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SURPRISE! I came back with a special for Ten Days.

As to why... TehWriter asked if I was going to write a sequel, possibly about a wedding.

When I first started writing this, I had in planned in my mind that I wouldn't write about in a wedding because:
1) Too many a fanfic end with a wedding. It's become trite.
2) We already know that they're going to be married. I even alluded to it at the end of the last chapter - "Until death do us apart."
3) I'm OCD and I wanted this story to end with ten chapters because it was titled 10days. (Okay, this was the stupidest reason.)

BUT as I milled it over in my mind, I came up with a new idea with how to work in a wedding. Thus, this extra was written! Ta-daaa!



"But I didn't even…"



I shot him a glare. He smiled sheepishly. How was it that at age twenty-five Akiyama Ryo wasn't any different from when he was fifteen? Perhaps he was born on leap day and only aged every four years. That would mean he currently had the mindset of a six year old.

"Can't you imagine it? For one second?"

"We're getting married. We are. Not Barbie and Ken. So stop that."

He pouted, sinking in his seat. I sighed slowly and looked at my watch.

"It's getting late. Let's head back home."

He perked up immediately at this idea, partly because heading home gave him an excuse to sling his arm around my neck and pull me close to him – which he was already doing – as he trailed towards the bus stop.

"Can't believe the wedding's tomorrow," I grumbled.

"You could be more excited about it."

I shrugged. "Pass," I said, yawning.

"I bet that if we went by my idea you'd be more excited."

"Just stop talking."

I adjusted my hem nervously. Juri smiled reassuringly at me as she slapped me for fidgeting. I grunted, letting my hands hang by my side. The wedding march sounded – Jenrya was at the piano. I breathed in and out slowly, trying to calm myself. Today was the day. Today was the day I've been waiting ten years for.

The flower girl – Juri and Takato's daughter – made her way down the aisle, followed by the ring bearer – Alice and Jenrya's son. I hummed softly to myself under my breath along with the music as the doors burst open for the bride's entrance.

Ryo emerged – decked in a stunning, white wedding dress. He smiled politely at the guests, his arm hooked with his mother's, as he walked down the aisle. We made eye contact half-way through. His smile grew wider as a single tear trailed down his cheek. I looked away, embarrassed, smoothing out creases in my tux.

I found myself smiling as well as I extended my hand out to him. He took it, and now stood by my side.

The priest cleared his throat.

"We are here today for the enjoinment of Akiyama Ryo and Makino Ruki."

Our hands found each other in the middle, and I held onto his tightly.

"Akiyama Ryo, do you take Makino Ruki as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"Makino Ruki, do you take Akiyama Ryo as your lawfully wedding wife?"

"I do."

Ryo turned to face me, breaking out into a sly grin. "Is that a bet?"

I smiled back. "You betcha."

"You may now kiss the bride."

I grabbed him by the waist, and dipped him down against my knee in an arc. He looked surprised at the action, but pleased as I leaned in closer.

"This is our stop," he said.

I blinked.


Someone nudged me at my side. I groaned, turning over.

"This is our stop," Ryo repeated. I opened my eyes slowly as Ryo pulled me up from the bus seat and down the aisle.

"Oh, right," I replied.

He looked at me strangely. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I answered distractedly. "It's just that… that idea of yours?"

"Yes?" he said excitedly, bouncing on the heels of his feet.

"We are not doing it. We are NOT crossdressing for our wedding!"

"...WHY NOT? It's different! It's non-traditional! It's unique! It's..."


"But but but..."

I stopped and looked at him with narrowed eyes. He shut up immediately, the playfulness in his expression dropping. Instead, he offered out his hand to me. I took it, interlacing my fingers with his as he headed down the street. I rolled my eyes, imagining how in the world I would survive the rest of my life with this guy. I realized that this would be the beginning of else. Something the two of us had never faced before, but would have to face now. Something entirely new, entirely different.

We locked eyes, a competitive edge shining in his, and we knew that the challenge had begun.