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-start of 3rd chapter-

Chapter 3:

Stupid dream

A sunny afternoon filled the school with a certain brunette Mikan cleaning the WHOLE ground of Alice Academy for the punishment Mr. Jinno had given her for cutting classes.

"I'm not cutting classes! That Jinjin…" Mikan murmured to herself as she sweeps the ground.

It's been three days since she was punished and since Natsume was in the hospital.

"What does really happen to Natsume? It's been quite a while."


"whew! I'm so exhausted… I think I'm going to take a little…. Sleep…" Mikan fell asleep in her one star bed.

-Mikan's POV-

I opened my eyes carefully.

My eyes widened in shock when I saw a man standing still with a mask and scary eyes that made me shiver.

Suddenly, I saw an image of a boy. It was Natsume. I called his name but he doesn't look. I yelled as loud as I can that made my lungs like it will burst out but still, Natsume doesn't care to look.

"What's the mission?" Natsume said with cold eyes.

Persona just stared at him with an evil grin.

I was scared that I wanted to cry when I saw that smirk of his.

They shared glances.

Persona put his hands above Natsume's head.

A black aura filled Persona's hands and Natsume growled like hell. He was in pain!

"NATSUME! NATSUME!" I called his name again, but no one heard it. It was echoing in my mind.

I can't stand it! Natsume is in front of me gasping in pain and I can't even help him!

I felt dizzy this time, and I fell down.

My eyes were closing with a view of Natsume growling in pain.


-end of Mikan's POV and end of 3rd chapter-

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