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- - -

Tazusa Sakurano…

Pete Pamps…

Who would have known that inhabiting the body of a young girl would cause you to fall in love with her? The clouds above them spired as he slowly ascended to heaven. Tazusa looked up at him with her eyes a promise.

Pete smiled down on her as heaven's light broke through the clouds behind him. He ascended higher and higher, watching as she shrank from his sight. He descended above the clouds and he could see her no more.

Pete Pamps turned around and there he realized that his time on earth was over. He appeared standing on the stairway to heaven's gate. 'Oh well, I guess I have to go now. There's no use trying to go back with her, it was a nice run.'

He took a step forward, climbing the stairway to his destined path. Every step that he took hurted him inside as he remembered the time he shared with Tazusa… the tomatoes, the damned tomatoes.

He raised his head and there he saw heaven's gates, awaiting him. He took a deep breath and he stepped forward. Now it's time, to face eternal happiness with our Lord… he accepted it fully now, he made a run for it. Bump! Pete suddenly jumps back while rubbing the tip of his forehead with his fingers.

'Wot happened?' he shouted.

He waited for an answer and it soon came, 'Oh hey there Pete, it's nice to see that you kept your promise of coming back in a hundred days.'

'Well of course… God?'

'Yep, this is me…' Pete realized that for some reason God sounded different. As if, his voice sounded troubled.

'Er… is somethin' the matter?'

'Apparently yes. You see, we kinda have a situation up here that… sigh… I'm going to have to send you back.'

'What?' Pete leapt back, his heart sank then it arose back because of the thought of her. 'But, why?'

He heard God sigh again. 'I'll, just send Gabriel to explain everything to you… have a nice day Pete.'

'Hey God? God? GOD!!!! ' Pete shouted as he kneeled down before the gate. He wasn't actually crying, he was just trying to look emo.

'Can you please stop shouting? I hate noises.'

The gates opened as a white haired man steps out of heaven. He made eye contact with Pete then he grinned. 'Hey there.'

- - -

She awoke slowly. The sun's rays pierce through the blinds in her room. She rolls off her bed and she opens the nearby window. She looks up and she sees a bird perched atop a tree, singing its heart away. And as she looks around a corner she smiles at the sight of squirrel burying its stash of nuts on the ground.

'Was it all a dream?' Tazusa Sakurano, a 16-year old Japanese figure skater known for her sharp tongue says to herself. She is on bad terms with the media and the public because of her attitude and string of bad luck in competition. But everything changed when he came along 'But then again he's gone now, get over it.'

For some reason she remained staring out the window. As if she's waiting for an answer, actually she's waiting for Pete to say something like, 'No, it wasn't a dream I'm still here.' But the answer never came. She sighed.

- - -

'Ok class…' the sister up front says as she begins her lessons. She begins writing some things on the blackboard as everybody else in the room listens to her. Tazusa appears seated somewhere in the middle of the class with her head down and her hands crossed over her head.

'Ms. Sakurano!'

'Huh? Wha-What?' Tazusa looks up dazed and confused at her teacher.

The teacher/sister whatever you want to call her, pouts at Tazusa. 'Listen, I understand that you've been under a lot of pressure lately, and I understand that you could have been up all night because of your practices… I admire your admiration and patience but can you please try and…'

Tazusa falls back to sleep.

'ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!!!!?' Tazusa doesn't reply instead she keeps still. In a while the teacher begins to slowly understand her situation. 'Fine, you can rest for a while but…'

'Hey there!' a knock at the door. 'I came as expected, seriously we Canadians value ourselves with punctuality and this is what we get? C'mon, somebody open the door.' The man behind the door says as he relentlessly pounds on the door with his fist.

Tazusa's ear twitched.

'Oh my! I'm so sorry!' the teacher runs over to the door and she quickly opens it. 'Please come in sir.'

The man behind the door sounded young and he sure looked young. He stepped in and the girls in the class cancel that, everyone in the class looked at him with awe. (I forgot it's an all-girls-school). He bowed down before the Japanese girls before him. 'Nice to meet you all.'

The teacher leads him to the front of the classroom. She steps aside as she introduces him to the class, 'Girls, this is an honored visitor of the school, he's Canadian so be nice to him because he hasn't mastered our language yet. Anyway he's here to endorse his future performance, you see, our visitor right here is a stunt pilot working for…'

PETE! Tazusa couldn't hold it anymore. She could almost cry. She slowly raised her head and as she did she saw the boy's white cargo pants. She looked up some more and she saw his blue shirt, his build looks almost exactly like Pete. She breathes slower as she looks up some more, she looks up with hope. But instead she's met with disappointment.

Because she has just realized that the man before her isn't Pete at all. He's just as tall as him but his looks are completely different. The man before her class is 19 years old, he has a handsome face and he appears emitting an aura of holiness around him. The man's name is Glide Verily and he has red eyes and white hair.

Tazusa couldn't help but stare at him for so long. He looked so much like Pete, but in her heart she knew that she could settle for nobody else but him. She lowered her head again in disillusionment.

'What's wrong Tazusa aren't you happy to see me?'

Her heart stopped.

'Don't worry about it, if you don't want to talk to me now I understand. Just meet me later in the park 'kay?' As he said this everybody in the class appeared shocked and awed. They stared at her with different emotions on their faces. And all of them are thinking the same thing, 'ZOMG! She has a boyfriend!!'

- - -

'Hey Tazusa…' Mika Honjo, Tazusa's quiet best friend asks her as they walk around the school grounds. 'Do you know that guy?'


'Then why did he know your name?'

'Uh, hello I'm a world renowned figure skater! What do you think?'

'Oh yeah, but he sounded like he knew you a lot. Are you hiding something from me?'

'What? Of course not!'

'Ok then…' Mika looked down and she twiddled her thumbs. 'Are you going to meet with him then?'

Tazusa hesitated but then she realized that it couldn't possibly be true. 'No, I won't. C'mon Mika, let's go home.'

- - -

'Ok, then… it looks like we're going to have to live here for a while.' Glide says as he drops his bags around him. He sees a yellow couch in the far distance of his new hotel room and he immediately goes for it. He lies back and he sighs. 'Now, how am I going to convince your girlfriend to meet me? I was waiting for her for over an hour! The both of you are lucky that I'm such a patient person.'

'Hey, can you stop calling her my girlfriend? It's kinda embarrassing.' Pete says as he emerges out of Glide's body.

'Let's see…' Glide sits up. 'You spent 100 days with her, you slowly fell in love with her, you kissed her, you know lots of things about her, and as you ascended she said "I love you.", yep, that pretty much classifies her as your girlfriend.'

'Wait! How did you know that?' Pete shouts out.

'I have eyes and ears everywhere.'


'I hate you.'



'So what do you want to do then?' Pete asked, breaking the silence.

'Listen boy, I know what you're thinking. It's different when you posses the body of a divine being like me, because unlike Tazusa I can read your mind.' Glide stands up and he paces to the nearest phone he sees.

'What… ARE YOU DOING!!?'

'Calling her.'

'Say WHAT!!? Don't do that!! q( )p'

'I can read your mind remember. And you're thinking of the direct approach so… I'm gonna do it.'

- - -

'Ok, dinner's ready!' Yoko says as she brings up tonight's meal at the table. She smiles at Tazusa as she sits next to her coach, Yuji Takashima.

'Wow, this looks delish! ' Tazusa claps her hands together as she looks around the table. But her excitement breaks when she sees some tomatoes on the side dish.

'What's wrong?' Yuji asked.

'Oh nothing.' Tazusa takes some tomatoes, then some roast… Damnit! Why does everything remind me of him?

Ring… Ring… Ring…

'Oh the phone, don't worry I'll get it.' Yuji wipes his mouth with a piece of cloth as he goes off to answer the phone. Yoko watches him as he chats with the person on the other side of the line as Tazusa, who appears oblivious to everything at the moment eats alone.

'Oh? Tazusa? It's for you.' He says as he raises the phone to her.

Tazusa stops eating. She then lazily moves over to the phone and she takes it from her coach's grip. 'Hello?'

'Hey Tazusa! It's me!'

Tazusa breaks from her being half asleep. 'Oh… hey Mika.'

'Hi! I just wanted to…' as Mika chatters away Yuji and Yoko (from now on I will address them as the Y sisters! Even though one of them is a guy but whatever) watch her.

'Why does she look so sad?' Yuji asks worryingly.

'I dunno.' shrugged Yoko.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

'The… door… you get it.' Yoko beams at her sister's coach.

Yuji sighs disappointedly. 'Fine.'

- - -

'It's awfully late at night, who's there?' Yuji says as he opens the door.

'Hey, is Ms. Sakurano there?'

'Well, yes but it's really late and…'

'I'm a fan of her; I just wanted to have a talk with her.'

'I'm really sorry, it…'

'Sir.' Glide looks directly at the man's eyes and his heavenly aura kicks in. 'It would just take a few minutes.'

Yuji nods slowly as he lets the angel… er man into his home. Glide looks around the house, admiring the furniture around him. Then he sees in the distance Tazusa, he yells. 'Ah, Ms. Sakurano.'

'It's… it's you…' you could have felt the seriousness in her words but then… 'YUJI WHY DID YOU LET HIM IN!!? HE'S A FREAGIN' STALKER!!!' She runs off later on.

'Tazusa!' the Y sisters scream out.

- - -

'Why did you want to talk to me again? Oh let me guess, you want to somehow use me in your tricks don't you? Well, guess what, I won't do it, because I never fly alone, I only fly with major airlines.' Tazusa says with her arms crossed as she sits on her bed.

'Lies.' Glide takes a sip of his tea.

'What do you mean?'

'You, Tazusa Sakurano had a flown with our own Pete Pamps, alone, romantically, secretly.'

'Just… just who are you?' she asked slowly. 'And that never happened!!'

'Yes, it did. It happened on the last episode, now, I… am the human embodiment of the Arch Angel Gabriel and I've come from heaven to bring you a message. You might not be able to see him, but he's around here, looking at you. Because, he has possessed my body.'


'I… am the human embodiment of the Arch…'

'. . .'

'Anyway, I'm here to explain something really important to you. And it could be very well, the most important thing you're ever going to hear. Because what I'm about to tell you concerns Pete Pamps' life.

'What are you talking about? He's dead.'

'Actually…' Glide shifted his eyes to his right. 'He's not dead. He just got, what we call, a near-death-experience. In reality he's only in a coma and he's just having an out-of-body experience. That's all. So are you going to help me?'

Everything's been coming so fast for Tazusa, all of these facts all of these words are a blessing to her. It's like, he's finally coming back and she could literally feel that everything's going to be better. Her love could be very well alive a tear rolls down her beautiful face as she says, 'Yes. I'm going to help you.'

'Good. He's right here right now, can you feel him?'

'Yes. It's almost like, he's with me but I can only feel his presence…' she holds her heart with her palm open.

Glide sighs again. 'What's the freakin' point? Turn around girl.'

Tazusa turned around slowly at first. Then her tears came pouring as she saw him standing there, semi-transparently looking at her. He gave a meek smile, 'Nice to see you.'

To be Continued……..

- - - - -

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