Rainy Monday

Since time immemorial, read; about 12 years, Sam has loved rain. There was just something about it. He could remember laying in a cabin at camp, waiting for his mom to pick him up, reading Narnia if he recalled correctly, listening to the patter of rain. His mom was hours late. He listened to the rain the entire time.

Whenever it would rain during the summer, he'd go lounge on the porch. He'd take off his socks and shoes and go for walks. If he could sneak out in the dead of night, he would. He'd walk as far as he could in eh rain until the sky lightened ever so slightly, the sun rising behind those clouds.

He didn't know what it was, but he loved rain. It had been raining for a few hours now. He had laid out on the newly repaired path, soaking in the liquid. The rain was increasing in its tempo when he heard a rumble from off to the side.

Bumblebee had gone to meet with the other Autobots for a quick catch up. Sam opted to stay behind to let them have their time. Bumblebee rumbled at him, dial spinning from silence to "Hello little boys—" before dimming down to silence.

"Hey Bee." Sam hauled himself up, ringing out the corner of his shirt. "Whats up?"

The dial spun to the Vines. "Ride with me, ride with me, ride with me, Oooh" and Sam had to laugh. Sometimes Bumblebee was just funny. He adored it. "Dude. I'm soaked. I'll drench the upholstery." Bumblebee only hummed and opened the door.

Sam grinned and got into the car and let the Bee drive. He was a better driver anyways. Sam laid his head back, gazing out the rain streaked window.

"On a rainy Monday, I feel it inside of me, like the days of summer…" sung the radio, and Sam grinned. "You feeling okay, Bee?" He received no reply.

He felt so comfortable, he realized. It was like that day in eh cabin, only instead of waiting alone, he was with his very best friend, listening to the rain, and apparently Shiny Toy Guns. It wasn't long before he realized that they weren't moving. Bumblebee had taken him to the lookout point.

Sam slid out of the car as it transformed into a fairly sizable robot, who sat on the edge of the cliff, legs dangling over. Sam clambered onto him, nestling in amongst the pieces of car. The radio still hummed soft songs at them, as they were drenched. Sam was slipping in and out of sleep, at peace, just needing the rain and the presence of the other half of his heart.

That's what it was. Ever since that day that they had first met, Sam felt a bond with him. When he was away, Sam couldn't get himself to function. He couldn't live without his Bee. He was addicted to this. Addicted to clinging to him as he looked at the horizon. Maybe Bumblebee didn't understand. Didn't quite get why Sam sat so close, why he always wanted to go on the spontaneous drive. Didn't quite get why, on those seldom times he did leave by himself, Sam stared after him and didn't move till he was back.

But then, he probably did. Sam knew that Bumblebee understood, even when he was away.

"I can see that you're not beside me, But I still feel you shine inside of me."