Rainy Monday Redux

He couldn't remember a time when he didn't love the rain. He didn't know what it was, but he adored it. Maybe it was because so many people tried to avoid it. He could be alone out there. No one would bother him, for fear of getting wet.

Time stopped out in he rain. He would sit out in the rain for hours, till his body shook and he couldn't take it. He could stay there forever, just thinking. Rain felt purifying to him. It made him feel like he hadn't committed some great sin. The sin of having a nice life. How many times had he been accused of that? He had a nice life, so he couldn't say anything about problems.

He shook the thoughts from his head. He was out here, drenched in this rain, to get away from them. He had never shared his rain with anyone. Well, he hadn't until he met Bumblebee. He had taken his friend out to the cliff a few times, and sat there in the rain until one or both fell asleep, or Bumblebee persuaded him to get dried off.

Sometimes he would bike up there when Bumblebee was gone and it was raining. The bot sometimes had to leave to meet up with the others. Sam would watch him go with a sort of physical withdrawal starting to manifest. It was always raining, he noted. On those days when Bumblebee had to go. He'd be back within the week, but still Sam felt the loss. Every mile on the odometer was another mile away from Sam, another mile pulling on his heart.

So here he was, on this very day, biking to the cliff, his legs stiff and sore, his fingers numb. He sat down on the wet ground, laying back and staring up. Just sitting like this gave him a feeling of peace. Like right now, everything was okay. That there weren't any problems. There never would be.

"On a rainy Monday, I feel it inside me, like the days of summer…" he mumbled softly to the rain, tune a little off, pace double slow. But it was the words. These were his days. These were the last days he'd be free. Because then what? Grade twelve. Then what? College. He'd move away and go to college. After that was the rest of his life.

These were his last moments to feel as if the world wasn't about to shift. What would happen? Would Bumblebee stay with him? Of course. But…

He began to shake. Thinking about Bumblebee did this to him. This withdrawal from him. Lennox had been right. He knew the signs. Bumblebee was the other half of his heart, and the further they were from eachother, the more it hurt. But no matter hwo far he went, the two were still connected.

"I can see that you're not beside me, but I still feel you shine inside me…"