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She walked gracefully along the sidewalk, the moonlight guiding her way. There was a full moon that night, so everything was clearly seen. The girl's cherry blossom pink hair trailed behind her in the light wind. Her turquoise eyes were shining as she kept walking. Her name was Sakura, Sakura Haruno.She was now 17 years old and changed greatly sinse 4 years ago. Her outside has changed, her body had matured, she grew taller, got curves, and her body is also now much tougher than it was back then. She has gotten a new outfit, it was cute, and girl fitting, yet comfortable, and suited for a great ninja, like herself. It wasn't too different from before(in the shiippuden),but now she had more room for weapons, her gloves were made out of special fabric ,which is very tough to tear or damage, and her boots did not have such a platform, which made it easier to move faster. Her boots also hid small and light, but deadly weapons.

She was a lethal weapon now. During all those years, she didn't just sit around doing nothing, she trained hard day and night to achieve the state that she was in now. She has even surpassed her sensei, the Hokage herself. She was Tsunade's first, and most trusting assistant, Tsunade would always come to Sakura first, because she knew, that Sakura would do it.But Tsunade's training wasn't enough for Sakura, Sakura has traveled to 3 other villages to receive special training. Sakura now specializes in ninjutsu, taijutsu, gengutsu, and over 50 other jutsus. Not to forget, she was the best medical ninja in Konoha (Tsunade being second). Almost everyone in Konoha knew her name.

Sakura really loved the full moon, but at the same time..she hated it. She loved it because it was so mystical, beautiful and mysterious. But she hated it…because it reminded her of that dreadful day...the day Sasuke left.There was a beautiful full moon that day...Sakura remembered that clearly. Sakura was now passing the bench, the one on which Sasuke left her on, all those years ago. After knocking her out….he just left her on that cold bench…. 'What a mean way of leaving' she thought 'All he said was "thank you" and knocked me out cold...' she sighed. 'Not even say good bye. But come to think of it, he was never to nice to me…. What the?? Why am I thinking about this right now? He has left a long time ago, he is NOT coming back, I learned to erase him from my mind ….I was so childish back then! I liked him for no reason! Well, for his looks, have to admit he was cute, but nothing else! That was so stupid of me! The only nice thing he has ever done to me was. Save me……but…. it's not like he liked it…'... 'Ahhh I have to stop thinking about all this! I came out here to enjoy it, not bring back painful memories... ………I have to remind myself, to never take this route again...' Sakura was a long way past the bench now. Though the memories kept coming back. She thought ' He has saved me so many times…I was so pathertic..I did save him several times.. but not many at all compared as to how many he did……' She smiled 'I haven't needed any help sense… even a whole year ago on that mission..(She had a small flashback….).I have been able to protect myself, and many others. …'Sakura was proud of what she has become…she looked at her hand, she clenched it into a fist. 'Sasuke…actually I have to thank you, because if it wasn't for you,I would have never worked so hard to get stronger,to prove you wrong…' She she grinned 'It pisses me of now of how you thought of me …..and I'm pissing myself off because I'm thinking of Sasuke so much!!!!!!!!!I don't love him anymore, I don't even like him……' She looked down. 'There is something about him that keeps coming back to me. Why….why…looks doesn't matter anymore…and he doesn't like me at all! He almost killed Naruto, his best friend just to get stronger! Then he left to Orochimaru...once again to get more power...he was ready to sell his body just to get power! How ridiculous was that?? I mean...I know that his whole village was killed by his older brother, Itachi...but...but...I don't think going through all that…is necessary...jsut to kill one person,for revenge. Revenge. That word. That's what basically Sasuke's whole life is about. He lives for revenge…How stupid!! How could I possibly even like someone like that! His heart is probably ice now…last time I saw him. I remember his eyes….'Sakura had a flashback of 3 years ago when they encountered Sasuke.That was the last time she saw him. 'What did I even see in him…..…' this was the first time in a long time that Sakura has though about this for such a long time…. Sakura looked at the moon….for a long time she was just captured by the beauty of it...but then "Oh shoot!!!!!!! How long have I been walking?! All that thinking must have…..!" Sakura could tell just by the location of the moon what time it was. 'Aw man ,tomorrow I'm going to be so tired….and I know Tsunade has a mission for me…..great.' Sakura has wondered further than she even though, even though she was moving at great speed, it took her longer to get home than usual.Even though she usually walked back too ,she had left for the walk an hour later today.

The next morning, Sakura had to wake up at 5:30 for the information on her mission. Originally she was supposed to wake up at 7,but Tsunade said she has some very important news. 'Oh how important can it be that you wake me up an hour and a half earlier!?' She thought…. 'Well, today has gotten of to a great start.' She thought sarcastically. Though tired,she quickly got dressed , ready, and was out the door. She had gotten to the building in 5 minutes.As she was walking down the hallway ,she yawned and put her hand on her forehead, she was thinking.. 'Oh Tsunade,I would do anything for you… but …..' Sakura thought this because she knew Tsunade well,and her meaning of "important news" could mean that she needs Sakura to wave a fan at her or something.When Sakura reached the right door,she knocked.

"Come in,Sakura." Tsunade said from behind the door.

"What is it Tsunade?" Sakura asked as she came in ,Tsunade could tell that there was an annoyed look in Sakura's eyes. "You said to report at 7, not 5:30!!...I-" but she didn't get to finish.

"Believe me Sakura,it's very important news this time."

"Alright..but shouldn't Naruto be here? He's going with me on the mission-"Tsunade cut her of again.

"Well, this would be shocking news to him too. but I just though that you would take more time to absorb it, and.."Sakura cut her of this time.

"WHAT? I get to wake up at 5:30 while Naruto gets an hour and a half more,and its important news fom him too,Tsunade! How can-" Tsunade was getting a bit annoyed(and cut her of again,lol!)

"SAKURA,once you see, you'll understand."


Tsunade sighed , "Hey,come here." she called to her right(Sakrua's left)

'Who…' sakura started thinking 'can it be..'

Out the door came out(oh everyone knows..right?)..Sasuke Uchiha.