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Reborn Lives

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: What the Hell is Going On?

Usagi Tsukino, better known as "Sailor Moon", "Princess Serenity", "Neo Queen Serenity" and "Meatball Head" looked at the damage… the damage was too great, her best friends, the Sailor Senshi layer dead on the battle field… her beloved Mamoru was missing. She had won the battle, but at the cost of her friends and she was extremely weak.

"What am I going do?" said Usagi.

"Usako…" said a very weak voice.

Usagi ran over where voice came from to find Mamoru laying there, bleeding badly.

"Mamo-Chan…" said Usagi.

"Usako…" said Mamoru, "Good bye…"

He said weakly… the two kissed one final kiss… then he died… Usagi cried then took out the Silver Crystal… a bright light shined forth.

"Please Silver Crystal! Grant us new lives…" said Usagi.

And then she knew no more…

Luffy woke up from the dream he was having… with a yawn.

"That was weird dream…" he said.

That morning at breakfast, the crew has decided to try to make small talk with Luffy seeing if he would talk instead of eat then maybe he would eat less.

"So Luffy…" said Usopp making conversation, "What sort of dreams did you have last night."

As one could see… they couldn't come up with topics.

"I had the weirdest dream last night, where I kissed a guy…" said Luffy.

Zoro spat out his morning drink, while everyone else dropped their forks… one thought crept on everyone's mind "Is Luffy gay?".

"I think I lost my appetite." said Nami.

"Me too…" said Sanji.

Everyone but Luffy left the room… then they realized… they left Luffy alone in the Galley… they found that all their food was gone and Luffy had decided to go into the fridge.

"Let's never try that again…" said Nami.

And everyone nodded in agreement.

Later that day, they got to the nearest island. Everyone parted ways, Nami had heard about a secret treasure on the island and went with Vivi to get more information about it (and see if there's any way for her to get her hands on it) while everyone else went their own to look around the town. Nami and Vivi went to where they heard where a treasure was which was a shrine… there a teenaged Miko with pink hair put into a ponytail, she was feeding two cats, one white and the other black…

"Eat up kitties there's plenty to go around…" the miko.

The Miko looked up and saw Nami and Vivi enter the shrine, she sighed and said "It's show time!"

She got up and approached them…

"State your reason!" she yelled.

"What?" said Nami.

"You can not go further unless you state your reason… do you want to go the gift shop?" said the Miko.

"Gift shop?" asked Vivi.

"That's right… we sell items about the Legend of Treasure… as well Frozen Yogurt, which we call Frogurt." Said the Miko, "Or perhaps you are here for the Treasure's Test?"

"Is this an act?" asked Nami.

"Sure is… Gramps wants me to act this way in front of tourists… I find this extremely embarrassing…" said the Miko.

"Makie! I'm not hearing the act!" yelled an old man from the gift shop.

"Shut up Gramps! I'm talking to kids my age!" yelled the Miko named Makie.

"Fine…" grumbled Makie's grandfather.

"Don't tell me the Treasure's a Tourist trap…" sighed Nami.

"It's not…" said Makie, "500 Berries."

"What?" said Nami.

"If Grandpa finds out I let you take the test for I'll get grounded…" said Makie, "To take the test to if you qualify to get the treasure is 500 Berries…"

"What sort of test?" said Nami.

"I'll show you." said Makie.

Makie lead Nami and Vivi to a cave.

"Legend has it that the Treasure in here is very powerful item that if falls into the wrong hands it could mean disaster…" said Makie, "But it's also worth Billons of Berries…"

"Billions!" said Nami with Berry signs in her eyes.

Vivi laughed wit ha sweatdroped while Makie said "Extremely greedy?"

"You have no idea." said Vivi.

"You have to past the test first…" said Makie.

"What is this test." said Nami.

"I'll show you." said Makie, she walked into the cave however something strange happened… when there got certain point the air began to ripple and Makie was pushed back.

"You okay?" asked Vivi helping up the Miko.

"I'm fine." said Makie, "Happens all the time. If you want to take the test that 500 Berries… however…"

"However what?" said Nami.

"Pass or fail the test you get a Frogurt!" said Makie.

Nami and Vivi anime fell…

Nami then got up and took out 500 Berries and gave it to Makie.

"Thank you…" said Makie.

Nami gulped and walked into the cave… when she to where the Barrier was the air rippled and Nami passed though…

"You passed!" yelled Makie, "I can't belive3 it someone actually passed! Please come with me!"

Nami blinked and walked back and blinked, "But wait don't I get to claim the Treasure?"

"You do… but we should talk first!" said Makie.

Makie lead them to a room… where gave the two Frogurt on the house.

Makie's grandfather entered the room along with Makie.

"So I heard that the red head passed the test." said Makie's grandfather.

"Yes…" said Nami.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Vivi.

"It's an ancient legend but it states long ago there was a Kingdom on the Moon... there Kingdom Fell and Court was sent here but reborn… the reborn ruler fought many evils and even proposed that would start their own kingdom… however the kingdom fell before it could even start… as the a great evil showed up and killed the ruler and this court… the treasure of the kingdom was sealed into the cave and only the ruler or a member the court can enter the cave…" said Makie's grandfather.

"How am I member of this court?" asked Nami, "Is it with birth…"

"No…" said Makie's grandfather, "Reincarnation!"

Nami sweatdroped, "Your kidding right…" she said.

"That's what the legend says." Said Makie's Grandfather, "But even if that part of the Legend is not true… that still doesn't change the fact you went though the barrier…"

"No creature but Luna and Artemis has ever been able to pass though…" sad Makie.

"Luna and Artemis?" asked Vivi.

That's when the two cats entered the room…

"These cats are very old… and it is that they've helped protect the shrine…" said Makie's Grandfather, "And for the oddest reason they are able to pass though as well."

"You have an ulterior motive for telling me this… don't you?" said Nami.

"That's right… the treasure puts me and grandfather in constant danger… if you would claim the truer then pirates would stop attacking." said Makie's Grandfather.

"Pirates often attack the Shrine in search for the treasure… and if someone claims it then we'll be free…" said Makie.

"Then I can turn this into a 100 percent tourist trap and turn the cave into a tourist trap itself it will be a gold mine!" said Makie's Grandfather.

"Gramps is crazy…" said Makie.

"I see…" said Nami.

"So will you please do this…" said Makie's grandfather.

"I'll think about it…" said Nami who had a strange feeling about it.

"Please come back before your log pose sets… which should be in three days." said Makie, "Here's 1000 Berries."

"Makie!" said Makie's Grandfather.

"What? I doubled their money… what's the problem with that?" said Makie.

"But we need it!" said Makie's grandfather.

"Gramps…" muttered Makie.

"Fine…" said Makie's Grandfather.

Nami and Vivi left the Shrine not noticing a woman watching the shrine from above. She had dark blue hair put into a tight ponytail on the top of her head and wore a black dress with the hem on her thigh.

"The Power of Venus flow though her…" said the woman who disappeared.

The woman reappeared bowing to man sitting on a thrown.

"What information do you have?" asked the man.

"I have found one of Sailor Senshi…" said the woman.

"Really…" said the man, "Who?"

"Sailor Venus I believe…" said the woman.

"Hmm… too bad it was the Princess who found the Shrine First…" said the man.

"Wait sire!" said a man with messy purple hair appearing, "I have found something interesting…"

"What sort interesting…" said the man.

"I have found the princess and rest of the Inner Senshi however… I bring very bizarre news about them…" said the purple haired man.

"What sort of news?" said the man taking sip of wine that he happened to have.

"Their male!" said the purple haired man.

The man spat out his wine, "What do you mean Doug?" said the man.

"Well you see why doing a search of the island I sensed the senshi powers… and they appeared to be all reincarnated as men…"

The man started at the purpled haired man named Doug, "I sense you are telling the truth."

"Thank you sir…" said Doug.

"Karen, take care of Sailor Venus… Doug… take care of the rest… and make sure of them is alive…" said the man.

"Yes sir!" said both who disappeared.

"Soon, the Silver Crystal will be mine…" said man.

Back on the Island, Nami and Vivi walked back to the ship.

"What?" said Nami.

"Your unsure whether or not you want to go after a treasure…" said Vivi.

"So what's wrong with that?" said Nami.

"Well I haven't known you for very long… but…" said Vivi, "Are you feeling well?"

"What?" said Nami.

"Are you still feeling a little sick, after all you still haven't fully recovered." said Vivi.

"I'm fine…" said Nami with a sweat drop.

"But…" said Vivi.

"I said I'm fine!" yelled Nami, "I have this weird feeling about it… it's hard to explain… it like I want the others to come with me…"

"Oh… I see…" said Vivi.

The woman named Karen appeared above them…

"There she is…" said Karen, "Loki!"

A strange monster appeared beside Karen, "Yes milady?" asked the monster.

"Go take care of the red head and make sure she's alive… I doubt Doug will come though on that part…." said Karen.

"Yes…" said the monster.

Elsewhere Doug was floating above Usopp and Chopper…

"I sense he's Sailor Mercury… Jebus… fugly…" said Doug, "Don't' want to bring in this specimen… Kenji!"

A smother appeared next to Doug…

"Go get the ugly guy…" said Doug.

"Which ugly guy? The hairy one or the guy who looks like Pinocchio…" said the monster.

"The one that looks like Pinocchio…" said Doug.

"Yes sir!" said the monster.

Doug disappeared and reappeared above Zoro…

"He's definitely Mars… he looks strong…" said Doug, " Sandy!"

A strange monster made out and appeared, "Yes?"

"Go kill that man…" said Doug.

"Why?" said the monster.

"Because I said so…" said Doug who disappeared, and reappeared above Sanji, "So that Jupiter… man..."

"Anyone…" said Doug.

A monster appeared, "Blondie?"

"Yes…" sighed Doug, who then disappeared and reappeared above Luffy, "Just whoever…"

A monster that looked like a monkey appeared.

"Who am I supposed to kill?" asked the Monkey monster.

"No… one but bring that kid in the Straw Hat to me… I want to show Karen that I can do something right…"

"Yes sir!" said the monkey monster.

"He'll be grateful that I handed over the Princess… er… Prince… whatever…" said Doug who then disappeared.

Back with Nami and Vivi… there was a sound…

"What was that?" said Vivi.

"I don't' know…" said Nami.

That's when the monster appeared with a sword and just to attack Nami… but Nami managed to dodge.

"What the…" said Nami.

"I'm sorry…" said the monster, "But my mistress you… dead or alive…"

"What…" said Nami.

"You entered the cave… you can get the treasure for my mistress…" the monster.

"The treasure…" said Nami surprised.

"Come with me now!" said the monster.

Nami managed to get her staff out and blocked the monsters attack.

That's when a mark appeared on Nami's forehead, a golden mark of heat attached to a cross.

"What's that?" said Vivi.

The monster seemed to freeze, knowing what the mark meant.

Elsewhere with Usopp and Chopper, Usopp told Chopper about his past adventures (which was indeed bull plop)…

"And that's when I…" said Usopp.

That's when there was a strange explosion.

"What was that?" said Usopp. Then they saw the monster… Usopp and Chopper stared at the monster… the monster ran towards them and of course Usopp and Chopper ran.

"What is that thing!" yelled Chopper.

"I have no idea!" yelled Usopp.

Thwe monster sent out a rope that tripped Usopp… the monster walked up to Usopp and picked him up but his overalls… it's eyes become wide when it saw there a glowing blue symbol on Usopp's forehead, one that looked like a heart on top of a cross with antae… this made the monster scared for some reason Chopper saw the mark as well.

"What's what mark?" he said.

Meanwhile with Zoro he was trying to find a tavern… but he was lost and probably walking around in circles… strike that… he was walking around in circles.

"Where the is a tavern?" grumbled Zoro.

That's when a huge wave of sand nearly hit him but he saw it coming and managed to doge.

"You are good…" said the monster made out of sand appearing from nowhere.

"What the…" said Zoro.

"I wonder why Lord Doug wants you dead." said the monster.

"I have no idea what you're talking about…" said Zoro.

"Then you wouldn't mind a fight…" said the monster.

"You're on!" said Zoro drawing his swords.

The monster created a sword out of sand the two began to sword fight… the tow locked swords… during which a red mark appeared on Zoro's forehead… one that looked like a an upturned heart that had an arrow shooting from it, the monster's eyes were wide.

"So that's why he wants you dead…" said the monster.

Meanwhile with Sanji, who was shopping for food, when suddenly everyone began to pass out around him.

"What the…" said Sanji.

"Just drained their energy… not like they needed it…" said a voice.

The monster jumped down front of Sanji…

"What the…" said Sanji.

"Sorry but I'm here to ki…" said the monster but was quickly kicked away by Sanji.

"Hey I wasn't done with my ominous "I'm here to kill you" speech…" said the monster.

"So…" said Sanji.

That's when a mark appeared on Sanji's forehead… one that looked like a green 4.

"Fuck me…" said the monster.

Meanwhile Luffy much like Zoro was… was lost… he didn't even know where he was going.

"There you are!" said a voice.

"What?" said Luffy.

That's when the monkey monster appeared… "You're coming with me!"

"It's a giant monkey!" yelled Luffy.

"Hey!" yelled the monkey monster.

"You can talk?" asked Luffy.

"Hey that' besides the point… Lord Doug has ordered me to kidnap you…" said the monkey monster.

"Why?" asked Luffy.

"Because!" yelled the monkey monster who threw a barrel Luffy who dodged.

"Hey that wasn't nice!" yelled Luffy.

A mark appeared on his forehead… that was a golden moon… the Monkey monster froze.

"No… it can't be…" said the monster.

Back with Nami the continued to fight… the monster continued to stare that seemed to push back the monster… that's when a strange orange light… appeared… from that orange light appeared a pink wand with an orange crystal on top. Nami didn't know but she grabbed it… and said "Venus Crystal Power Make-up!"

There was a bright light and when the light was gone Vivi stared at Nami blinking.

"Nami is that you?" said Vivi.

"Why do you ask?" asked Nami that when she noticed her reflection on a nearby building… first off she was now weirding a bizarre outfit consisting of an orange sailor collar and orange mini-skirt, a blue bow in the front and a yellow bow in back, long white gloves, a tiara on her forehead, orange high heels and an orange choker with a gold star… now if the outfit wasn't enough… she was now a blonde with long hair that was tied back in a bow.

"What just happened?" said Nami.

"There's no way am I going to fight you!" yelled the monster who disappeared.

"What's going on!" yelled Nami.

Meanwhile with Usopp… the monster threw Usopp into a nearby building.

"Usopp!" yelled Chopper.

"I'm fine…" said Usopp getting up… that's when a blue light sprung forth, appeared into the blue light was pink wand with a blue crystal on top… he didn't know why but he grabbed it… then said "Mercury Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

There was a bright light… and when it cleared where Usopp stood was a girl with short blue hair, and show wore a strange outfit with of a blue sailor collar and blue mini-skirt, a sky blue bow in the front and back, long white gloves, a tiara on her forehead, blue knee high boot, a blue choker with a gold star… What was more interesting was that she had a very long nose… for this girl was Usopp...

"What the!" yelled Usopp-Chan very loudly.

"Usopp…" Chopper blinking.

"Abort! Abort!" yelled the monster disappearing.

"what's going on…" thought Usopp-Chan.

Meanwhile with Zoro… the sand monster stepped back and then engulfed Zoro's legs with sand.

"I did not know why I was sent to kill you but now I do…" said the monster.

"I can't move…" said Zoro.

That's when a red light appeared from that red light appeared a pink wand with a red crystal on top, for some reason he grabbed it and said "Mars Crystal Power! Make-up!"

There was a bright light and out of that light where Zoro was stood was a girl with long black hair, she wore a strange out made up of a red sailor collar and red mini-skirt, a purple bow in the front and a red bow in back, long white gloves, a tiara on her forehead, red high heels, a red choker with a gold star…she also worse three sword on her side… not only that but this girl was Zoro.

"What the hell!" yelled Zoro-Chan.

"Gotta go!" yelled Sand monster disappearing.

"What the hell is going on! Why am I girl!" she yelled.

Meanwhile with Sanji the monster stepped back a few feet, then summoned a sword.

"I'm here to kill and that's what I'm about to do!" yelled the monster.

Sanji prepared for a jump but then there was a bright green light... from the light was a pink wand with green crystal on top, Sanji didn't know why but he grabbed it when he did he said "Jupiter Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

There was bright light and when it died down stood a tall girl with brown hair put into a tail where Sanji should have been standing, she wore a strange outfit that consisted of a green sailor collar and green mini-skirt, a pink bow in the front and in back, long white gloves, a tiara on her forehead, green boots and a green choker with a gold star… She also had a curly eyebrow and part of her hangs covered her left eye… for this girl was Sanji.

"What the hell just happened…" said Sanji-Chan.

"Oh Sakura Hinata Ino Tenten." The monster who disappeared.

"What the hell is going on?" yelled Sanji-Chan.

Meanwhile with Luffy the Monkey monster took out many more barrels… "I'm going to capture you moon brat!" yelled the monster.

"Moon brat?" said Luffy.

That's when the was a pink light… inside the pink light was pink heart shaped brooch, Luffy grabbed and said "Moon Crisis! Make-up!"

There was bright light, where Luffy once stood was blonde girl with long ponytails and odango. In here hair was two wing shaped barrettes and on her odango were red gems. Her outfit was a strange thing consisting of a blue sailor collar and white mini-skirt with a gold and blue lining, a red bow in the front and a transparent white bow in back, long white gloves, a tiara on her forehead, red knee height heels, a yellow with a red heart… she also awkwardly wore an old straw hat and had a scar on her cheek… of course this was Luffy…

"what was that light?" said Luffy-Chan noticing she was girl.

"Oh man! I'm going to die!" said the monkey monster who disappeared.

That's when Luffy-Chan finally noticed "I'm a girl!" she yelled.

At the shrine… Makie was sweeping, "What's with all the yelling today… it's kind of weird…"

Luna and Artemis looked at each other and nodded… they knew it was the day… the day the Sailor Senshi finally awakened.

Next Time: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and Usopp don't know how to change back into guys, Nami need to figure out how change out the clothes and become a red head again... but everything get started out when the two cats show up... who can talk... What the hell... And what about the treasure? Find out next time!