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Chapter 7: Friendship is Magic

Sara was changed woman…

"Come on guys we have to defeat the Sailor Senshi using the power of our friendship!" said Sara with a bright smile and sparkles surrounding her.

Both Karen and Doug stared at the sparkles surrounding her.

"It worked too well." Sighed Doug.

"I didn't see this coming." Said Karen.

"Who knows maybe she'll just be annoying." Said Doug.

"Fine but you have it pair up with her on the next missions." Said Karen.

"Fine…" muttered Doug, "I'll go figure out where they are and go target them."

On the island of Skypiea, which was real. The islanders were exhausted, but it made sense. They celebrated the end of tyranny once and for all. Combined with that that they now knew peace.

The Straw Hats were also tired but who could blame them.

The last few days were crazy. After meeting Montblanc Cricket (the weirdo) they learned about his family history (his ancestor claimed to have seen the lost city of Gold but was said to be a liar). However he did know how to get to Sky Island. By using a Knock Up stream, which was a type of geyser that happens in the middle of the ocean.

When they got there, they had been attacked by a guerilla, but saved by someone named Gan Fall who claimed to be the sky knight. Surprisingly he knew Setsuna. All she said that was she knew him from last time she was there.

Then things got completed, after not paying a toll, they got in trouble wit the sky island version to the police. One thing led to another, some of the crew were nearly sacrificed, something about a survival game…

Turns out man who controlled the island was a tyrant and had an extreme god complex. He tried to destroy Skypiea but Luffy stopped him. It helped that he ate the Rumble Rumble Fruit, which gave him power over lighting (which Luffy is immune to thanks to be being rubber).

So the wannabe god was defeated and the two races (The Skypieans and the Shandorians) now lived in peace!

All thanks to the Straw Hats…

However during the events Luffy got eaten by a snake and found a lot of treasure in its stomach and now had plans to get that treasure.

And so the next day, Luffy, Nami, Sanji and Chopper went into the belly of the snake to get that treasure.

Zoro and Usopp kept watch outside, while Robin explored and Setsuna talked with Gan Fall.

Inside the snake the crew were surprised by all of the stuff they found.

"Oh wow! I can't belie this inside of here!" said Nami hugging a crown.

"It's just like something that in the Monkey guy's house." Said Chopper looking at a Golden Ingot.

"So you're hungering treasure...you have the great tresses in the known universe and all you want is bobbles." Said a voice.

They tuned to see it was Doug and Sara.

"That's right! You do have the most important treasure! And that treasure is friendship!" said Sara.

They all stared at Sara.

"Wasn't she acting very differently last time we saw her?" asked Luffy.

"I sort of brainwash her into loving Friendship." Sighed Doug.

"Why would you do that?" asked Sanji.

"She was a pain to work and refused to work with anyone..,." said Doug.

This only made the pirates sweat drop.

"And now to show the magic of friendship!" said Sara.

She created a bright light and that light soon became a monster that resembled a humanoid horse that was pink and had a cannon for an arm.

"This monster will teach that friendship is magic." Said Sara.

"Wait! This isn't the best place to have our fight!" said Nami.

"Oh really why" asked Doug, "Because there might be a cave in?"

"This isn't a cave, this is the stomach of a snake." Said Nami.

"What?" asked Doug, "Why… how… and you willingly came in here…"

"They're lying! They now they can't defeat our friendship!" said Sara.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have brainwashed you!" said Doug.

"You didn't brainwash me! You showed be the magic of friendship!" said Sara.

"I taught you that F is Friends who do stuff together… nothing about the friendship magic stuff." Mumbled Doug.

That was when the monster began to shoot with the arm cannon, which shot out exploding confetti.

"You're going to have to transform." Said chopper.

"Yeah…" sighed Nami.

"Maybe we should find a place with less stomach acid." Said Sanji.

"Good idea." Said Nami.

"Run away!" yelled Luffy.

And all of them ran.

"They flee from our friendship!" said Sara.

"Are your shoes dissolving… because mine are…" said Doug.

Sara looked down.

"They weren't making up the snake story… were they?" asked Sara.

"No… they weren't." said Doug.

They followed the straw hats to find a saver place to fight.

Outside of the giant snake, Setsuna and Gan Fall were talking.

"So Roger died." Said Gan Fall.

"Yes…" said Setsuna, "But it was on his own terms."

"And yet you haven't aged a day." Said Gan Fall, "Why is that?"

"I'm the guardian of time and space and because of that I can control my age." Said Setsuna.

I don't know whether or not to believe you." Said Gan Fall, "You're following that boy because of Roger, aren't you?"

"No… it's more like the opposite." Said Setsuna, "Roger reminded me of someone I knew long ago. That's why I followed him… But Luffy… Luffy is something else…"

Gan Fall nodded. Both of them saw that Robin was talking to the Shandorians.

"Oh that right… Robin can read the Poneglyph." Said Setsuna.

Back in the belly of the beat they got to a spot that seem to be fairly safe from stomach acid.

"This isn't the intestines, is it?" asked Nami.

"Don't worry it's not." Said Chopper.

"We better hope so…" sighed Nami.

"All right! You ready to fight now!" yelled Doug.

"Prepare to be defeated by the power of our friendship!" said Sara.

"Great… we still have to deal with them!" said Nami.

"Looks like we have no choice." Said Luffy.

"Moon Crisis! Make-Up!" called out Luffy.

"Venus Crystal! Power Make-Up!" called out Nami.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" Make-up!" called out Sanji.

Right outside the snake, Zoro looked at the snake.

"What's wrong?" asked Usopp.

"I just feel like I'm missing out son something." Said Zoro.

Back inside the snake, Chopper went to hide so he wouldn't be used a human target again.

"Now fill them with the magic of Friendship!" said Sara.

"I wonder if our leader can erase her memories…" mumbled Doug.

The monster aimed its arm cannon at them. They all dodge the confetti. That was when the monster created a giant cupcake and forced it into Luffy mouth.

"That's it." Said Sailor Jupiter.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

The attack hit the monster sending it flying into the wall, this caused everything opt shudder.

"We have to keep things calm!" said Sailor Venus.

"Right Nami!" said Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Venus sighed.

"All right time to finish this up!" said Sailor Moon.

"Rainbow moon Heartache!"

The combination of hearts and rainbow destroyed the monster who seemed to be giving a large smile as it hit.

"We should go back…" said Doug.

"Oh but I haven't taught them about the magic of friendship!" said Sara.

Both of them left.

"All right! Let's go continue our search for treasure!" said Sailor Moon who quickly de-transformed.

Back outside the snake, Robin was reading the Poneglyph,

"I have come here and will lead this passage to the farthest ends." Read Robin in surprise, "Pirate Gol D. Roger?"

"Roger can't really read Poneglyph but he had a certain gift." Said Setsuna.

"So then the Rio Poneglyph." Said Robin.

"Rafael." Said Setsuna.

Robin was in such shock… She couldn't believe it.

"Excuse me you know, but you two know what this said." Said the chief of the Shandorians.

"Oh yes…" said Robin who began to explain about Ponnegyphs and how some of them were just for information and how other were a way to find the next one. The Chief was touched that their mission was fulfilled.

Afterwards, the chief realized something, "You said you wanted gold, right?" asked Chief, "You said it was worse very much on the blue sea. So why don't you take the support tower that fell off."

"That's a great idea!" agreed one of the tribe men.

"Let's get ready." Said another of the tribes' men.

"Wait" said Setsuna, "I think it might be a bad idea if you carry it to them."

"Why?" asked the chief.

"If they see you coming at them with a large object that covered they might think it's a cannon." Said Setsuna.

The people of the island all sweat dropped.

"Are you sure…" said Robin.

"I've been watching Luffy for years so I know how he think…" said Setsuna.

"I guess that makes sense…" said Robin.

So Setsuna and Robin decided to get the rest of the crew to tell them about the gift.

"I'm sorry." Said Setsuna.

"For what?" asked Robin.

"I should have stepped in at Ohara." Said Setsuna.

Robin remembered hearing story about how she always came opt defend archeologists and realized that's what she meant.

"I was busy with something else and when I found what happened it was too late." Said Setsuna.

"Don't you control time." Said Robin.

"I made an promise to myself not to change the course of history… it only ends in misery…"

"I see…" said Robin.

"Robin… never give up on them." Said Setsuna, "Also don't try to give up on your feelings for Luffy."

"I don't have feelings for Luffy." Said Robin.

"I know you do, don't be in denial." Said Setsuna.

Robin sighed.

Soon enough they got to the snake, just as Luffy's group got out.

"So did you find lot of treasure?" asked Robin.

"Oh yeah! Look at this haul!" said Nami.

"You think it would be okay taking it form them?" asked Luffy.

"It will be fine." Said Robin, "They don't consider gold that valuable here."

"How do you know?" asked Nami.

"They want to give us a gift." Said Setsuna.

They took them to the pillar. All of them couldn't help but to stare at it.

"Are you sure we can have it!" said Luffy.

"You've done more than deserve it." Said the chief.

"It's bigger than the Going Merry!" yelled Usopp.

"So much gold!" said Nami who fainted.

"Oh no Nami fainted!" said Chopper.

"But how are we even going to take it with us…" said Sanji.

"Good point if it's bigger than the Merry…" said Usopp.

"Wait… didn't you say you guard a thing called the Time gate?" asked Luffy.

"Year…" said Setsuna.

"Do you think we can leave it there." Said Luffy.

"I don't know." Said Setsuna.

That was when Setsuna was suddenly grabbed by Nami.

"You have to let us keep it there!" said Nami with shadows covering her face.

"She awake…" muttered Chopper.

"Okay… I'll take it there, but only this one time." Said Setsuna with a sweat drop, hoping they won't decided to use it as a storage facility.

"Thank you Setsuna!" said Nami.

They took it to them idle of the forest.

"Pluto Crystal Power! Make-Up!" said Setsuna.

"This will take a while." Said Sailor Pluto, "I'll be there as fast s I can."

The other Straw Hats sweat dropped as she began to create a pink portal in the sky and was forcing on making it big.

Meanwhile in the mysterious enemy HQ…

Sara and Doug arrived after fleeing the Sailor Senshi.

"The boss wants to see you two." Said Karen.

Both of them met with their leader.

"Now I know that you want her to get along… but brainwashing her is too much!" said the leader.

"But Friendship is magic!" said Sara.

"I'm going to take away her memories from those days." Said the leader.

A black aura surrounded Sara, she was no longer sparkling and looked angry for some reason.

"I don't know why… but I know you did something." Said Sara.

"Now Sara, I want you make a conscious effort to get along with the others." Said the leader.

"I don't even know why I was dragged back here...or when…" said Sara.

"You're still punished…" said the leader, "And Doug… never try to brainwash your allies like that again…"

"Yes." Said Doug.

"For now I'll give you the next few off… just don't do that again." Said the leader.

The two nodded... it was better they took a break.

Back on the Going Merry, the pirates were going over their plan to leave.

"Seriously… we'll just leave out saying goodbye?" asked Luffy.

"It's better this way." Said Zoro.

"But they gave us a massive pillar of gold!" said Luffy.

"Why is it weird things happen whenever you're not board?" asked Artemis.

"I have no idea…" sighed Nami.

That was when Setsuna arrived looking worse for wear.

"Don't use the Time Gates as a storage facility again…" said Setsuna, "I'm going to take a nap."

"All right! Let's leave!" said Nami.

Setsuna was about to leave to take a nap then realized that they were going to leave the island.

"Wait you want to leave now?" asked Setsuna.

"What is that a problem?" asked Usopp.

"We should secure the storage first." Said Setsuna.

"What?" asked Usopp.

"Trust me… you'll be thankful." Said Setsuna.

"All right! Usopp! Sanji! You're secure everything!" said Nami, "And let's head out!"

"Hey! I'm the captain!" yelled Luffy.

And so they were to leave Sky Island with tons of riches beyond their wildest dreams.

Only tine will tell what they will do with that money though…

Next Time: After the crew dealt with a Davy Back Fight, they end up tangling with Aokiji, one of the three Admirals of the Marines. when Luffy fights him something happens with the silver crystal. What is that something? And what ties does the admiral have with Robin? Find out next time!