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Chapter 4: Desert Tray

Luna and Artemis were lying on the deck of the Going Merry, Luna couldn't sleep and Artemis was fast asleep.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" said Luna.

"ZZZZZ." Snored Artemis.

Luna kicked him…

"Muffin Basket Case!" said Artemis waking up.

"I'm trying to talk to you!" said Luna, "I mean their planning to go up against one of the 7 War Lords of the Sea and…"

Artemis was back asleep...

"Will you wake up already!" yelled Luna.

Artemis woke up and sweat dropped, in the many, many years since that incident ne4arly destroyed, Artemis had learned never anger Luna.

"Don't worry about it Luna. Luffy thinks he can beat him." said Artemis.

"I just don't know." sighed Luna, "I mean it's one of the 7 Warlords of the sea."

"It's not as bad as Beryl… and if they have faith in Luffy, I have faith in Luffy. Now if you excuse me… it's hot!" yelled Artemis who fell back to sleep.

Luna sighed and looked up into the sky, "Just be okay." said Luna.

In the middle of the desert, the crew were heading to the town of Yuba to find the Rebels and talk them out of it (long story)… however Luffy wasn't making it any easy.

"I'm hot… I'm hungry! Are we there yet? What time is it?" asked Luffy.

"Pace yourself with the questions Luffy!" yelled Nami who were on the verge of whacking him upside the head.

"But I'm hungry!" whined Luffy.

That's when Nami could help it any more, she whacked him upside the head.

"Great…" muttered Zoro who had to drag Chopper around, knowing he had to now drag Luffy around.

Meanwhile in the mysterious place… the man called out for Doug and Karen.

"Is there anything happening?" asked the man.

"You see the crew is on the desert of Alabasta searching the rebel alliance who wish the defeat the "evil" empire of Alabasta… but they were tricked by someone who is looking like a hero to all but is really an evil force… I believe his name is Sideous."

"Doug! Stop watching Star Wars all the time." said the mysterious man.

"I can't! I won't!" yelled Doug.

"Um… may I take his monster Sandy? It seems like he'll just make Tatooine jokes while he does it." said Karen.

The mysterious man nodded.

"So what is really going on?" asked the man.

"As you know about the rebellion going on in Alabasta, the Sailor Senshi has been helping Princess Vivi in with what's been going on… oh and Crocodile is behind it." said Karen.

"Both of you… if you fail in this attack, relative the Silver Crystal should the Prince die at the hands of Crocodile." said the mysterious man.

"Right!" said both Karen and Doug.

Back in the desert, Luffy rubbed his head.

"Why did you have to do that Nami?" asked Luffy.

"Because I asked you to stop and you wouldn't stop…" muttered Nami.

"Oh…" pouted Luffy.

"Oh no…" muttered Zoro.

Everyone saw a sand storm in the distance.

"Oh no… not another." said Vivi.

"Take cover!" said Nami.

That's when Zoro got a strange chill.

"What is it?" asked Usopp.

"That's not a regular sand storm." muttered Zoro.

When the sand storm got closer it seemed to transform into the sand monster that attacked Zoro.

"It's another monster!" yelled Luffy.

"Great… does this mean we have to transform again?" asked Sanji.

"Looks that way." muttered Zoro.

"Vivi! Make sure Chopper is safe!" said Nami.

"Okay!" said Vivi.

"Moon Crisis!" said Luffy.

"Mercury Crystal Power!" said Usopp.

"Mars Crystal Power!" said Zoro.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" said Sanji.

"Venus Crystal Power!" said Nami.

"Make-up!" said all of them.

And with a flash of light, they were transformed.

"You really think you can beat me this time?" asked the Monster.

"You ran away last time!" yelled Sailor Mars glaring at the sand monster.

"Last time I wasn't in my natural element!" laughed the sand monster once again creating a sand storm.

"We'll see about that!" yelled Sailor Mars.

"Burning Soul!"

The attack hit but nothing happened to the sand storm or the monster.

"Like I said, nothing can beat me!" laughed the said monster.

"Maybe a different kind of storm will help." said Sailor Jupiter with a smirk.

"Supreme Thunder!"

Once again… nothing happened.

"Just give up already!" laughed the sand monster.

"You really thought that lighting could beat it?" asked Sailor Mars.

"Well lighting stood a better chance that you fire!" yelled Sailor Jupiter.

The two began to fight while the other three watched with sweat drop.

"Yeah… this isn't helping us." said Sailor Venus blinking.

"Now it's time to give up!" yelled the monster.

The monster caused a massive gust of wind which engulfed everything in sand.

"Oh man! What am I going to do! Think, think…" thought Sailor Mercury.

That's when another attack came to her, she stood up against the wind.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

She created a wave of water which engulfed the sand monster, then froze it in ice! This stopped the sand storm and calmed everything.

"What just happened?" asked Sailor Venus.

Sailor Mercury was blinking on the hand, "I did that?" That's when she entered full braggart mode.

"Of course I did! Of course that's why they called me brave captain Usopp!" yelled Sailor Mercury.

"What did Luna and Artemis tell us about not using our real names?" asked Sailor Venus with a big sweat drop.

"All right it's my turn!" yelled Sailor Moon.

"Rainbow Moon Heartache!"

This destroyed the monster… both Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter gaped… they couldn't believe it.

"Mercury… beat it…" said Sailor Mars.

"Yeah…" said sailor Jupiter blinking.

Both of them sweat dropped… as this little events hurt their pride so much.

Back in the mysterious room…

"So Sandy failed in the desert." said man.

"I honestly didn't see that coming." laughed Karen.

"That doesn't matter… right now I think we should watch with what's going with this rebellion…" said the man.

Karen and Doug nodded in agreement… it would be a good idea to do so.

Meanwhile the group trekked across the desert… Usopp couldn't stop bragging about how he defeated the monster.

"I was scared but…" said Usopp.

"Okay… on the count of three." said Zoro.

"Why on the count of three." said Sanji.

The two proceeded to beat up Usopp, causing everyone to stop.

"Great… this is just what we need…" muttered Nami.

"Do you think they're still upset that Usopp defeated the monster?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah…" sighed Vivi.

And so they defeated another monster, not knowing what sort of thing they were getting into and if they would win the war they were to enter. All they could do is hope.

Next Time: After Luffy secretly becomes the hero to Alabasta, the crew continues their journey... with a new member... a former enemy durring the whole Alabasta mess! But why does Luffy feel strange around her? And why does Luna and Artemis feel that they can trust her? Find out next time!