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Mort Rainey stared at the ceiling like he often did when he was trying to think of what the fuck to write about. Sometimes he wondered why he was still a writer, but it was the only thing he knew how to do, really. He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to drift into sleep. Ever since the whole John Shooter ordeal he was a better man, a braver and more confident man, but he had to pay a terrible price for it-he was now a social outcast in the town he lived in. Sure, he could move out of Tashmore Lake and find a new place to start a new life, but he couldn't risk anyone finding the two secrets that he had buried in the little garden outside.

"Maybe it'll all pass." he told himself. "Maybe, just maybe…"

Just then, as he was about to drift into the sleep that he so desperately wanted, he heard a knock on the door. He looked up in a sleepy daze. Why did people always have to disturb him during his most peaceful moments? With a groan, he pushed himself off the couch and slowly walked towards the door. He opened the door and found himself looking at a young woman, quite young from what he could gather. Strangely, she looked as if she didn't really want to be there; most of the people who knocked on his door had a very important purpose for being there. Something else strange about her was that she looked very familiar. He looked her up and down. She had dirty blonde hair that reached down to her shoulder blades that were very prominent as she was tall and thin, about 5'6 he guessed. She was wearing a tight fitting Rolling Stones t-shirt and dark jeans and simple chucks. Small silver hoop earrings glinted at her ears as she stood in the sunlight. She had pale skin and lips that seemed like they were stuck in a slight pout. She adjusted her glasses and looked at him through big brown eyes. There was something so familiar about those eyes, but he just couldn't place it. Maybe he had seen her around town or something. After a few moments of looking each other over the girl finally decided to speak.

"Hi." she managed to get out in a slightly shaky voice. She really did seem slightly scared and it unnerved him a little bit. It made the mood even more awkward.

"Young lady, is there something I can do for you? I'm kind of busy, see, I'm a writer and I'm trying to work on a story."

"Well, I guess that you could say that I'm here for more of a personal reason." Seeing the slightly annoyed look on Mort's face she quickly added "And don't worry, I'm not some obsessive reader that tracked you down to this place to ask you for your autograph."

"Well, that's always good to know." he replied with a slight grin. She in turn gave a nervous smile in which she showed all of her bright white, even teeth. She was a very pretty little girl, but there was still something so familiar about that smile, which unnerved him even more. It was all starting to get very confusing.

"Um, well, I guess I should just get to the point of why I'm down here. You see Mr. Rainey, my name is Autumn Goss. My parents adopted me when I was about three months old. Well, I was pretty much raised by my aunt and uncle 'cause the two bastards loved their jobs more than me, but whatever, until recently I never knew who my real parents were…"

"Um, excuse me, this is all really sad and all, but why are you telling ME this?" Mort asked the girl, more confused than ever and kind of tired of her babbling.

"Well, I was about to get to that. Last year my parents died in a car crash and because of that I was given a blood test to find out who my real parents were in case I wanted to go into their custody. I chose to stay with my aunt and uncle, but I went along with the blood test because I was curious as to who my real parents were. And when the test came back, the results read that I was the child of…a Mrs. Amy Rainey…and Mr. Mort Rainey."

Mort felt his eyes widen and his mouth open ever so slightly. What was this girl saying? That he had a kid? That she was his…

"Oh no, you…you can't be my daughter, the only child my wife and I had was-"

"A miscarriage? Well, you were wrong about that. Some papers from my adoption settlement said that while you and Amy Rainey were dating you had a long separation."

He momentarily allowed his mind to wander back to that time. It was when they had been together for about three years, one day Amy just stormed out, saying that he loved writing more than he loved her. Suddenly his mind was wrenched back as the girl, Autumn, spoke again.

"Well, she never told you, but she was pregnant when she left. She never had an abortion; she just decided to give me up to adoption. The reason she gave was that she felt that you both weren't ready to raise a child. I…I guess she didn't anticipate that you two would get married almost as soon as you got back together."

Mort couldn't believe what this girl was saying. He couldn't, he wouldn't, NO! But the more he thought about it the more it made sense. Amy always had issues; she probably thought he wouldn't take her back if she turned up with a kid. She must have been born the year he and Amy had gotten married, they were together for thirteen years, and it was one year since Shooter surfaced from his screwed-up head and they had gotten divorced. That would make this girl about fourteen years old, about the age she looked when she was standing right in front of him. And he began to realize why she looked so familiar. She had his ex-wife's skin, her tall and thin frame, her bright smile, and she had his dirty blonde hair, his slightly pouted lips, and his eyes. No wonder she looked so familiar...no wonder those eyes looked so familiar……no, what was he thinking? Amy was a bitch, but she wouldn't keep a secret this big from him. Without warning, as the result of too much confusion and denial, he blew up.

"Okay, look little girl! I don't know how you came up with this…this whole thing," he said as he waved his hands through the air, "but I cannot be your father and my ex-wife cannot be your mother! She was a lying little thing, sure, but she would have told me about a KID!" he yelled, losing his self control.

She looked up at him, unfazed. He could tell she expected this kind of reaction.

"I kind of thought you would say something like that." she said, almost like she was reading his mind. "That's why I brought these papers." She reached into a messenger bag that was slung around one of her shoulders and pulled out a file of documents and handed it to him.

"Look, I didn't come here expecting to have one of those magical father-child moments that you see in the movies after the kid finds their real parents, because those just make me want to puke my fucking guts out. I just thought that you might want to know that you have a daughter somewhere out in the world and I just wanted to kind of see my real parents for myself and since Amy Rainey is apparently missing or dead, you're all I've got. I just figured I should talk to you face to face at least once in my life."

Mort just stared at her. Shit, this girl even sounded like him.

"Well, that's it. It was good to meet you Mr. Rainey." She closed her bag and started to walk away from the house. She looked back to him one last time and smiled at him.

"Just to let you know, I've read a book of your short stories. I liked it a lot." She walked a little farther and added "And I'm not just saying that!" With that she mounted a bike that was propped up by the path and pedaled away without another word.

Mort didn't know what hit him. He took one last look at her and then looked down at the file full of papers. He practically ran back inside to look through the papers. It was all there. Every bit of information about her ordeal. Court papers, DNA test results, a birth certificate, it all confirmed every word the girl (her name was Autumn, wasn't it?) said. Shit, it was true. He had a kid. He…had…a…kid…

"I'm a father." he told himself in a hushed tone. He ran outside in a wild manner, the early fall air slightly chilling him and invigorating him even more.

"I'M A FUCKING FATHER!!!!!!" he yelled out to the lake in front of him. Then he just stood there for a while and began to think. Would he ever see the girl again? Maybe, all the transportation she had was that bike. She must live nearby. He had to chuckle lightly to himself. He had a daughter within a short distance of him and he didn't even know it. It was almost hysterical. His whole world had literally been forever changed in the course of a few minutes.

"Wow." was all he could say. "This is different."

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