Somehow his surroundings seemed to be less colorful but he could see more widely. And then he also noticed how his hearing and smelling senses are very, very sharp. One thing that he realized belatedly was how near his face to the ground and that instead of standing on two legs, he was standing on FOUR legs.

That was when he finally realized that the body that he was in, wasn't a human body. Fortunately, or not, there was a pond not far from where he stood and Sai decided to run to said pond to see his reflection.

An unclear image of a pair of erect and triangular ears, a long snout, a face that was covered in black and white fur, and a pair of sharp eyes filled his sight. And after seeing said reflection, he was screaming in agony, which came out as a howling sound.

He was a dog, a cute looking one, but still a dog. How was he supposed to communicate with people if he was a dog? How could he convince Hikaru about who he was? Oh, this couldn't be happening. There must have been some mistakes here. Or there weren't? And this was what he got for being such a whiny spirit?

For a while he could only drown himself in self-pity and if there were passerby, they would simply saw him as a sad and stranded Siberian Husky pup, because that was the body that he got. Fujiwara no Sai, the Go master was now a 7 months old black and white Siberian Husky dog.

To Be Continued

Kami-sama means God. Sorry for the use of Japanese language but I think it will be a bit weird sounding if Sai called God as 'God'.

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