AN; Just a little Drabble about what was going through Sam's head as Bumblebee was taken from him.

You'll Never Know

He felt her start to fall, and saw it in slow motion. He saw himself lunge forward. He saw his hand latch onto her sleeve. And he saw them fall. But it wasn't what he saw that mattered in hat instant. Its what he heard. The rumble that was like his very own heartbeat, full, racing.

The air escaped his lungs as metal crushed into his side, into her side. He was feeling sensations through three bodies. They recoiled back, plunged. He saw himself crash against the grounds, saw her bounce off of him. But he felt something different.

He felt the cool metal catch on them, felt the lurch as they rolled, felt himself flung about. Felt safe.

Then he felt an ice hold hand slip into his chest and grip as they were wrenched apart. He looked up as they were swarmed, pushed down. His gaze met with that of his protector.

He didn't know he could feel like this. Boys didn't feel this. Boys felt lust and camaraderie. Boys felt strong and in control. Boys didn't feel helpless. Boys didn't feel as if their heart was being ripped.

He felt himself break free, with the strength of his helplessness. He heard himself shout. Heard himself cry out. He didn't know what he was saying as he wrenched the weapon from the nearest man and turned it on him. He didn't hear what he was shouting as he tried valiantly to protect his guardian.

He didn't know he could feel this way. Feel this violent. He wasn't a violent boy. He was laid back, easy going. He never felt like hurting anyone in his life. And here he was, wanting to kill these men.

He felt himself get dragged back as his eyes burned with an acidic testimony to what he felt. He forced all the hate in his body through that acid at that man as he was hauled off.

He saw his guardian hurting, and felt the hurt as if he was there himself. Oh god how he hated them.

They would never know the extend of it.