Rainnie-chan: a story of Gakuen Alice again by me!!! (smiles)

Mikan: isn't this great!!

Hotaru: no...

Mikan: yes it is!! We have a story again by a new author!!

Hotaru: y0u mean a new pathetic author...

Rainnie-chan: wah!! I'm not a pathetic author!! (cries)

Natsume: yes you are stupid...

Rainnie-chan: hey!! (teary eyes)

Mikan: stop that!!

Hotaru: (releases her baka gun to Mikan) stupid

Mikan: (flies high up on the sky)

Everyone: (sweat dropped)

Rainnie-chan: (sweat dropped) Mikan-chan!! Bad Hotaru...

Hotaru: (shots a death glare to Rainnie-chan)

Rainnie-chan: (sweat dropped) gomenasai!!!

Mikan: (falls to the ground)

Natsume: stupid

Yuu: before they kill each other... please...

Youichi: (holds a board saying "read and review" with a cute eyes, and cute face)

-start of 1st chapter-

Chapter 1:
Smile you idiot

"HOTARUUUU!!!!!!!" the brunette shots her big smile and ran closer to hug her best friend who is doing something.

"Don't you ever come closer to me." the raven-haired girl said with a blank tone and shots Mikan with the newly-updated baka gun.


3 shots to the poor brunette. The lass fly up high on the sky and twinkles like a little star. After some seconds, the brunette was pulled by the gravity that causes to fall to the hard solid ground of the campus, fast.

"I never thought using this after I updated it a few minutes ago." the genius inventor said with a blank emotionless face.

"Oh my, Mikan-chan!" Yuu ran towards Mikan and helped the lass to stand up. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thanks Yuu." The brunette smiles at her friend while she stands up then brushes her skirt and blouse.

"Why are you so mean to me Hotaru?!" the brunette asked her so-called best friend with teary eyes.

"Because you are an idiot."

Mikan controlled her tears from falling and bit her lower lip.

"I thought we are friends?" then ran away from the two with eyes filled with tears.

"We are friends stupid..."

"Won't you follow Mikan-chan?" Yuu asked the raven-haired girl worriedly

"No" was the only response Yuu got from Hotaru. The blackmailer queen walked away from Yuu and toward to the hallway keeping her updated baka gun in her pocket.

"Where are you going Hotaru-chan?"

Hotaru just proceed walking and doesn't even bother to look back at Yuu while the illusionist sweat dropped.


"Hey, is that Mikan running toward us?" Ruka stopped walking and stared to the running lass.

"Tch" the raven-haired boy stop walking and continued reading his all time favorite manga comic book, then secretly glanced at Mikan. "Crying again eh? little girl" then back to his manga again.

When the crying brunette saw who is in front of her, "Ruka-pyon!" then ran fast and hugged Ruka tight.

Ruka was shocked. He blushes 30 shades of red then hugged Mikan back slowly. The raven-haired boy was shocked upon seeing the two hugging in front of his eyes. Then he stared at the two, jealousy runs through all over his body. "It's better to be like this..." he is hurt but still...

"Stupid girl" the fire caster said with a blank tone.

"I'm no stupid ugly pervert!"

"Whatever" the raven-haired boy put his manga comic book on his pocket then put his arms at the back of his head and walks away slowly.

"Natsu-" Ruka was unable to continue when Natsume said...



"Stop that stupid girl from crying, her big mouth that produces loud noises is making my ears ache." then walked briskly.

"Natsume..." The animal-pheromone stared at his best friend's back until it faded away.


The raven-haired boy was thinking deeply as he walked to the hallway. His fan girls chuckled as they saw the hot and cute guy passed among them. Natsume noticed the girls that interrupted his deep thoughts. He gave the fan girls his famous and scary death glare. The girls sweat dropped as they look away from the evil-death-glaring-cute-and-oh-so-hot guy.

The lad continued walking and death glaring at the fan girls then saw the freaky-genius inventor walking towards him.

When the two shares glances...

"Stupid" the fire-caster said with emotionless face.

"I know" the inventor Alice said with blank tone.

Rainnie-chan: the meaning of the confusing words is... "The stupid is crying..." and "yah, I know..." GENIUSES of NastsuTaru! C8

The two emotionless persons had passed each other.


Yuu saw Hotaru walking through the hall way.

"Hotaru-chan!" Yuu ran towards Hotaru.

Hotaru just looked at the illusionist then proceed walking.

Yuu sweat dropped then followed Hotaru.

After for some minutes, Yuu is thinking where they are going when Hotaru said something.

"Where is that stupid idiot?" the emotionless girl said with emotionless face and emotionless tone. ALL EMOTIONLESS.

"You're looking for Mikan-chan?" Yuu asked gladly.

The raven-haired girl just stared at Yuu that scared the poor illusionist.

Yuu sweat dropped.


"I smell money" the emotionless inventor said and took her invention #187 from her pocket.

"Invention #187 'the money-maker indicator'
the function is in its name stupid, so don't make me explain it to you or else..." took out her updated baka gun in her pocket.

Everybody sweat dropped then zip their mouths closed, literally.

"Good" keeps the updated baka gun in her pocket.

The invention #187 have a long antenna that moves around as it makes louder sounds when comes near to the so-called 'money-maker.' After some minutes, the antenna stopped in front of the two.(Yuu and Hotaru) They looked up then, they saw the animal-pheromone blushing so many shades of red while he was being hugged by Mikan.

"Mi-" Yuu was stopped by Hotaru when the blackmailer queen stared at Yuu with a look in her eyes saying don't-make-me-use-this look while she buried her hands in her pocket where her updated baka gun was placed.

Yuu sweat dropped and unable to continue what he is saying a while ago.

"I knew this could help" The blackmailer queen said as she took out a camera from her pocket and took pictures of Ruka blushing different shades of red. "This will make a thousand rabbits" her eyes featured rabbit sign, still taking pictures.

Rainnie-chan: oh! I forgot to tell you that her camera doesn't flash but still captures clear and bright pictures and it is Alice proof and anything proof! For short, IT CAN'T BE DESTROYED BY ANYONE OR ANYTHING! Well... that's Hotaru-chan!

"Oh Hotaru..." Yuu said worriedly then sweat dropping.

The raven-haired girl is still capturing pictures of the two when Ruka suddenly noticed a girl with a camera, TAKING PICTURES!

"Huh? Imai-san!!" Ruka said loudly then ran toward Hotaru. "Take that Camera back!"

"if I finish to develop the pictures in it, then this camera will be all yours" The blackmailer said with a blank tone and evil grin then ran around the hall way while being chased by Ruka emotionlessly.

"Hotaru?" Mikan said with teary eyes.

"What stupid? I'm busy running" The raven-haired said with a blank tone.

Then Ruka stopped chasing Hotaru forgetting the pictures was taken while he was blushing a while ago when he saw Mikan was really upset. It makes Hotaru to stop running too. The raven-haired girl walks toward Mikan.

"Stupid, you look 3 times uglier than before when you're crying." Then wiped the tears of her best friend. "Smile you idiot"

"Oh HOTARU!!" Mikan can't control her self from hugging her sweet friend.

Hotaru let Mikan hug her then hugged her best friend back.

Mikan shots her best friend her big and cute smile.

All the people in the hall way witnessed the very pleasant moment of the two best friends including Mr. Narumi who just passed by and noticed the two.

"That will do stupid." The raven-haired girl said. "You look cuter with a smile."

-end of 1st chapter-

Rainnie-chan: isn't the end of my 1st chapter in my 1st fic great!

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Hotaru: (shots her baka gun to all the fan girls)

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Hotaru: (throws a bucket of water that hit Rainnie-chan's head) stupid author

Mikan: hey you two! Stop it!

Natsume and Hotaru: (shots their death glare to Mikan)

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