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The blessed day had arrive, and the two lovely couple were about to be reunited as husband and wife. This wouldn't get any better for Itachi, for the one day he desire to come had finally arrive with no disturbance or interruption. After being in the hospital for only a week and brought home to be care for three weeks, Itachi's health had gotten a slight better but the disease wouldn't disappear in his system. He'll forever carry the killing, murderous 'thing' inside of him until it's done with him, but not today. Definitely not today.

A knock was heard just out of Itachi's dressing room, it was Kisame who walked in with a gentle smile toward the healthiness looking master he remember when he first met him. Itachi saw Kisame reflection while staring at his mirror and turned around with the luxurious, expensive, perfectly hand-made tux he had ever seen. It also fit perfectly as while, not too big, not too tight, it was just made for Itachi only.

"How do I look?" he asked nervously, frighten it might look a bit weird because Itachi never word a suit that was made for a party or night clubs, actually Itachi never really wore anything that involved with special occasion. Only for wok or business, this night is indeed special.

Kisame couldn't say a word toward him, so he walked close and adjusted a few thing on the suit, just to single Itachi that Kisame is still his caretaker and will do anything to make things perfect for his master, "There, now it's perfect," he sigh than smile.

"Thanks, Kisame," he replied as the moment between them became too emotional and unsteady in the room. Itachi was about to speak more but he silence himself to keep the moment a bit longer to save up their close time together. With this spare time, Kisame took this opportunity to speak up.

"Young Sasuke is here, he wants to speak with you before the ceremony," he said normally, waiting for Itachi's answer.

"So he show up than?"

"Yes, sir,"

"I'll talk with him, call him,"

"Yes, sir," Kisame slightly bow before taking off to find the younger brother.

Meanwhile, Hinata was almost finish with her beautiful, white wedding dress, just needed a few adjustment before it was completed. Her friends were with her but they all left to prepare themselves for the ceremony, so it was just herself, alone in the bride's room. She stood on top of a small tool that gave a perfect view of her reflection on the mirror she was facing. There were three mirror, left, right, and one in front of her. They were long enough to see her whole body and dress, from top to bottom. She smiled with a grin on her bright and fragile face, looking glamorous for her handsome groom, but just as she stared away for five second to fix something, than faced back, Hinata turned startle. She was shock to see a familiar face that stood right in front of the entrance door with weak smile on his face.

"S-Sasuke," she didn't bother to turn to see him, instead she kept staring him by his reflection that she was using. Her heart pounded roughly as if she was having a heart attack. Being stumble by a unwanted visit that she didn't expected, Hinata's mind was racing rapidly with endless suspense.

"Calm, down," he sigh, noticing her unsteady reaction toward his presence of a surprise visit. He figured she'll go crazy if he show up without any warning, and to his advance knowledge, he was accurate. So he try to calm her before she goes weirdly on him, "I'm not here for you,"

She frowned with a heavy glare that she try to master, even she wasn't made to be evil, she try. To his view, he thought it was cute of her for trying to be something that he knew she couldn't pull-off, that was one of the quality he still likes from her, "Than why are you here?"

"I came here to see, my brother," he said softly, trying to hide his feeling, the side he hates to express. Hinata became puzzle as he mention of her loves name, "He told me everything,"

Hinata's suddenly turned back to her gently facial, and turned around to see her ex-love, "So you know, now," she said, still standing the stool, not moving walking close to him because she felt unsure of him. Since Itachi's incident, she told him everything and quitted her part time job and let Itachi pay for everything. At least, thats all he wanted, just to see him happy.

"Yes, he told me everything and ....... told me about you too," he sigh, not taking off his eyes from the girl he had fall for since childhood. But in the end, it was the man who told him not to be with her, is about to marry her instead. How ironic is this?

"Me?" Hinata was confuse, but kept silence for him to continue.

Sasuke nodded than walked to her left, which made her uncomfortable for a second. She watched him pick up the bride's cap, the last piece that goes on the bride's outfit. Not only it goes well on her, it covers the brides face for the groom to see her first than anyone else in the ceremony. Sasuke observe it before he grabbed a chair and stood on it to reach the size of bride, than he stared at her with his sweet stare that she remember all time ago. Hinata couldn't stop staring at those marvelous eyes that cared her for so long. Images of her past with him just flashed through her eyes, along with the romantic and humorous words they spoke with each other during their dating.

Quick Flashback

"H-H-Hinata?" he was nervous and blushing.

"Y-Yes, S-Sasuke," she was extremely blushing and was playing with her finger.

"W-W-Would y-you b-b-be my g-girlfriend," he shut his young eyes and turned around with redness on his face.

"Yes," she smiles and quickly kiss him on his cheek, which gave warmness on her lips, it was really hot.


"Hinata! Hinata! Hinata!" he shouts as search around to find her on their hide-go-seek game.

"Here! I win," she smiled with triumph.


"I love you," he holds her hand and than kissed her with passion.

She didn't say anything because she kissed him back.


"Promise me, you won't forget me,"

"I'll never, I'll always love you," she kiss him before porting on the airplane to her trip with her father.


"Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke I..." she caught him with another woman after arriving from her trip with her father.

".... H-Hinata, I-I can expl-"

She leaves without a word or a quick glimpse back at him. Only a huge crumble, broken heart was heard.

End of Flashback

Hinata gulped as the past ended, it was a quick and short one but it was very painful. Sasuke resist her pretty doll face, and approached close to her face when a single tear slide away from her lavender eye. He wiped it, than replace it with a kiss on the spot he cleaned. Hinata froze as she allowed the kiss than left a cold feeling on her face. This time, Sasuke left a cold feeling on her lips, he fixed by laying her cap on her head.

"There, now your perfect," he said weakly, holding back his tears as he slide down the light cover on her face. Hinata thought he was going to do something else to make her think of her past, but she was wrong. Sasuke got down and walked out of the room. It was hard and painful, both of them just felt a needle pierce through their heart, unsure of each others feeling. Hinata knew well not to bring back the past, but how can she when her past is here in her future. Deep down, Sasuke still love Hinata, but she only loves Itachi. Hinata finally accept that, and there is no one in this world that could change that. She love Itachi.

Staring at her reflection, she finally see it, she is going to be, Mrs. Uchiha, and she smiles about it.

Right out of the door, Kisame finally found Sasuke and told him that Itachi would want to see him.

In the groom's room, Itachi sat down like a lazy person or like a drunken king with his legs spread open, facing at the wall. Waiting patiently for Sasuke for more than a minute, Itachi grew tired and weak.

Suddenly, a knock and in came in his only close relative, for now.

Itachi quickly got and faced nervously at his brother as he stared carelessly back at Itachi.

"So?..." Sasuke was the first to speak, it felt like an unpleasant reunion for the two Uchiha, of course it would. How often is it to see your cancer brother marrying to the one girl you actually love and than make up, saying it's going to be alright and please be my best man at my wedding, at the last minute? This isn't your usual day.

"I'm glad you came," Itachi said.

"Yeah...." was all Sasuke could say, than waited a few second to loosen himself for the real question he wanted to ask, "Why didn't you tell me this earlier? The sickness," he mention Itachi's condition which obviously wasn't on his face to answer such a hurtful statement, but Sasuke was the last person to know and he must tell him everything. Itachi told him over the letter that he send a few days ago, but never told him the whole truth until now.

"I never wanted anyone to feel sorry for me, including you," Itachi said, sitting back on his chair and relaxed before continuing the explanation of his secret life, "After mom and dad death, I thought I was going to lose you as well. Everyone that I loved kept dying or disappearing around me, so I ignored you all this time. To keep you safe," he looked down with a depressing look that Sasuke couldn't see.

"Yeah, thanks," he crossed his arms as he didn't notice Itachi's guilt, which Itach thought he deserve.

"After realizing what I had done to you, I finally felt alone, truly and utterly alone. Five years, after you left I thought I was going to die alone, until I met Hinata," Sasuke lower her arms and listen close to Itachi as his voice changed to sorrow, "When I first saw her, I thought she was a angel, that god sent to save me. She was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I never thought she'll go out with a cold-heart person like me, but she surprise me. She didn't love me in pity, she loves me for me, and for that. I thank god for bring her to me," Itachi stared up and got up with wet and red line eyes he had that Sasuke never saw in his whole life as his brother, "I love her, Sasuke,"

Sasuke froze, speechless and finally understood what his brother was going through. His brother is in love and respect it, "I understand," he said, couldn't resist the whole emotional moment. Itachi finally took this opportunity to huge his lovable brother to show their love for each other. Sasuke was realizing his brother's soft side that he never saw before, and is respecting ever last bit of it, and for the wedding.

(The wedding!)

It was the most eloquent and peaceful wedding that the couple had ever experiences. There was the priest with his bible book on his hand, chorus with their smooth suit to sing in some part of the ceremony, musician playing their delightful sound to enlighten the sanctuary for this special day. Than out walked the bride with her handsome father on her side, leading her to the smiling groom. Once they stood in front of the father, blessing them on this forgiving day, they engulfed with smiles and joy as the audience watch. While they stare each other during the priest speech, each thoughts of each other and their wonderful lives together.

Quick Flashback

"Why did you invite me here again? I already met your father," Itachi protest, whining to get his new girl annoy.

"It's not my father that you're going to meet. This time it's my sister," Hinata smiled as she dragged him to the dinning room.

"You have a sister? Why didn't you say anything?" he asked, nervous to meet the other sibling.

"I did," she frowned.


"When we got out of the car," than they both smile at each other.


"Hinata...... don't you dare," Itachi was trap, having his back on the huge pool that he never thought he had and Hinata was in front of him, ready to push him in it.

"You ask for it," she push him, causing a huge splash, and it was Itachi first time in a swimming pool.


"Ok, now open your eyes," Itachi surprised Hinata for her 20th birthday and took her to a very enormous boat that he bought for this special occasion.

"OOoohhhh myy..." she open her eyes and see the most beautiful view of the grand night. She saw both full moon and sparkle stars.


On the night of her 21st birthday, Hinata had a choice to either have her own room or wait until they got marry to live together. Not liking the option, Hinata moved with him, in his bed, and to give him her innocence, to show how much she could offer to him, rather than the money he spend for her. At the end, it was worth it for both of them.

End of Flashback

Ding Dong Ding Dong

The church bell rang, indicating the couple had finally became newlywed, walking out of the church with their close friends and relative and throwing white pieces of rices. The day was touching and feel with enjoyment. There were photo-taker, camera, people laughing for happiness, sun glaring down for the beautiful couple, and even the bouquet was very popular once Hinata throw it toward the crowed ladies. Afterward, Itachi gave another kiss to his lovely bride with more passionate and gentleness he could offer toward the marvelous lips he crave. The day was young, and everyone head to the after party, everyone, except one.

Sasuke stayed behind while everyone road to celebrate his brother and sister-in-law wedding, but he chose to stay for awhile at the chapel. Thinking as he stare at the gods for relaxation before he could face at the couple in person and bless them for their happy future together.

Six years later

Eventually, the obvious predicament of Hinata becoming a widow was accurate. She and Itachi were marry for only a year, barely, but was enough for him to see his adorable son. It was hard for Hinata. She sat next to her husband and watch him suffer from the cold flesh eating disease that was draining him slowly, but Itachi didn't dwell from the disease, he kept his smile and acted as if he was going to live another day, to spend his time with his family, but he didn't. Hinata was there at his funeral but she didn't want to come at his will, unfortunately she had to. It was no surprise to her that Itachi left all his money to her and his child, and left the company to Sasuke care. Itachi didn't want his son to be involve in a high business matter, he wanted him to live as a normal boy and grow as one too. Sasuke tried to comfort Hinata everyday after Itachi's death, she was thankful for his warming presence but she wanted Itachi only. So one day, with the money she had, she took a long trip with her child to be alone for awhile, Kisame left with them. Sasuke allowed Hinata to leave, and waited for her to return, and she did. About three years later, when the boy turned three.

Since Hinata return, she became happy again, though she lost her husband but she would rather burn into hell if she lose her son. Sasuke was thrill to see Hinata's return and his cute nephew. It took Sasuke a whole year to ask her hand-in-marriage, at first, he thought she was going to deny but she took it. Hinata knew Sasuke changed and bloomed to a more loyal and honest man, like Itachi was.

So, they got marry and had a child of their own, a girl.

On their son's birthday, six-years-old, Hinata didn't know if her son was old enough to understand but she wanted to give him the present that her dead husband wanted to give.

"Sweetie, come here. I want to show something," Hinata carried her son to his room and stare at the television's screen.

"Oh, are we going to see Batman mommy," the boy was always a fan of dark super heros, just like his father.

"No sweetie, your dad wanted me to give you this if he ever got the chance to see as a baby, before he die," Hinata spoke in a sad voice. Her son was well aware of her son knowing the truth of his real father's death.

"Dad l-left me something," he said, watching his mother putting the black rectangle tape in the system that said VCR, than press play. Hinata than rushed to sit with him and watch it, to enjoy the view of the one special person that were in their lives.


"Um, hey there son. You don't know but, I'm your father," than there were giggling on the background, the screen was only on the view on his face, than zoomed out to show a very huge pregnant Hinata,standing happily on his side.

"Ok, um it's obvious, you were once, in here," he said, smiling at Hinata belly while rubbing it gently. Hinata giggle, liking Itachi's touch on her round belly.

"Cute isn't it? Well, than. I'm on the television screen to tell you that I'm your dad and love you very, very, very, very much. And I wish I was there with you right now, holding your little arms and head," Itachi's smile than turned to a sorrow man, feeling to emotional about expressing his feeling toward the camera. Than Hinata came to him for comfort.

"I-I know I won't be there for your games, field trips, meeting, but at least I would be there when you'll be born. And I know, that would the most happiest day of my life. So, I'm sorry for all those and I hope you will grow up to be a healthy and honest young man," he hugs Hinata and kiss her on the forehead than stare back at the camera, "Well, I love you son or girl, depend if the percentage was correct of you coming out as a boy. It doesn't matter, I will always love you any other way," than they both waved in front of the camera for a couple of second than it went black.

End of the Video

The boy was speechless, but Hinata was crying the whole time it began. They both stare at each other for a second until Hinata grabbed him for a hug. She was crying so much that she couldn't hear her son yelling at her.

".... MOM!" he barked.

Hinata stopped and wiped the tears, "Sorry," than got up to turn it off, "C-Come on, let go down stair and eat your cake with your sister," she said, without looking back to stare at him.

"Am I going to die?" the boy asked softly, looking rather unsteady than his exciting self. Hinata quickly turn and was surprise to hear it.

"No, no, no," she ran to him and hugged him, "No you won't baby. I promise you, I'll protect you," she swear.

"Promise?" he asked.

"I promise," they made a pinky swear and the boy ran out of room, but Hinata stayed behind to play the video because she noticed some of the black recorder had few line left before it could be full done.


The video turned back to the same place but this time, Hinata wasn't there.

"I know your watching this Hinata, I figure you'll notice the extra film. So, before this truly end between us, I had Kisame to do one last thing for me before I die. You see Hinata, I had Kisame to switch the video tape. One being the one when you had been doing your duty as a faithful wife after my death, and two, being the one you didn't. And the way it looks, you got the unfaithful video tape.

She gasped

"I did truly love Hinata, but since I wasn't given another chance of life, you'll not be given another chance at love,"


"I ordered Kisame to make sure you did have Sasuke, instead of anyone else. That's why Kisame followed you everywhere, and prevented any chance at love. No other guy but him. Consider this a surprise birthday present from me to you. A lost life for no more love, good-bye, Hinata,"



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