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She loved him and he loved her. But what lies beneath in one of those love made their wonderful love shatter into the ice cold of sorrow. Not only did their love turned stone but their new lives started a new beginning. Let us start after the broken shatter.

The broken heart woman lays down on her comfortable mattress, crying her dieing soul out of the faithful truth that she had received from her ex love.

"Oh god why?" she mumbled to herself, holding really tight to her soft pillow as the tears soaked it wet. Her eyes were fluffy red, as her cheek were beginning to be sticky after crying for so long, "Why?" she asked herself again.

Her love for him made her think of how hard it hurt deep in her heart. Showing her emotion made it even more harder to contain it all inside. Never shell it be restore, only to be kept lock away with the rest of her memories of him.

'I loved you. You lie to me, how could you' in her thoughts, only question were continuing to grow, never finding a perfect answer to solve such a difficult complex. There, here, every where she turns there is always another unknown questions, "Please just tell," she said sobbing more and more. Her body beings to, not shiver but shake. Shaking of the ice cold loneliness that is now living inside of her. Soon her heart was taking in a even larger beating than it was, her soul is ending. The light that she has once knew, that would bring her eternal happiness is slowly fading away, along with her life.


Time is what she needed more but gave up, there is no time left for her so why continue to go. She has given him, her time but he did not, "I have given you enough" she breathed heavily under her soaked pillow. Slowly, closing her white lavender eyes, drowsy to even think anymore. She had tighten herself like a baby bird in her mother's egg, waiting for the day for it to be hatch.

"G-Good night,"

The depress man had enough of his pain, that was slowly dissolving him, his heart was making it difficult for him to breath right. In sometime, he thought he heard a crack, not the area around him but the sad lonely, cold sorrow in his heart.

He thought he was going insane because of the pain he brought to his only true love. His mind was killing him, his tears was showing guilt and regrets. His body began to shiver in agony and fear.

His head began spinning uncontrollably, maxly unable to keep balance of his two legs.

"AH!!" he screamed in his dark room, tighten his head while spinning until he landed on his soft bed.

"I'm sorry," he said sadly on his bed, tears starts to fall from his dark eyes that showed the guilt and pain.

His memories began to come in mind.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

"I can't stop thinking of you"

"I can't either"

"You are my world and if we last very long, than I'll ask you to marry me"


"Yes because you mean everything to me"

Hasn't he caused enough pain in her life, what more could he do. Nothing would replace the terrible destruction that he had put on her.

"I needed you," he said under the cover of his sheets, "You were gone for too long and I needed to kill the time," he cried out the reason for his action.

Maybe he should of waited and just be happy that she'll return for him. How foolish can he be, how pathetic could he be.

Love, it got the best of him, but now its all gone. His heart have been shatter like a broken glass, so hard to repair back. Thousands of sharp crystal glass laying down the floor with their pointy tips waiting to be pick up and put away.

Thats how his heart is, waiting to be put away and maybe one day the pain will go away with it. But right now, the pain is giving him what he deserve, the horrible taste of guilt.

"You deserve better and I deserve whats coming to me. Its all my fault," he told himself before fading into his sleep, but he kept repeating the four words, "Its all my fault. Its all my fault. Its a my fault. Its all my fault," than later, his mind shut off.

As years went by, not a single word were heard from the two ex-lover, they lived their separate lives.

The woman found herself in love to a very kind and loyal man. She became happy about her love, such a wonder life she had, forgetting about her past. It surprise her that she could love again, since what happened to her long ago but it doesn't matter anymore. The past was the past and its time to move on.

As the man found nothing more than lovers, nothing to do with love, but just some time to be love. One by one, he played with their hearts and leaving them with a broken one. He would sometime think of the past as he continue dating his lovers. His thought wouldn't leave him since that day but he found a way to ignore it. But deep down he was slowly dying but it doesn't matter, to him, he is already dead inside. No emotion to show just a fake.

Destiny had a surprise to show as these two ex-lover would meet again, but in a shocking way. Maybe fate is giving them one more chance or maybe fate is trying to tell us what would happen when you make one mistake and to see the consequences for it.

So yeah im ending it here, this came to me after listening to, to many depress music. Than this pop on to my mind. So yeah, either you want it continue or not. Review!