It was usually peaceful when my fiancé and Logan were here. But it was always quiet and peaceful when they weren't bickering at each other either.

Calling each other rude names, especially Logan, and that foul mouth of his.

It always angered me to see them fighting when I didn't want anything to do with it, though all I wanted to do was stop them both.

But what exactly was I supposed to do about it? Tell them to stop? Hah! Like they'd stop long enough to listen.

I laid on the couch, watching the television with Ororo when they walked through the door, "No, no you're wrong," Logan yelled as he and Scott came through.

I sighed heavily and threw my head back, "And here it starts," I said causing Ororo laughed a little, "Just let them at it, it's probably about something stupid anyways," she said not taking her eyes off the television while she watched CSI: Miami.

I nodded, agreeing with her, when all I heard were the rude yet some funny names they called each other.

"Listen here you skinny son of a bitch, I know I'm right! You're the wrong one, I've seen it with my own two eyes," Logan yelled and I walked over.

"How was your day honey," I asked Scott, placing my hand on his shoulder. He scoffed a little and shook his head, paying no mind to my question.

"You are full of shit! There is no way you're right! You're totally wrong. I could ask one of the youngest kids here, and they'd agree with me," Scott yelled back.

"Oh screw you, I've seen it! No matter how many times he tried, he finally got it," Logan yelled, causing me to cover my ears and walk back to the couch.

She looked at me, "No idea what they are yelling about this time."

"No Scott! You're fuckin' wrong! I don't know what the hell you saw, but it wasn't right! What I saw was right. I think those sunglasses of yours are gettin' to ya head," Logan yelled as he pointed to Scott's head.

"I saw it, and I know what I saw. I may've been drunk off my ass, but I know what the hell I saw!"

I sighed heavily, grabbing Ororo's hand, dragging her to the boys, "What are you two fighting about now," she asked but I turned to her, "They can't hear you. They are deaf when it comes to something outside of the little fight they're having," I explained.

"No, you're wrong. The alcohol got to your damn head! He never could catch him, I swear to you," Scott yelled.

"That's a load of shit. I saw it, he caught him, finally, holding him down by the legs! I saw it! I was even happy he caught the bastard."

"Guys..." I called out.

"You're wrong."

"No, you're wrong, I'm right. You just don't wanna admit you're losing to someone like me."

"Guys," Ororo called out.

"You're wrong Logan. End of discuss—"

"No, this is not over with pretty boy! Fine, let's ask someone," Logan suggested causing Scott to shake his head.

"No, we don't need to ask anyone, because I know I'm right!"

"Guys," we both called out.

They looked at us, "What are you two fussin' about," Ororo asked, crossing her arms. Logan sighed heavily, "You know the loony tunes right," he asked me causing my eyes to widen.

"Over that—"

"No, not just over that. Over the fact that I'm right and Scotty boy is wrong," he said looking at him, when saying his name.

"About what?"

"Road Runner and Wile E Coyote," Scott said, blushing a little.


"Ain't it true, that Wile E. finally caught Road Runner? I mean, I saw it in an episode, but he did let him go after feelin' bad he was gonna eat 'em," Logan said causing me and Ororo to shake our heads.

"You guys are unbelieveable."


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